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  1. I've used my Isa account with Hargreaves Landsdowne. If you haven't got one it's very quick to open one up. Then simply add cash by credit/debit card and then apply for the shares.
  2. Bugg3r! It should have been 'b closed bracket'. I'll stop now. (how do you edit orginal posts?)
  3. LOL In that case I’ll just sit tight as I continue to flip flop between buying urges on reading how the FTSE will break 7,000 by year end and selling urges whilst reading HPC forums. One thing I'm definitely not going to do is give in to the PTB and buy a house: a) cos I can't be arsed with the hassle of being a landlord and see a). Having made this decision I do realise that house prices will be at least 10% higher this time next year. Thanks for all your help. I’ll pop back here every so often for more confusion on my next move.
  4. Periodically I lurk here to try and gain some insight into what’s likely to happen to equities over the coming months. Unfortunately the discussion is always way beyond my pay grade and I leave pretty quickly feeling a little more stupid and none the wiser. Would anyone like to offer their views, in laymen’s terms on what is likely to happen over the coming months? Specifically: what is the % likelihood that tapering in the US will begin and, all things being equal, what impact will this have on equities in the short term and the medium/long term? Or to put it another way should I sell a big chunk of my equity isas now, sit tight or buy more! Please be lenient with me.
  5. Not sure about 2% down a month, but two key issues coming to the fore which will increase downward pressure are unemployment and LIBOR (credit crunch II)
  6. I think this statistic is that sellers achieve, on average, 92% of their asking price, rather than 92% of sellers achieve the full asking price. May be wrong, but it's an impirtant distinction.
  7. % of asking price achieved is declining too
  8. Time to start buying NS&I index linked saving certificates?
  9. Inclined to agree. I've been watching Didcot in south oxon. Start of year there were around 165 properties for sale. Hit a low of about 105 in July. Last month been back up in the 140s and when I looked just now it's 150. Supply is definitely on the up again, it remains to be seen what happens with demand.
  10. Have been watching Didcot. Start of year about 160 propoerties on Rightmove. Low of 105 around June Now back up to about 135
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