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  1. I'm seeing lots of empty two bedroom flats locally during my regular RM / Zoopla searches. Am looking to move from current rental due to dodgy heating which landlady hasn't managed to fix in over a year. The question is - when are these going to start falling in price. Some have been advertised for three months now and still not let. Prices holding firm around £1250 which is crazy. A few seem to have reduced their prices but it's literally by £25 or £50 a month tops. Don't they realise they've already thrown away £3500 ish hoping to find someone willing to pay the extortionate ren
  2. From the comments on that Facebook page they genuinely seem to believe they can just raise rents. Its incredible.
  3. I've suddenly noticed a lot of houses coming up for rent around the £1250 mark. Which is still extortionate but a few weeks ago this was the minimum you could rent a flat for. The flats don't seem to have changed their pricing yet but I am hoping they will be forced to. Also - some properties I have seen keep coming up time and time again at the same price. The added date keeps getting renewed so they look like they just became available - but actually they have been vacant for 4 months +. Why on earth aren't they lowering the price?
  4. Some good replies. It's certainly a relief to know I'm not the only one in this position. I never imagined I'd get to this age, run a successful business, have a deposit that's big enough to buy a house outright ten years ago in my area - and yet now not be able to get a mortgage on a crappy 2 bedroom flat. This is surely a sign that something has to give. Not everyone buying houses has had a free £300,000 gifted to them via HPI, so this bump in prices has to run out soon enough. I'll keep doing what I'm doing and hope for some sanity to return price wise. Anecdotally I had an estate agent rin
  5. Ideally I'd like to go the way of those that have amassed enough savings to cover the rent and provide a liveable income. But I'm probably 10% of the way there - and it's taken me 10 years of hard work & being sensible to get this far. I guess if I hadn't bought that one iPad mini 3 years ago I would be nestling in a £750,000 house right now.
  6. I think for me it's the "target" to aim for. If I had a house with a reasonable mortgage I would focus my efforts - probably work harder - and work out a plan get the thing paid off. As it is there's no end in sight. Its just work & earn enough to pay the rent & bills - a bit more to save - rinse and repeat. There's no plan. No security. No pension. Nothing to aim for. It has become irrelevant how much I earn (as long as I earn enough to cover costs) because houses are so out of reach - and having ever increasing savings / deposit is bringing me nothing except a miserly interest rate a
  7. Little bit of a rant....but it's all getting to me now. The sickening housing & BTL market. 1) I never check house / flat prices. Only ones to rent due to prices being so detached from my reality it makes me feel nauseous. This evening I thought I'd have a look at some though, to see if any of the trumpeted BTL offloading has affected prices. This is in the area I grew up and would like to live (partly so my young daughter can grow up there too). It's not central London. Its miles out towards Uxbridge UB8. Not a wonderful place but it's not too bad in the grand scheme of things. To cut
  8. I've seen lots of new property for rent in my are - of the type I am renting now. What I don't understand is how some are sitting on the market for months with the prices unchanged. And why they keep being "re-added" so they show up as a "new" listing every few weeks. What's the deal? Why not just lower the price? These are 2 bedders on for around £1250 a month. I'm paying £975. If they were a similar price then I would look at them seriously.
  9. And ultimately who's at the end of the chain to pay for all this underhanded leeching? Tenants.
  10. We did refuse to issue an invoice amount other than the amount actually charged. We got told several times this was their policy and they wouldn't pay without the inflated invoice. We refused. They paid up. They haven't used us since. We are lucky work is always busy so we can afford to knock dishonest firms like this on the head.
  11. Some good replies here. My company uses an online accounting system which generates PDF's that get sent via email or posted. I can't and won't go faffing around with a word document but I can see how that would be one way around it. It is a difficult situation to be in. Not for this particular landlord as they only have a couple BTL which won't affect us financially. But we do have some that would be difficult to fill. These include multiple estate agents (some actually ask to make the invoice for more than the actual amount - fraud towards their client), housing associations and large BTL
  12. If she calls to say the address is wrong and wants it with the BTL address - I may tell her I called the HMRC business advice line to query how to enter this in my accounts - and they told me it's fraud and took all her details. Although that would be possibly be a bit of a cruel wind up!
  13. Makes sense now. So from April she has to actually show proper receipts to claim the tax relief on the BTL. So she's having work done on her own house and hoping to claim it against the BTL. Naughty! In that case I will just send the receipt stating the actual work address.
  14. Today I had to invoice a client for some work done on her house. When I spoke to her - she asked if I could make the invoice out in the address of her BTL property which is around the corner, and to date it with next week's date to ensure it goes in the next tax year. When I queried this - she said they have to produce actual receipts from now on and something about 10%. I wasn't paying attention as she had a rather exceptional chassis. But what was this? What's the 10%? Should I refuse to make the receipt out for a property other than the one we worked at? This is where it gets difficult
  15. I got called to a job today. Turns out it was a BTL property. Landlord met me there. Nice enough guy at face value. Tenants report TV not working.... I worked my way through the system sorting the bodges one by one, but ultimately the TV signal was a bit pants and needed more than a quick once over. Signal was almost OK for standard Freeview reception, but with occasional loss of service. High definition Freeview nowhere near reliable. I discuss with landlord the options....recommending he upgrade a few bits to make everything work flawlessly. He goes on to tell me how much he enjoys Freevie
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