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  1. I was at a show yesterday in Esher, regarding emigration and overseas property - I saw several stands where you could invest off-plan in properties in Romania and Bulgaria, but there was one for Egypt! So you heard it here first, the next property hotspot...Egypt.
  2. Just a thought - do you think that Britain needs more flats right now? Flats are flying up all over the place - its decent, family houses i.e. 4 bedroom places where a family can live, that are in short supply, as far as I can see.
  3. Hmmm, interesting but I'm not sure that "Pravda" is exactly impartial - you capitalist lap-dogs...
  4. Oh, and talking of avatars, where can I get that smashing pair of bouncy cahunas that someone here used to have as their avatar? The expats should love them!
  5. Yes, well if it was difficult in NZ I wouldn't be going would I!
  6. Funnily enough, I've just joined the expats forum, as I'm looking to head to NZ. I think I may not mention HPC while I'm there - I might not be that popular. However I will send HPC links to any particularly blatant whinging. ("But why won't they pay £200,000 more than I did for this house? I can't [won't]understand.....")
  7. You had my hopes up then...I even checked the BBC website to confirm that this fantastical piece of news was true.... Next you'll be telling me that Santa Claus doesn't exist.
  8. Apparently in my area (Surrey), prices could go up by as much as 2.4% (yes, thats 2 point 4) in the next 5 years! I'll have 3 houses and a brace of your finest flats please my good man!
  9. That was the aptly-named "Adrian Manic", as I recall, from a BBC Program:- http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/4314073.stm
  10. Hmmm - how long will it be before some holier-than-thou response comes in from laurejon or ttrtttrttrrrttt telling you that all landlords are angels and you should pay them double, just to be sure?
  11. Hmmm - belatedly reading this thread, I have to say I have no sympathy with these indebted fools. I'm sure they enjoyed spending the £34K (I would!) but now its time to pay, they want sympathy ("The bank made us do it"). If you want nice things, save for them. If you can't afford them, don't have them. These people have no sense of deferred gratification, the one thing that separates us from the animals.
  12. For what its worth, I've just sent off my preliminary application to NZ as a skilled migrant. This country is a dump; if you're v. rich you'll be fine, if you're poor or lazy the middle classes will subsidise you, if you try to work hard Gordon the thief will take it from you. And its going to get worse.
  13. Having had problems with a landlord and repairs in the past, I would suggest calling the council Environmental Health Department (or whatever they're called near you. A call from them to your landlord/agency should speed things up enormously. By the way, laurejon is correct; if you withold rent (at all) you forfeit a lot of your legal rights, so don't do it.
  14. I'd do it if the maths added up. Right now it doesn't, but in a few years (I reckon about 2012) the yields etc. will be better (as the prices decline). Lets be honest, how many of us here wish that we'd got on the "free money" train back in 1997. Back then I was at Uni, and since 1998 (when I started work) my salary increases have pretty much mirrored the HPI. I feel like poor old Tantalus. If I'd been born 5 years ealier I'd have bought as many flats as possible, and rented them out for as much as possible. There is no justice, just us.
  15. For what its worth, when we had problems (see above), we considered witholding the rent, but after talking to a solicitor friend of ours, we found that this would be (legally) a major escalation, that could easily end in eviction - once you stop paying the rent you forfeit most of your rights as a tenant, so only do this if you don't mind the possibility of being evicted.
  16. Hi, Well, I was in a not-dissimilar situation a couple of years ago; the boiler, never very reliable, died completely in spring (March/April). A quick fix from a plumber got the hot water back, but no heating - we had a huge, old, single-glazed window which had huge draughts. After a couple of weeks of polite requests, there was no sign of a new boiler (the old one having been declared "uneconomical to repair"), so I rang the local council - I think it was the "Health and Safety" Dept., "Environmental Health" or something similar - asking them to contact the letting agency. A couple of hours
  17. Hi Charlie, Welcome! Theres a few of us here stuck in Woking, so you may get some more feedback. My thoughts - in short, the asking prices are the same or slightly increasing, but things seem to be taking a lot longer to sell. In the local press, there seem to be a lot of "No chain" and "New on the market" places. So, my feeling is the stagnation/denial phase has hit Woking; we can only wait and see what else happens. I had hopes that another interest rate rise would tip the balance, but that looks less and less likely. Will write more later, must go. Will be interested to hear what you,
  18. Well, if gazumping was fair in the boom time, surely gazundering is fair when the market is stagnant or falling. Or have I missed something out?
  19. BBC have a new "Talking Point" - "Are you worried about the economy". I'm sure we can get some references to a house-price crash in there...I've already added my 2p-worth. Join in the fun...
  20. Thanks for the corrections fraser, its been a while since I read the book - still makes me angry just thinking about it though!
  21. Casual Observer - EE degrees are difficult and require hard work. That could explain your difficulties.
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