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  1. Sorry for being a bit slow. We've missed the root cause. It's about benefit reform, not Brexit. I voted Brexit to stop FOM. I reckon most did. FOM is for the corporates and landed (aka old money) to make more money, for the govt to falsify GDP for internal (voters) and external (UN Security Council, etc) purposes, and the "intellectual" elites who live in a dream world. All paid for by us "deplorables" through a strained infrastructure (NHS, roads, social, etc), higher rent and house prices, underfunding as budgets spent on tax credits, etc, and future pension liabilities. I want to stay in the EC but FOM made this impossible. Looks like I will get the worst - loss of the stuff I like and still FOM. This is because the above vested interests will win. They will ensure FOM continues but strip me of my rights, etc to deliver some sort of (more than present) serf existence. They will get cream off the benefits such as trade, monopolistic behaviour, and FOM while we lose our benefits. The root cause now seems obvious. A bit late realising it but this country does not do informed debate. Of course we have a FOM issue when we have such a different non contributory benefits system and a tax credits system than the vast majority of the other members. I would come here too! This is yet another total failure by all past and probably future governments and the "intellectual" charlatans, this one being to fix the benefits system. To have a system like Beveridge intended. Brexit is merely an effect. The EU is yet again showing us the way but instead we retreat. Fix benefits and maybe the majority of FOM would be the best and the brightest through proper wage arbritrage, not the distorted nonsense we currently have. But this will not happen and us "deplorables" will, yet again, be shafted. This because we live in a managed democracy run by the above vested interests. I'll probably move to an EC country, ironically, if I can afford it!
  2. There's a growing number of sick people posting on this forum which is making me increasingly agitated and at risk of a descent towards their sad level. This one thread is the total opposite - an oasis of calm, intelligence and above all decency. I very much appreciate the inputs from those who have made it such a success. I have found it transformational. Thank you and my best wishes but I must leave. Goodbye.
  3. Or challenge big business. Certainly not fit to recieve free money.
  4. Even very short term future. And they were in the wilderness for a long time during the Blair years so should know better. Seems they just prefer tje odd guest appearances. TBC, I'm not happy about it but it is what it is.
  5. Indeed, that's a key reason for me calling the Cons fools. What did the past (we know who were the key players) and present lot think was going to happen?
  6. Yes, sounds better. Not that "Sam" mentioned that!
  7. Careful. I did the same thinking about a lottery win, only to find I didn't need it. So found out I didn't do it because I was a coward! Got sorted a bit later though.
  8. "Campaigners have long argued that stamp duty does more harm than good. They fear it puts off movers who might free up homes for others further down the ladder". One person's campaigner is another's xxxxxxxx! "Sam Dumitriu, of the Adam Smith Institute think-tank, said: ‘Stamp duty is probably the most destructive tax there is". Oh yea, for whom? "The amount of tax raised was £1.3billion more than in 2016, largely because of an extra 3 per cent levied on landlords buying properties to rent out and on second homes. This group handed over £4.1billion". An extra 3% hit before you start. People are mad! "I have 4 houses and voted remain. I am pro EU. The brexit leave voters have bought this upon themselves". What, an extra £1.3bn over last year. Not sure how but I'll take the £1.3bn. And of course you're pro EU as FOM = higher rents and house prices. Nothing new to see there. That's me annual DM read done!
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