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  1. you guys are guilty of ANALysis paralysis you try to find a negative slant on everything full marks for persistence anyway.
  2. get me out of here your dilema is real I know you are thinking should i take the plunge or risk letting the market go futrther away from me It is that uncertain. doogies point about spring being the acid test sounds a bout right However, michaels refernce to the general steady rise in prop values in 50 years shows you that if you are thiknig of buying and holding long term, then you can only prosper how many people on here actually think that property will be worth less in 10 years against todays prices? therefore if you are buying as a home first, and investment second it doesnt pay to tr
  3. The only real thing this is an example of is the stupidity of some people who are financially illiterate. Some anti property cynics will argue that this is a result in investing in property because that is what they did - they borrowed money to improve their home , and therefore the homes value ultimately however, as they got in the s**t big time, one may say that it has backfired on them. The only issues here are they are financially dumb to start off with the interest rates were high they 'invested' in property, but unlike rental property specualtion, they had no vehicle to repay the
  4. All seems a nonsense here, it doesnt matterif the LLs had to pay If all LLs had to pay then all rents would go up by that amount! A general increase in anything brings about a general increase in rents if there is no one in the property then no sevices are being consumed so why sjhould anyone pay? If a pub table is empty one night does the pub owner demand that they guy who usually sits there and buys drinks pay him a tenner? The LL does have to pay council tax if the prop is vacant for 6 months or more - so there you have an example of LLs paying for something they shouldnt I advertise
  5. fair enough...apologies to all! Its just that one expects a backlash on here if you are a landlord, and is often the case looking other posts I will present my two penneth if that is ok?
  6. wrongmove..no Im not..hope that helps Charlie I am sure you want me to hang my head in shame, but he had paid the old rate for 30 months, and I wanted a price rise..simple as that whats your problem? I actually, bought him a new lawnmower as well, because HIS OWN was knackered and heavy. Im not a bloody registered charity is that who you work for or something?
  7. Im not surprised, in fact based on my observations of peoples behaviour, I would have thought more than 1 in 4 struggled Too may people live for the day and dont show any responsibility or finacial know how they let others look after them , like lls and governments. this makes them weak, depressed and they then have to spend in order to cheer themselves up! Circle starts again. The number of my tenants who are on decent money but give me hard luck stories on rent problems is amazing. they always pay, as they know that I am a good landlord, and that they should fulfill their obligations in
  8. why take a year extension when you are apparently expecting a hpc very soon? Youd be stuck with a contract to honour...or is the crash gonna be timed to coincide with your contract ending? IM a LL and these conversations crop up all the time with tenants. some of them even phone me up and ask me what i think they should do! can you believe that ? told one 3 weeks ago, that it didnt matter as my drip ad in the local paper had 6 enquiries in a day, and that it was up to him (told him v nicely of course! - he does after all give me money every month), but the rent was going up by 40 pm His al
  9. sam hate to say this but...........wallowing in self pity will not help you you sound like a bright guy with a high earning potential, and business nous Its hard to say this to you but, are you going to mope like this forever until the day you die? if you are, your life is going to be one long miserble time. It is hard to get back on the ladder sp in london area, but moaning will no thelp people on here are tryingto be supportive, but many appear misguided and will encourage you to sit on your hand 'as the market is going to crash' you may not be able to afford anything if it does cras
  10. great post from property master I must confess that i do exactly the same type of trading as pm and use this site regularly to 'motivate' my potential clients to accept a bmv offer (never accept an offer that doesnt give me 20% minimum - getting greedy now and upping it to 25%) That is the ONLY strong point about this site for me I simply use the hopelessness on here to convince my clients that my offer is reasonable quite often i simply banf 15% min back on and leave a little for a novice BTLer, and walk away with crazy cash for hardly any work. keep manufacturing all of your neg vibes
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