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  1. I did a Information Systems degree and completed it in 2004 Was it hard? no.... However the time I was there was great and I thoroughly enjoyed it! However now I am in the real world having worked for 4-5 years and I am getting the type of pay I thought I would of had when I left Before I went to uni I was paid 15k when I left I was paid 15.5k lol not the increase I was hoping for Acouple of years ago when I found this site I was advised to do an MBA to further myself as the only safe place to put your money at present is in yourself I think maturity goes a long way at 18 years old are you really that interested in what your studying I wasnt I wanted girls, alcohol and to enjoy life, Now I have to work all week and study in the evening but I actually enjoy it as I have matured and appreciate that I actually want to learn this stuff. I also think the way the government has encouraged going to Uni has detracted in the teaching experiene and the lecturers expertise. I am now in a top 30 business school and I think the whole experience is not even comparable to the bog standard polytechnic type Uni that just churns out graduates, even though I now study through distance learning and dont even have face to face lectures!
  2. Sales are good and maybe estate agents are understanding that transactions are required to remain in business However house prices may stabilise and a certain price but start to rise again? they cant without the avilability of credit that was there during the boom. Most bubbles do overshoot on the way down but I dont think this has happened yet
  3. But if we are experiencing deflation due the contraction in credit wotn pumping this extra money in balance it out? or am i missing the point?
  4. Interestingly enough after reading this thread the other day, my freind who works in Dubai who I have not seen for some time, started sending out invites to networking sites he had joined. I though this a bit odd so asked him what it is like out there. His response was basically hes not holding his breath as a lot of people have been or about to be made redundant and he is thinking of moving on to another country. However not 6 months ago he was telling me to go out there (we are in similar proffesions) and how much extra money you get out their for doing basically the same job. Luckily I stayed doing what I am doing and due to the nature of my work it should be quite recession proof albeit does not have the dizzying pay I could of had working in different sectors/countries
  5. hello, thanks for the response, The contract was for a year and the new contract was signed in august, so hopefully im not liable. I know it was silly now and I wont make that mistake again! I suppose you live and learn dont you
  6. Hello, not sure if i spelt guarantor correctly lol, Anyay been in a student house since UNI, acouple of years ago my freind got inot trouble and I signed as guarantor for him so he could stay in the house as he owed the landlord some money. Anyway he paid of his debt and everything was ok, recently he has got back into debt and the landlord is chasing for the cash, I signed as guarantor 2 years ago since then my freind has had a new contract and changed rooms in the house (to a more expensive room) since the new contract I have not signed as guarantor, the landlord is telling me I am still liable but this cant be the case can it? any help would be greatly received, I made an error as signing as guarantor but my mate needed it, however I dont understand how if he changed room and signed a new contract how I can still be guarantor?
  7. although I suppose it means "MORE" bad news for homeowners tennants havent got anywhere near as much to worry about
  8. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7791391.stm This says it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Im a gambling man Ive lost and won, more often lost!!! But at least its my own I am losing! To be trusted with someones lifes work and splurge it on a speculative gamble is idiocrisy at best but more often GREED and selfishness
  10. Wont this only work if other countries dont follow the same route, how many other countried are going to be facing the same problem??? this option wouldnt work in a global deflationary environment????
  11. Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help me, Im looking for data to do a economic report on housing in the uk, I need the average total costs for house builders to build a cost curve, also the suppliers to certain housing companies, anyone know where can I find this information, Also I know Dr Bubb used to do a house builder sector analysis type graph, anyone got any information on these? Thanks WILMH
  12. Fannie Mae- 18 Dec 07 Sell 4936.00 4956.00 Buy -633 Its hitting the fan on wall street
  13. This annoys me a bit TBH until I came here i was bumbling along as a software consultant not to bad in my thoughts by the time i was 25, i did a naff degree from an old ploytechnic and realised I really had nowhere to go, i wasnt gonna go anywhere fast so i needed to find a way to further myself or even change carreer without screwing me to bad financially, After finding this site I figured out the reason why I couldnt see my way in the future because although i worked in business i didnt understand business or how it works, how economics works or how to make your money work for you! Since that point i joined top 100 business school working and learning in the evenings, i have sacrificed a lot for this but some say at the moment the best thing to invest in is yourself as its the only safe option. In the 4-5 months i have been studying i have learnt more that I ever think i have done in a 6 month period and i am proud of what i am doing!!! obviously there are many routes to becoming succesful in business but i feel my mba is one of those routes (although i dont intend to work in the nhs or police force) My tutors are pretty well renowned for example we get interviews with members of the mpc etc. so who would be better to learn from??????????????????????? By the way this site is going to breed future business school entrants as they come to the same conclusion as me, there is so much not told to you in general education you realise you NEED to continue studying FYI to do an MBA you have to be over 25 have mangerial experience post graduation of at least 3 years
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