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  1. And yet there were very high numbers of double income households in the 1990s and yet house prices still crashed. Then also in the US, Ireland, Spain, etc. there have been similar demographic changes that you allude to for the UK and yet house prices have still crashed in these countries, and are still crashing. Oh, heavy sigh, I guess house prices will still crash here in the UK, sigh.
  2. You can look out for the release of the figures here: http://www.forexfactory.com/calendar.php
  3. And just to add to the above in light of this mornings reports about Bankers bonuses being paid out this year - yep, £14 Billion. They wreck the ec onomy and get paid £14 Billion in bonuses. The new PM in Portugal is reported as saying that his Cabinet have found a colossal hole in the national budget of ..... 2 Billion Euros. As Mervyn King said a while ago - it is amazing how the UK public is showing so little anger towards the Bankers considering what they have done to the economy, national debt and deficit. The Private And Public sectors are both being made to pay for their mess and should
  4. Alternatively, tax Bankers, Estate Agents, BTL'ers and TV Property Programme Presenters and Producers so that they are left with the minimum wage as post-tax income until they have paid off the national deficit.
  5. Is there anyone who knows what this 'Big Society' is, or what it means? Haven't senior Whitehall Civil Servants complained to No.10 that there is little, if any clarity as to what the 'Big Society' is which doesn't really help them when they receive loads of Government documents that use the phrase but no explanation as to what it actually is.
  6. Yes, there is the choice for waiting for it to happen - but there isn't a 'natural' timescale on this, it isn't all down to economic fundamentals. For the last 25 years or so Economists have recognised more and more the importance that the discourse environment plays in financial/commercial markets and how there is a dynamic relationship involved in the way that the (traditional) economic fundamentals and the discourse environment interact with each other and help shape the overall way in which markets operate. It is very hard for small groups & the public to directly challenge and have si
  7. Its great that you are writing the letters,etc. -well worth doing. However, in regards to the Readers Comments - as NEO72 says, you won't get public support unless you work at getting it. As I keep saying, there is plenty of theoretical and empirical support for what I am saying. The Indignados movement didn't know if it would get any significanty support from the public or not until they tried. Many would have said the public won't support such a Movement because the public just accept the status quo, even when the status quo is bad. I have listed many reasons why there are many millions i
  8. And yet nothing you have said provides a rationale for not taking action through a Readers Comment avenue - indeed quite the opposite. Your comment seems to suggest that such action would only be worth taking if everyone already agreed with the HPC'esque type perspective (in which case there would be no need for it, of course). Like I say there are very good theoretical and empirical grounds for saying what I say - its not just opinion pulled out of the ether. Why do you think the pro-boom house price VI's invest so much in shaping the discourse environment about the property market and hous
  9. And there is close to a whole generation of young adults priced out of buying a starter home (ie millions of people) + millions more mortgage holders who are priced out of moving up the property ladder and need (and can afford to lose the notional equity) prices to fall 20%-40% for the move to become affordable. Then there are the millions (indeed the majority of the population are affected by this) whose lives have been badly effected by the credit boom/house price boom created debt levels that have led to the financial crisis leading to unemployment, wage deflation, cuts to health, social ca
  10. Venger I couldn't disagree with you more. All you are reflecting is the power of the dominant discourse - but it isn't a permanent or inevitable discourse and it won't last forever. Dominant discourses are always open to be resisted, challenged and ultimately defeated and replaced - try reading some Foucault and also some up to date economic theory about how markets work and the highly significant role that the discourse environment plays. Economic theorists gave up the notion that market movements and they way they operate is down to 'economic fundamentals' 20-25 years ago. Take a look at th
  11. Ok I will add my usual suggestion when these types of threads pop up - I welcome such threads/suggestions - we should and could be doing far more and having a real impact (see my very old thread about Discourse and Action in the Psychology section of HPC. My suggestion is that we should be targeting all of the National Newspaper websites on a daily basis via their Readers Comments facilities. Adding a readers comment takes up no more time, effort and resources than it does to add a comment here on HPC (or any other forums people visit for that matter). We can use these Readers Comments to hel
  12. The Estate Agent is definately trying it on and in clear breach of the Code of Practice for Sales - see the Property Ombudsmans website: http://www.tpos.co.uk/ For the Code of Practice for Sales - see Section 6: http://www.tpos.co.uk/downloads/IES02_code%20of%20practice_sales_FINAL.pdf Submission of Offers 6a By law, you must tell sellers as soon as is reasonably possible about all offers that you receive at any time until contracts have been exchanged (in Scotland, missives have been concluded) unless the offer is an amount or type which the seller has specifically instructed you, in w
  13. Well done Realistbear. Enjoy your new home!
  14. Again, I disagree. I think you are underestimating just how many are priced out of the property market as buyers, whether they are on the the property ladder or not. So many are currently priced out that Estate Agents are only selling one property per week on average.Look at readers comments on the Daily Mail and other national newspaper websites - the pro-house prices remaining at boom time levels where most people are priced out of the market are the small minority. And people are increasingly making the link between the financial crisis inducing levels of credit/debt that was necessary for
  15. I disagree - currently close to a whole generation of young adults are priced out of buying a starter home no matter how hard they work and save. It may be a case that they need their attention drawn to the links between the Credit boom fuelled house price boom and the impact this has - not just on their ability to buy a home - but also job prospects, University fees, moves to increase privitisation in the NHS and so on, and so on. Also, for this generation of young adults there is a significant impact on their parents - having to house and financially support their adult children for many mor
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