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  1. Beeen dun to death. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=24736&st=480
  2. Except little or no wage inflation. My salary has been permanetly frozen. If I want an increase I will need to find another job or seek promotion. So there had better be nominal falls otherwise those in my position will be well stuffed.
  3. Yes. It was discredited years ago on this forum. As RB well knows.
  4. They are? Average income in Shropshire is approx 17K. Average HP is 188K? Where's the negativity in that? FFS.
  5. How mant times have I heard this since 2003? As it turns out the government will not allow house prices to crash. At least not in our working lifetimes. Another 20 years of QE would not be improbable.
  6. Pity those who str in 2001-2003. I understand one or two are our very own self apponted hpc gurus. Oh dear.
  7. I agree...next summer. I have no choice. Which means from my prespective the argument has been lost ( no crash when I buy) and the Bulls have won. There will be a crash no doubt but the timescales are problematic. Those in their early twenties may be in a position to wait ten years, but I can't. With children possibly on the horizon ( my family will need a home paid off should I die suddenly) and retirement a cert ( need to live rent free in old age) only buying will guarantee these two things. Ho -hum Emigrating is no solution for me-I love England -always have -always will.
  8. Indeed. Yet another giant leap toward our fabled house price crash. And the years roll on and on and on and on and on...
  9. Ditto. I still believe in nominal falls of 40% but the timescales are proving t oo long. I must buy next summer no matter what. But what a damp squid this thing has turned out to be! Mind you, folks in their early 20zs will be sitting pretty if they are willing to wait another 10 years.
  10. Spare a thought for those poor property speculators based in HK. Ho-hum
  11. Like your good self I've been seeing alleged cracks appearing since 2004. Ho hum.
  12. There is no obligation to defend or help a victim of crime in the UK. You can turn your back and walk away without criminal sanction. It is illegal if you assist an offender.
  13. Why isn't this place on the overpriced shithole thread?! Don't do it.
  14. Why isn'y this place on the overpriced shithole thread?! Don't do it.
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