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  1. ermmm does the above comment sound really dirty or is it just me?
  2. How is it that if shes so confident the housing market is going to recover sooner than later why is she selling her house while trying to get yourself into the housing market. Family friend I dont think so.
  3. Just had a loan offer only yeserday posted through for 15 grand which i didnt ask for and that was from the halifax. Still getting the visa offers through the door, had 3 application forms through in the last fortnight just from american express. Used the atm at the local supermarket got my cash out blah blah blah and then up on the screen came an offer of details of one of there credit cards wtf.
  4. Hello and welcome,Im just in the middle of transfering my cash isa. All you have to do is make an appointment with the bank/builiding soc where you want the funds to go to and they will do it all for you,it takes 30 days to transfer and you dont lose any interest. Just to add before you transfer if you have the means top your isa to the maximum yearly allowance you cannot pay into 2 isas in the same year.
  5. Just got back from a meeting with the bank manager claims that the 100% savings protection in Ireland is just tempory says its just for two years dont know If anybody else has heard anything about this. which got me thinking if brown raises the protection for savings to 50 grand is this going to be a tempory promise.
  6. The village I live in are usually labour supporters not anymore due to all the turmoil and certainly dont trust the concervatives so the majority voted lib dems in the last local election.
  7. The poles,slovaks,kurdish all go where the jobs are,they are also leaving sheffield in droves and with unemployment rising rapidly and buisnesses going bust I wouldnt be surprised if this was happening in most places of the country,creating more empty btl properties and forcing the rent down.
  8. Yeah the interest from my savings i recieved last year pays 50% of my rent, I talk to my bros about it and send them details of houses that have been reduced as proof of the downturn as if there is any doubt nowadays but dont even mention it now to friends.
  9. idunno


    I think In this market I would take that hit its only going to get worse the drops are only going to get much bigger. Couldnt believe my eyes yesterday walking past an ea 3 bed x council semi 40000 usually they try and sneek these on the web so its not so jo public could this be a little sign to get people used to seeing houses at this price again,an house like that last year 89000 at least.
  10. idunno


    Well I guess It depends on If your an half glass full or an half glass empty sort of person,I think breaking even at 36 is an heck of a lot better than going into negative equity for at least the next 10 years.Although I think you were completly nuts to buy in 2005 in the first place at least you have realised that you made a mistake and have rectified that and hopefully learn from it and put it down to experiance.
  11. I partly agree with you I think the bottom of the market will be in the winter of 2010 then I think it will plateu for a good few years.
  12. Yeah I know that cinema a few months ago I always opted getting my tickets by phoning up first with credit card details and then picking the tickets up at one of those machines they have on the side to avoid all the hustle and bustle. Now I find I can walk in straight up to the counter pay cash and collect the tickets. As for the 12.99 a month card as I agree its a good idea If It was not tied to a 12 month contract. Maybe contracts have ran out and people have decided not to renew could be a large part of this downturn. Also with dvds becoming so cheap latley could also be a factor.
  13. I was down watford last weekend the cinema was full allocated seats and all that which I find strange being from up north,restaurants half full, starting to see a lot of for sale signs around the area though with some being up for many months. friends around the area who were as bullish as a bullish person could be have turned bearish not sure if realality has hit everyone in this area yet. Here up in sheffield cinemas are practicly empty no allocated seating well there never was,restaurants empty,around the clubs at night empty. for sale signs have been shooting up here for 18 months and
  14. My thoughts exactly why stop at 5 years lets make it a lifetime for the fat lot of good its going to make wxxkxx.
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