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  1. Kwan, there is a lot of crap on the internet but that is definitely the worst article I have read this year. It is poorly written with wooly arguments randomly cobbled together. Just to be clear -I am criticizing your reasoning, not your English. What makes it particularly objectionable is that it is entirely unoriginal and thus reading it, far from provoking thought, perhaps it even diminishes knowledge. If you think that you can google and cut and paste a few random quotes together and then try and sell that on as knowledge then it is time you grew up. Such a poorly written essay would not
  2. The last entrant in the ponzi scheme was the taxpayer. I think the idea that if a bank was wound up it could pay back everyone as promised is a schoolboy assumption. If this was the case then surely Crash Gordon would not have had to guarantee Northern Rocks depositors. & just one final point. Had to laugh at the headline - "aussies facing jail" -now why does that sound familiar ???
  3. Great to see that canadadry has got an alternative user name. Now he/she/it can have conversations with himself and keep on plugging that second rate website. Ingenious.
  4. Can't anyone help Kwan with his homework? This A-Level coursework does have deadlines you know. I would like to help, but I'm more a fan of Jim's brother Kenny. But if you think a discussion about the life, works and influences of Kenny Rogers would be helpful Kwan, just say so. I would be delighted to fill you in.
  5. These bus tours made a few headlines here in the US about a year ago. Don't hear about them anymore. I guess they were just yet another EA marketing tool that didn't work. I don't know -maybe they should try lowering their prices to realistic levels if they want to shift some units???
  6. Why are you digging up this old, old news? Don't bother, I'm not interested in a reply. What I am interested in is -why do you have a disclaimer at the bottom of your windows? Are you trying to sell us something? Touting for business?
  7. I disagree with every assumption that you make. There is no sign of optimism in the US banking industry -only disbelief of the figures they are reporting, apart from the stock pimps that is. The fact that the recession has lasted over 15 months shows that this is a diversion from the mean so it is in fact likely to go for some time yet. How exactly was the G20 summit materially successful? THE BAILOUT IS NOT WORKING. There is absolutely no evidence of this on main street America. Back in the real world, the recession is getting worse and looks more like a depression. Unemployment and busin
  8. "The Bigger Villas are expected to be least hit..." I agree with most of what you say, but not on this point -that sounds like the echo of an estate agent or gibbo lawyer. To my mind it is the villas in Sotogrande that were the most ridiculously priced during the bubble. They couldn't sell them 5 years ago and I would be surprised if they could offload any at half the price now. There is a myth that the "wealthy" can withstand the economic downturn better than the riff raff. Well a lot of that wealth has evaporated and as many of the big villa owners are in trouble as anyone is. The Ameri
  9. FWIW carseller house prices didn't rise in Jan -god knows how they fabricated that figure but there has been a marked increase in propaganda that the US housing market is turning when it patently is not. I would guess that it is just part of the Obama media onslaught. There is a massive overhang in empty foreclosed properties, that seems to take years to be processed and will at some point be released like an avalanche onto the market. Once the market has taken this hit then we can assess where it goes from there.
  10. What an absolute shocker!!!! Carseller is still a permabull -STILL Dow to 1 million. Happy days...
  11. "If you look properly, the original post was made in 2007 & at that stage no one knew what was going to happen in the market......" I'm getting bored of this argument, used by the short sighted and those who completely misjudged the market. The writing was on the wall in 2007. The mainstream media might have been saying that the markets could only go up, and if you believed that then you obviously like being spoon fed. Many highly esteemed and credible figures in the financial community foretold what would happen. Meanwhile the sponsored media and estate agents were desperately trying
  12. SPAM ALERT Great, another spammer -just what this site needs. Can someone pass the mustard...
  13. SPAM ALERT Nice set up guys -two newbies, one posting a question, the next a "helpful" response. What a load of spam. Buying in Turkey would be a disaster at the moment -steer well clear.
  14. So while the global property market slides into the abyss, you reckon that you've got an area that " will see the area grow well into the future." 2 Questions: 1) Just exactly how stupid do you think we are? 2) How desperate are you? Do me a favour a find another forum to spam numbnuts.
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