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  1. Who says you have to?, most countries have syndication with the likes of the BBC and the independent channels, most cable or satellite providers have them now wherever you go, usually on a decicated channel and the Yanks have BBC America. You'd be surprised the number of places you can watch British humor, and drama too, from what I see the Americans may supply most content but the UK comes a close second
  2. Nope, the later wars in France were mostly as a result of claims through marriages, and an alliance with the Burgundians, which made Henry VI virtual king of all of Northern France, the Normans only had Normandy surprisingly, the English kings ending up ruling a lot more than just Normandy. Henry V is a hero in the UK in France he's viewed as a vile murderer for ordering the slitting of throats of much of the French nobility taken prisoner at Agincourt, he had good tactical reasons at the time for sure but that doesn't change the view of the French that he murdered a large number of unarmed prisoners. (thought to be several thousand) Some English castles were built by knights who went to France poor and came back rich from the plunder from French cities. Spain sent an Armada to depose Elizabeth basically because of England engaging in widespread privateering of Spanish ships in the Atlantic and the Pacific and creating mishief in the Netherlands which Spain controlled however they made the mistake of taking a warm water fleet and sailors North, Drakes fireships might have finished them off but it's beleived more sank through bad weather than anything else. The war against Napolean was just a continuation of some other conflicts before Napoleans rise to power, Britian had strong naval power but a small army so the UK paid several European nations to keep the land war going : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Napoleonic_Wars Unlike its many coalition partners, Britain remained at war throughout the period of the Napoleonic Wars. Protected by naval supremacy (in the words of Admiral Jervis to the House of Lords "I do not say, my Lords, that the French will not come. I say only they will not come by sea"), the United Kingdom maintained low-intensity land warfare on a global scale for over a decade. The British government paid out large sums of money to other European states, so that they would remain at war with France. These bribes are colloquially known as the Golden Cavalry of St George. The British Army provided long-term support to the Spanish rebellion in the Peninsular War of 1808–1814, assisted by Spanish guerilla ('little war') tactics. Anglo-Portuguese forces under Arthur Wellesley campaigned successfully against the French armies, eventually driving them from Spain and invading southern France. By 1815, the British Army would play the central role in the final defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo. In 1802, Napoleon victoriously brought to an end the War of the Second Coalition, with only Great Britain remaining formally at war. Isolated, Britain reluctantly agreed to end hostilities under the Treaty of Amiens (25 March 1802). Great Britain didn't respect the terms of the Treaty of Amiens by occupying Malta and gathered a Third Coalition against France. WW1 was just a punch up by half a dozen Empires to see who was top dog (answer America) WW2 was certainly a just war where we were fighting off a foreign army . While the cold war was a pretty dangerous period I don't recall many people loosing their lives in a war between Britain and the USSR, or the Ruskies massing an invasion fleet European superstate? so countries agreeing to cooperate and running a free trade area is a bad thing is it?, you're right, in Europe everyone feels so oppressed compared with freedom loving England where your communictions are never monitored and the Government does exactly what the population wants, Britian also spends more on it's armed forces than any other European nation so we can help the yanks bring "democracy " to anywhere that has oil By the way the head of the EU diplomatic corp is English and the Head of Europol, the Daily Mails favorite boogy man, is Welsh There are 2 sides to every story, and I don't hate the UK for what was done in the past, with the morality of the times many things were acceptable that would be seen as war crimes, or extremely underhand and dishonest today, you just have to accept at the time thats how we and most other countries acted, but don't paint Britain to be some poor victim continuallly attacked by nasty Europeans, in more than a few cases throught our history we deserved to be attacked
  3. Would think it all gets tied in through the AWACs or something similar, pilots for drones are usually in an air force base in the US anyway from what I've read, so even if they get shot down I don't expect they will worry, the ethics of reducing war to a video game is however another matter, US pilots seem pretty gung ho even when they are in the plane. The Iranian thing is all part of war, one side exploits a weakness the other blocks it, with technology this new it was bound to happen, and it's the Iranians saying they hacked it, the US says technical malfunction which is just as likely
  4. Each to their own, some people are just scared, others judge prices in other countries from holidays or day trips which is like judging Britain by the costs in London, tourist traps are always overpriced, and others may genuinely have a nice life where they are, maybe because they were lucky enough to buy or live in a nice area with enough money or a reasonably safe job to support their lifestyle, you often hear the comments about locally brewed beer and not being able to see their local team which some people place a high value on. The "don't let the door hit you on the way out" crowd seem to have fairly xenophobic tendencies anyway and wouldn't be happy with all that "foreign" stuff even if it's only the Isle of Man
  5. Not if the Reaper has AIM-9's onboard, would take out the Spitfire up to 22 miles away, only has a top speed of 300Mph so the later versions of Spitfire would have the edge there as they could hit 400Mph by all accounts, besides horses for courses, with the UAV's it's all about being able to stay in the air for long periods for use against ground targets and insurgency, pretty much assumes you have control of the skies, some airforce whistles up a squadron of Spitfires or Migs the F22's or Eurofighters take care of them The RAF is reported to have ten Reapers by the way
  6. Like anything else it depends where you live, parts of Liverpool or Manchester are probably as bad as Detroit, whereas places like Boston look nicely civilised, worrying thing in the States is the availability of weapons to the general public
  7. Most countries in the West I would have thought, the UK government talks a lot about low income tax, and it's true it is (unless you're on 50% if that's still around), but add in all the other indirect taxes, which are still more or less compulsory (council tax, duties, TV license etc.) and you pay as much if not more than the higher tax countries. Britain has a very high cost of living, I don't see ordinary people elsewhere experiencing the general hardship that many people have in the UK Also countries with higher tax tend to spend the money on worthwhile things like infrastructure and the environment rather than Trident replacements, or a new more invasive snooping system for GCHQ.
  8. Don't think they meant fear of the police per se, more lack of fear of the consequences when breaking the law, there are few consequences to breaking the law in many parts of the UK now (certainly not when compared to the US)
  9. That's the way it's going, robots and UAV's don't feel g-force, the old computer game "creatures" earned it's developer a contract from the RAF to develop an AI pilot experiment some years ago, apparently in a few months it had evolved a "fighter pilot" of several thousand generations who had independantly found most classic dog fighting manouvers and developed a few new ones, some of which human pilots would not be able to perform due to the effects of G etc. There are problems with control and identifying friend from foe at the moment which probably limits their use if a fully robotic warplane becomes practical. The movie "Stealth" depicts the problems (in Hollywood style of course) :
  10. No argument that Britain has lovely countryside and some lovely towns as well, major problem seems to be electing a government which is saner than a fish in a tree, and isn't tax crazy.
  11. I've got a German friend who has bought a place in the South of France, and he's setting it up to eventually make him self sufficient in vegetables at least if he wangle a transfer there (his job can be done over the internet), when he goes to the local bar he says almost every one else is British.
  12. In the case of the Hundred years war, and most of the medieval period it was the other way round we were the invading b*stards . Napolean and Hitler both intended to try invading but were both scuppered by lack of a good invasion barge design (thank heavens the Channel is so treacherous). WW1 was just a punch up to sort out who would be Europes dominant empire (four ceased to exist because of it), turns out it was the Americans ultimately, everyone else was severly weakened. Hardly makes us the poor victim of continuous European aggression. As for the next one hopefully there won't be one, countries talk far more than they did previously and co-operate a lot more than in the days of Empires
  13. Depends where you are with over 100,000 Chinese theres a chance: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_of_Sydney "At the 2006 census 39.4% of Sydney residents declared themselves to have been born overseas. The most common countries of birth outside Australia declared were the United Kingdom (4.3%), China (3.5%), New Zealand (2.0%), Vietnam (1.5%), India, The Philippines (about 1.3%), Lebanon (about 1.3%), and Italy (1.1%). Indigenous Australians were about 2% of all Sydney residents. The most common languages spoken at home are English (60.8%), Arabic (4.4%), Cantonese (3.4%), Mandarin (2.6%), Greek (2.2%) and Vietnamese (2.0%)" The Aussies I know say Sydney has some great Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine by way of compensation. Here's London's breakdown for the same year (2006) : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_of_London
  14. Not practical for the British airforce, couldn't handle the speed bumps and the speeding and parking fines would bankrupt them.
  15. In that case lets stop all the mucking about and go straight to the F40 Mind you the F36 seems to have a certain charm: (It's Dutch too, saves them buying American )
  16. Problem is the price of combat aircraft these days, they pretty much have to be multi role to make them economically viable which usually means compromise in one aspect or the other, the Eurofighter was supposed to be just that a fighter, but inevitably they have had to bend it to be multi role. With the F-35 vertical take off variant theres also additonal complications : http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/10/08/carrier_struggle_torygraph_leaks/ "This plan has myriad disadvantages. Although it makes for a fairly cheap carrier, the F-35Bs would be horrifyingly expensive, particularly if bought in time to equip the ships as they are completed. Not only is the F-35B the world's first ever supersonic stealth jumpjet, it is currently suffering severe delays in flight testing: for quite some few years, until the production line gets into gear and economies of scale kick in, it will be very pricey to buy. It will also be comparatively expensive to own and operate, as perhaps the most or second-most complicated jet in the world today. Worse still, the need to carry a lift fan, swivelling exhaust nozzle and multiple lids and doors to cover these things when not in use means that the F-35B jumpjet will not be as good a combat plane as the F-35A and F-35C versions (runway and catapult respectively)."
  17. Where constant conflict goes Britain hardly has a shining halo, it's not like we're Switzerland I seem to recall us having played more than just a bit part in most big European wars from the hundred years war, through to Napolean and WW1 and WW2
  18. There have been lots of doubts bout the F35 for some time even the UK has a long list of problems with it, particularly the proposed carrier variants for the aircraft carriers
  19. Sorry that wasn't aimed directly at you, I was just asking the question generally, it wasn't meant to mean you personally, and sorry if I gave that impression I'm actually happy with very little.
  20. True, the problem in the Uk is we have too many pressure groups who are given too much say in policing and Government are too easily swayed by the media, also the police have always been a painfully thin blue line, and Cameron has now made the situation worse cutting numbers The original flying squad in London's Met police was formed due to rampant gang crime in Victorian London, the Prime Minister of the day was said to have said to Robert Peel "Here is a list of names, these men will go to jail" (They had a hard reputation long before Reagan and Carter ) can't see anything like that happening today, it would end with 30 years of investigations and dismissals with enough tribunal reports to fill an articulated lorry. Like it or not law and order is down to fear of the consequences and in the UK there are now few consequences. At the other end of the scale it was said in the areas Ghengis Khan ruled a virgin could walk the length of the kingdom naked with a bag of gold round her neck and noone would touch her, can imagine Ghengis had a very creative view of punishment!
  21. funny everywhere you go people moan about immigration, and for the same reasons, I have to go to Bulgaria on business a couple of times a year and there they moan about the Romanians (more particularly Roma gipsies) and immigrants from fomer Russian states. The price of travel has plummeted and people in more undeveloped places are now moving rather than put up with crap environments, although I think in the UK's case it has got totally out of control
  22. Thanks, but also leading on from there at what point did it become compulsary to be rich and a "success" in the UK?, our ancestors subsisted on a pittance but still had time for holidays and fun, and could provide a roof over there heads and food on the table. It seems nowdays unless you spend your entire life at work and are merely obsessed with how good your house is and how many gadgets you have you are viewed some kind of failure. The world need ditch diggers too and a ditch digger shouldn't need a 6 figure income to bring up a family without stress
  23. Entirely a matter of opinion, time will tell there are a lot of British people who've moved to Europe already, all I can say is my standard of living is better and worry about bills have been way less since I left the UK and I can now afford hobbies and a social life, life isn't just about the accumulation of wealth, keep your nose to the grindstone and work long hard hours and you are guaranteed one thing....you'll get older British media paint an entirely distorted view of how the recession in the EU is affecting people, it is having an effect but not to the extent the media claim, I have a number of Spanish citizens working with me, can't get a job? move!. Even in the case of the PIIGS many of them have been the same for many years, certainly in the case of Greece, and the financial situation throws those problems in sharp releif, loans will get sorted out one way or another even if that means defaults, but then again having watched the videos on another thread that fate could await most Western economies, as a matter of fact due to using QE so keenly you could say the UK and US have defaulted already. People like apocalyptic predictions because they are exciting, the reality will be boring men in suits reaching an agreement and thats true for every country with a debt problem, even with default nothing terrible seems to happen, nobodies nuked Iceland yet have they?
  24. Wrong on all counts, the EU cut's both ways and if you pay a reasonable amount of contributions you get the same benefits, as for speaking the language, it takes about 2 weeks to master "supermarket"level communications and many technical companies have many people who speak English, and most people under 30 learn it at school anyway in most countries, and there are many English and American companies who have English speaking environments in their European offices, as for Xenaphobia the UK leads Europe in that repect, I work with people from almost every EU country, and many that aren't and the UK is clearly ahead in the xenaphobia stakes
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