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  1. Putting all the unfortunate financial decisions aside, the woman writing this article is a misguided and ungrateful cow! I believe, she's incredibly lucky to have family and friends that care for her, at no point does she acknowledge this.
  2. Hats off to you! One of the best posts of recent times. I really admire your attitude. Can appreciate how hard it is studying while working FT. Though as we all here know, nothing in life is achieved without hard work. All the best with your studies.
  3. Of course you'll need property bee to see this: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-179...p;mam_disp=true
  4. Foxtons' subsequent response (my summation): All prices as valued by Foxtons are in line with current market value Foxtons are trading at good levels There are some distressed sellers An anecdote of a property that has 3 buyers, priced at (IMO) 2007 peek Prices are nowhere near my requested amount Contact us if and when prices adjust, you may be waiting a while... I was genuinely surprised at the considered, nature of the response, it did not strike me as a cut and paste job. Though I seriously doubt the validity of the agents claims. Last year, the Shoreditch Foxtons contained at an estimate 40+ staff, the average head count when I walk past now is 5, this is not indicative of trading at good levels.
  5. Although the article does not state, I'd assume this is the rate for Sterling. BTW. Does anyone have a link to live Libor rates, given it's such a key financial indicator I'm surprised to see that it's not more widely available.
  6. Thanks! Well spotted on the error, guessing you are an accountant, banker or programmer
  7. Regarding Libor, I am curious to know how it works: Am I correct in assuming that the interest is based on an annual calculation, so if for example 1 month libor is 6% and I borrow 100,000. At the end of the month when I pay back the dept, I owe 100,500 (0.6%/12 * 100,000). Or is the interest based on a one month term so at the end of the month I would repay 106,000? Thanks
  8. I just got a barrage of emails back from Foxtons (3). Firstly, an automated list of properties available, none of which met the specified criteria. An e-business card from their sales negotiator. And finally a scripted response from their 'Senior New Business Consultant' acknowledging the receipt of my email. This sales strategy may have worked 18 months ago, I don't believe it will now.
  9. I was not stupid enough to give them my phone number.
  10. RE. 2 beds in E1, E2, E3, N1 under 200K (no ex-la). Obviously, the asking prices listed on your site do not represent the current economic reality. If and when prices adjust to meet my requirements can you please contact me. Regards,
  11. Top stuff indeed. I read an article about Meredith Whitney and immediately disliked her. Though this has changed my mind completely - she's brilliant!
  12. Care for an update HonestEA? Also, can anyone recall the name of the realestate agent who keeps a blog? The URL? Thanks
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