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  1. I would like to know , who are the controlling elite in this age. The Norman conquerors who became the aristocracy and controlled us for the best part of a millennium supposedly lost their riches and influence to the new money industrialists a couple of hundred years ago. Her maj, God bless you ma'am, is allegedly just a benevolent matriarch who just smiles and waves (although she is still the one who has ultimate control of our armed forces). The Rothschilds and other banking dynasties have done a good job of pretending that their wealth and influence isn't what it once was. I can't believe that those doing the multinational corporation boardroom circuit have a co-ordinated plan for world dominance and are only interested in their next bonus or pay off if they [email protected]£k up. I don't doubt that there is an elite that has a plan for us plebs, however they have deployed such a smoke screen that I can only conclude that they must be David Icke's inter-dimensional reptiles.
  2. We've all heard of twigs in vases and freshly baked bread, but how's this for bizarre - Rightmove Completely empty, but look at photo 3, someone has put a turkey in the oven just to give you that homely impression. I might con local EAs into coming round to cook me a roast by pretending that I'm putting my rented pad on the market.
  3. Its not just tourism that is affected. I am a member of a gliding club which is going to suffer due to this wonderful prestigious event. Due to paranoia about a twin towers style attack, the authorities have severely restricted airspace within a wide radius of all the Olympic sites, i.e. most of southern England throughout July and August. This will curtail most flying activity and will result in a projected £30,000 loss in revenue to us. This comes at a time when we are already struggling to attract new members due to the economic downturn. Many of the more affluent members of the club who own their own gliders are taking them to France and Spain for the duration and I'm sure that these struggling economies will welcome their business.
  4. Once they start taxing all the p*ss artists up there they will be raking it in!
  5. I fancy one of these babies at home. The thought of never having to visit a filling station again is quite appealing. The drawback is I would have to stay at home and guard it with a shotgun. Deso V2350CDD bunded diesel fuel storage tank. Diameter: 1700mm Height: 1850mm Capacity: 2300 litres 240v or 12v pump options available.
  6. What is all the stress with Christmas about? You just need meat, taters, veggies and a few bottles of wine. Although, luckily for me, the family came to the conclusion years ago that swapping parcels of tat with one another was a pointless exercise.
  7. Not so. Back when I was a paper boy, a judge on my round would settle his account with a Bank of England cheque.
  8. I'm not sure whether the gold to oil ratio is of any significance these days. However, if one was to to consider the gold to custard ratio, reversion to the historic mean would imply a future gold price of £400 per ounce.
  9. As you already hold both sterling and euros, it's quite a simple choice - buy gold in the currency which you think will weaken most over the time period in which you are going to hold the gold. Common opinion is that the pound will continue to tank against the euro, so buy in sterling.
  10. Maybe a goldbugs' forum is the wrong place to ask this question, but what percentage of one's assets do you consider to be prudent (I now hate that word since our prudent ex-chancellor took it for his own) to hold in the yellow metal? I have heard 10% said traditionally, but considering the extraordinary times we are living in, perhaps this is not enough. I forget which financial commentator recently said that the dollar has no more intrinsic value than duck faeces - therefore by extension I would imagine sterling has no more intrinsic value than dog vomit. I currently hold about 2% gold mining shares and 6% physical and the rest in sterling. And please no replies from nutters foaming at the mouth accusing of all gold investors of being gold rampers - I'm just trying to do the best I can to preserve or grow what I have been able to amass over 38 years of existence.
  11. A revoltionary design for its time, just a shame it was spoilt by the dodgy British Leyland build quality. Wish I still had mine, but alas it fell victim to the tin worm. Watching the electronic instantaneous fuel consumption readout would make me wonder why I ever bought it. Strangely it didn't seem to make much difference to consumption whether you pottered or floored it. Looking back it seems remarkable that it was affordable to run for me as a twenty year old. I couldn't see many insurers touching a 20 year old in a 3500cc 190hp beastie these days.
  12. I booked my 1999 Volvo S80 in with the local dealer for them to do some work in response to a reacall notice I received. Fifteen minutes later I got a call from their salesman who said that as my car was a bit old, he wondered if I had considered buying a new one. I pointed out that although my car has just reached the 200k mile milestone, its condition insn't that much different from when it was new, and besides I would rather keep the £35k to go towards a house in a few years time.
  13. Builders must be desperate for cash. There are many new developments coming on the market in Basingstoke. Property Bee has shown many substantial drops such as £350k down to £299k. This sort of discounting will eventually force the hand of of all the private sellers who are currently in denial.
  14. And don't forget Crown Shites new neighbour, Skyline Plaza, which is the old IBM tower with a new lick of paint. Not an insignificant number of new executive city lifestlyle appartments come crack dens and brothels about to be unleashed on an eager public. Conveniently situated only a 5 minute walk away through puddles of vomit and urine from the nearest Starbucks! I really don't know exactly who would either be stupid enough to, or even have the ability to buy one of these in the current climate.
  15. There was an open day recently for a house in the Hampshire village where I grew up. A week later the price was slashed by £25K. I can only assume that no one showed up.
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