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  1. $10 Billion? They'll get nearly a month's cloud access for that 😂
  2. The NY Times article actually states the opposite. "Yet for all the uncertainty facing Boeing today, analysts believe there is little long-term risk to the company. " They will fix the issue with the MAX soon, flights will resume and then after a while this matter will be forgotten.
  3. I use all of my vacation even though some of my direct reports choose not to. I encourage them to do so but there seems to be an aversion to it. Things are not as bad here working conditions-wise as sometimes it is made out to be. I work about 40-45 hours per week with no weekends. There is mostly full employment as well which helps too I guess, to the extent that business that previously would never hire ex-cons are now having to do so!
  4. When i lived in the UK, I got 35 days. I moved to Canada 10 years ago and went down to 2 weeks. I now live in the US and get 4 weeks, which is considered good here. Starters here typically get three weeks, but i know of some companies that give 1 week!
  5. Following the imposition of of a foreign buyers tax in Ontario, Canada, prices have dropped in the Toronto area and many people are complaining about having bought new houses off-plan which are now worth less than they paid for them before they have even finished being built. That, coupled with a change in lending policy, is meaning financial ruination for many buyers. This particular bunch are blaming the builders, the Government, in fact everyone except themselves: https://www.thestar.com/business/real_estate/2018/04/05/oakville-homebuyers-purchased-at-their-own-risk-housing-minister-says.html I spend most weekends in Canada (I live/work in the US now) and the prices frankly are obscene. Like the UK, they never had what i would call a proper crash in 2008. Stuff that was being snapped up only a few months ago though is now languishing, with asking price drops now the norm.
  6. When I lived in Canada I used to commute 90 minutes each way into the office in Toronto. Only in the very worst weather conditions was I allowed to work from home, and bear in mind that even after a heavy dump of snow overnight the roads would be plowed by the time I drove to work. The problem there was exactly the same as in the UK - insane house prices, low interest rates and what I would consider low wages for the work to be done. I did it for two years and frankly it nearly killed me. Luckily the company I worked for was bought out by a US company and after a while I was offered a move south of the border. I now have a ten minute express bus ride to work and a fraction of the stress that I used to have.
  7. Perhaps... I haven't been able to read the article, but from my own experience I live in a large 4 bedroomed house 65 miles from downtown Toronto which is worth about $300,000 (about 200,000 pounds). I find houses to be reasonably affordable and certainly nothing like UK levels. Wages are higher here too.
  8. Just over three years ago, when we were part way through the application process to move to Canada we went to Slough for the medical checks required as part of the immigration process. When we left the surgery we found our car had been broken into and belongings stolen! The irony of this was not lost on us, and any lingering doubts about the move at that point were scuppered!
  9. After renting for years in Wiltshire I too moved to Canada, just under three years ago. I live 65 miles from Toronto and work in a suburb of that city. My four bedroomed detached house with double garage cost me about 170K sterling (and still worth about that now). There are houses in my town (smaller but otherwise fine) for well under 100K sterling. True, Toronto is a bubble (though not as bad as Vancouver) but when we went to get a mortgage they were quite strict with the lending criteria. Winters in this part are fairly brief and not too brutal (this winter was almost a complete non event). The roads are wide and traffic outside the Greater Toronto Area is sparse. Diesel for my VW Jetta costs $1.25 per litre (about 79p). My only regret is that I didn't move here years ago!
  10. I only encountered 3 days of minus 20 degrees centigrade or more this winter, and that was first thing in the morning. It subsequently warmed up to minus 15 or so, although wind chill is another matter altogether. Even in the depths of winter you get the odd day in the plus temperatures when the wind draws up from the Gulf of Mexico. Anyway the long hot summers more than compensate in my view. As for quality of life, I'm also far better off here than in the UK. I earn about the same as in the UK, but my wife doesn't need to work like she did before. Main reason is that price of our house (which is 50% larger than we had in the UK) was half what it would be in the UK.
  11. Agreed, I live just outside the GTA. Large cities such as Hamilton, Burlington and K-W are easily accessible, and ftb housing can be bought for around the $120,000 mark here.
  12. In Ontario, sales tax (GST) is just 13%, fuel though currently expensive is half the cost of the UK. Its true that initially at least income tax is higher, most people I know here get a tax rebate every year. If you have children and/or a spouse that doesn't work you get money back for that too. The health system here is very good from experience also. There are of course downsides too - manufacturing has been decimated and unemployment is high, although things are improving. If you don't have a degree though, chances are you are looking at minimum wage jobs, and yes it would be a struggle here in those circumstances.
  13. Well, I can say here in Ontario that the market is booming, however the implementation of the HST (like VAT) on 1 July on new houses will kill the market imo. In fact its well documented that people are buying now to avoid the HST, so the boom is kind of false in any case. Also, most of the people that I know haven't fixed their mortgages rates and are therefore exposed to the rates rising. In any case the rate rise has been expected for a few months now. I also agree that Canadians in general are highly indebted. Wages are low and prices of goods and services are high here. I know that Canada is painted as some kind of Nirvana on this website, and while I love living here, I can definitely tell you that it isn't!
  14. Agree with this. Swindon was packed yesterday as well. Lots of people (mostly blokes) buying cards and presents at the last minute (me too )
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