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  1. As repossessions are not included in the figures i can only conclude that repossessions have gone through the roof/floor?? In my opinion we are 3/4 of the way between "Bull Trap" and "Return to Normal". Please see graph.. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/graphs-bubble-lifecycle.php
  2. We Bull Trap anyone??? http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/graphs-bubble-lifecycle.php
  3. Yeah and those have been 'sold' for the last 4 years? Joke blokes.
  4. According to this article.. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7824338.stm ....The Bank of England's data does not yet reflect any reductions triggered by its one and half percentage point cut in December, nor last week's half a percentage point cut, which took the Bank Rate down to just 1.5%.... So why oh why did they cut rates again so quickly? Surely the sensible thing should be to wait and see what effects the cuts have before cutting again?
  5. We went to visit EA recently, told them all we would be offering nowhere near asking price. There was a house originally on for £295k, they had reduced it to offers over £250k, around 15% the EA told me, i said so basically by how much they have fallen. They have recently increased the price to £280k and interestingly the EA thought it might be of interest. Wife asked why they had increased it and EA said they didn't know and the vendors were a bit unrealistic but would accept offers around £250k. Wife said that was still too much. I think sellers ignore the price falling news (or anything bad) but jump on the bandwagon when there are reports of buyers coming back to the market (or anything good).... however disillusion they are.
  6. I noticed this as well, i find it hard to believe. I have been noting the prices since February, November and December dropped of significantly. I don't think the estate agents and rightmove like Property Snake (for some reason :-). In the early days it would link to the property on rightmove but they didn't like it and made Property Snake remove the link. I'd publish the prices if i could get the formatting to look right.
  7. "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."--Albert Einstein
  8. Yes, the person who caused the mess should clean it up? Like Blair helping to start the Iraq war then becoming a peace envoy...!!! I'll be round to break all your windows tomorrow....... did i mention i have some windows for sale....
  9. You knows it!! Probably already cut saving rates in "preparation". I bet the banks are laughing at gordo's.. sorry BoE rate cuts.
  10. Heard you swearing, mind if i join in? boob crap boob....
  11. Will BTL qualify as a small business and hence qualify for gordo's cheap loans he is trying to make the banks pass on?
  12. Yep, and judging by his conviction in the speech he made i think even he believed it. But then he did have his 250k London flat in the back of his mind, the one he gave to his wife and is now worth 700k......
  13. What i'd like to know is if they used interest rates to control inflation (which i used to think that's what they were for) what rates would we have now to reduce inflation back to 2%? We certainly wouldn't be cutting interest rates the day before inflation rose from 4.7% to 5.2%, even if 'someone' said inflation would fall or stabilise (and it didn't).
  14. Answer to Q1 is a resounding YES, unless all the TV pictures i saw of his speeches were forged propaganda? Which i very much doubt as its the government who spin all the propaganda.
  15. Sterling will change into the Euro?
  16. Thats exactly what the Labour MP spouted the other night!!! Really makes my blood boil, stand up and be a decent human being, admit your failings and people may respect you more. Labour MP says 15% = Boom and Bust
  17. .........SVR still the same? Who exactly was the 0.5% government, sorry BoE rate cut supposed to help? It makes absolutely no difference because all that will happen is the banks will mutter "thanks Brown, ya idiot, you have just given us the perfect excuse to drop savings rates and save our own incompetent necks". Brown must have quite a few "chums" who work for banks or have lots of shares in banks. Most of them deal in nine bob notes, bent.
  18. Thank goodness good old Gordo is coming to our rescue. Just think if he had an influence over this irresponsible lending it would have happened. Vote Labour........ :angry:
  19. Thanks for your advice D'oh, much appreciated.
  20. Thank you all so much for your advise, i didn't realise that was the case regarding tap washers or wear and tear and the deposit. This letting agent is know for not paying back deposits. I was tempted to use the deposit as last months rent but i have a feeling that i will lose in court because i kept money back? I.E. didn't pay last months rent?
  21. I can see her point, i have had enough of renting. Expect us to pay for stuff and blatantly gonna keep the majority of our deposit. They are going to scr3w us. Not like they fix anything either, after 3 months they recently fixed the fence so up goes the rent...
  22. Hi. Been renting the same place for a few years, letting agency are useless. We reported the fence falling down and the other day after a few months of waiting they fixed it, 2 days later we have a phone call to say the rent is rising, seem linked to me but they deny it. We are a bit stuck with baby on the way, so need stability. We have asked them to fix a few things and they say that the washers in the taps are our responsibility, has anyone else heard of this? Anyone else been told any repairs or upkeep are there responsibility? I know when we eventually leave they will take the majority of our deposit for "wear and tear", does anyone else think that the rent should cover wear and tear? I don't think they would be able to rent the house to anyone else as the kitchen needs replacing, i would love to stand my ground over the rent rise but as i say baby on the way makes it difficult. Any advice or thoughts appreciated.
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