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  1. Good reposte by Giles Coren to Toynebees tripe: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/comment/c...icle4488462.ece
  2. So, I take it that thnat is what the Japanese were doing for 10 years then? Why did they not just print sh!t loads of money then - problem solved!!
  3. But how are we supposed to continually pay for these wage increases (public sector) ?? Darling is already 8 billion in the hole (and that is assuming the economy doesn't tank). You say "inflation is live and well", yet (mass - nurses, teachers, police etc...) public sector pay rises are currently 2-3%, hardly "Hyper", in fact I would consider these to be deflationary if you compare them with the quoted RPI. And I notice that a lot of people here consider that to be a great underestimate of true inflation, so we are actually experiencing greater wage deflation!! If RPI is 4%, do you consider
  4. Is it me, or are the numbers in that report REALLY confusing? Example: NE = +2.2% EM = -3.3% These numbers are seasonally adjusted (I think). Now if you peruse the % price differences by "County/unitary authority" & "Metropolitan district", there are NONE over +2%, and NONE less than -2.8%. So how do they get the +2.2% for the NE and -3.3% for the EM. This would imply one area has been SA UP, and another area SA DOWN !! How does that work?!?!
  5. Oops! The censor monkeys won't let me say the name of the other site! Oh well, I'm sure if you google housepricecrash, then you will get an idea! Edited: Censorship blurb.
  6. Deutsche Bank in ownership court row This if true is incredible - The HO can just stop paying the mortgage, and not get their home repossessed as ........ No one knows which bank owns the actual mortgage due to the complexities of the CDO's!! As Richard Littlejon (sp?) is fond of saying, 'You Couldn't Make It Up!!'
  7. I'm glad that there are people like this giving advice out to our ever expanding indebted nation. Heavan help us if they didn't know what they are doing................. Former debt-help boss declared bankrupt Edit: Added Link
  8. Pharmaceuticals is one of the only proper industries left in the UK, so if they are 'struggling', then this is very bad news indeed. So you play your violin (fiddle) while the UK (rome) burns. Perhaps one of the reasons that the asian (Chinese) profits are up is because of the cheap labour over there (sound familiar), the lack of regulation (I wonder how long it will be before the Sh!t hits the fan when someone dies taking some of their generic drugs in the west? I believe they have a problem with this at the moment, but it is contained within China............), the stealing of patents etc..
  9. Third of mortgage applications denied Puts some numbers to the 60% increase...........
  10. Oh........ I thought this was going to be a topic about Gordon Brown from the title
  11. A VI for what?? It would appear from your cut & paste that they are a BMV specialist, and it will therefore be in their interest to claim apolacyptic scenarios to get the property on the cheap!! A VI, yes, but not for property ramping/HPI !!
  12. They must have been doing so up till now The falling pound will actually make it cheaper for Europe to buy our goods., helping our export business. The problem will be that raw materials (and all other goods, in fact) imported from Europe etc will conversely become more expensive, which will drive up the base manufacturing costs. Thus imported goods (to the UK) will become more expensive, and home manufactured products also!
  13. *sighs* The debt can only be be made easier to pay off if you 'yourself' have your money supply 'wages' increased.
  14. OK then, so it will be all those Lie To Buyer´s that will get creamed? I would imagine that there may be a rather large number of them out there......................
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