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  1. BBC Labour is really keeping up its long term stability in the economy.
  2. What planet is this one on? Not only do they want to borrow the deposit he wants to give up work to return to full-time education. How the hell do they expect to repay it? Sounds like he needs some education in maths.
  3. Sorry but wouldn't your tenant care if there was a crash? I assume you probably rented it to some poor bugger like myself who can't afford to buy. However as with my tenancy if prices adjust enough for me to be able to afford something I outa here like a shot. Surely if housing becomes affordable again its gonna make it a hell of a lot harder to find tenants willing to pay more in rent than many peoples BTL mortgages will be? Is that an inteligent reply?
  4. Is this the average Bull? Are they talking about the same person?
  5. No plan B Although I appear Bearish I have no other option. I know because im renting im looked at as a selfish, repellent creature that should do society a favour and crawl under a rock and stay there by the the property Bulls. Im afraid I simply have no choice as even though I have a reasonably paid job I cant even afford a garden shed.
  6. This is very interesting indeed. An agent the other week told my parents that he had a nod from his London estate agent frien that things are picking up in London. Obviously Bull as usual from these lieing little creeps.
  7. Just the same as the real bears have been banned or censored from Channel 4 forums or Expats purely because the bulls don't wanna hear their arguments.
  8. On my drive to work there are more and more "For Sales" signs being erected. This is to add to some that have been up over Six months now. This also includes the the "SOLD" signs which most of have been up well before Christmas. A small development had a massive "ALL SOLD" sign up before Christmas only for 90% of the properties only to have "FOR SALE" signs from various agents up in January. The apartments where I live (everybody knows everbody) had 3 "SOLD" signs erected outside them on Friday. I asked around to find nobody has sold or even has their property on the market. Infact its ag
  9. I heard it would lead to around 18,000 jobs indirectly. Boom, boom, boom again for the economy.
  10. Rover's range of cars are horrifically out of date, infact their newest model the Rover 75 (designed and paid for by BMW) is now 7 years old. The Mini was lost to BMW in a devastating asset striping exercise probably the only car which would be able to sell in profit. All the other Rover models are approximately are 15 years out of date. This is a company that almost sunk BMW who have a very good reputation of making companies profitable. Longbridge has been a thorn in the side of Rover and the government for decades. Come on Brown just another 100 million pounds promise this time it will
  11. Yep interests rates have halved. No bugger can afford to move, buy or live anywhere under Labour but least we don't pay as much interest back.
  12. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/london/4400093.stm What can a FTB get in London when they average £5.80 an hour? Do they actually believe what they are printing?
  13. I wish I could sacrifice a few things and afford something for my wife,myself and my baby to live in. I'm not looking fancy either even ex-local authority would be fine. I'm not looking house even a flat would be fine. The point is I can afford nothing, not a shed at the bottom of somebodies garden. Prices would have to drop atleast 50% before anything would be in my reach. I wish people would stop portraying FTB's as greedy,selfish spend thrifts. It is not us that dive in to buy up as much as we can. It is not us that have marked up our goods 100% over the last 5 years. Take a long
  14. Makes me bloody angry to be honest. My friends parents couldn't have started out in life without a council house so they say themselves. They had a family and a large home for practically bugger all rent a week. They bought it for a totally ridiculous price and have made 500-600% profit. This has allowed them to buy a very nice home in a very private area. Fair play to them but it does bug me that they lecture everybody else on getting on the "housing ladder" and how "important it is". They had a bloody helping hand if life what chance have we got. I think what New Labour has done bes
  15. Looks like more bad news for the yanks here. Buyout gone wrong Looks like they almost did the same as BMW did with Rover.
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