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  1. HELP! we are living in a looney country. Instead of offering people affordable housing to buy, this gov't offers useless "affordable" tat, cheap clothes and DVD's etc. And the population has been stupid enough to swallow it. :angry:
  2. I'm a ftb (sadly not a str) but have knowledge of much richer friends involved in buying recently in central london. One half of the couple is American and with the fall of the pound, it is a good time for them to buy here -- which has been a long term plan. Apparently nice flats in posh central london are getting "snapped up" by such people as there was fierce bidding/gazumping going on. I've heard of lots of foreigners coming to london to go shopping on the cheap pound in Top Shop etc. But i can't see evidence of this kind of buying affecting ordinary flats or houses in ordinary bits of Lo
  3. Let's face it when times were "good" and there was lots of work, people were happy to welcome the hard working eastern europeans who wanted to provide services for low costs. Now when times are hard finding someone to blame, gov't, foreigners, bankers is what we need to do. Its all psychology. Why did people believe it was "different this time"? Irrational exhuberance that's why. No one wants to see the storm coming while the party music is on. So perhaps the underlying fundamentals are really what we are missing: 1) you need to work to make money 2) Save some money to pay for things like a
  4. Are you one of the militia that Louis Theyroux interviewed in America? (it was a recent repeat on Dave)
  5. Christian can mean sooo many things these days. in american politics it tends to mean supports nutty ideas such as the world being created in 7 days (literal interpretation of the bible) a world where God may have "planted" dinosaur bones to test man's faith and the idea that dinosaurs walked arounds and made friends with people. And you want these people to be in power? Again??? See link below http://counterknowledge.com/?p=142
  6. But if any large dept store type things will survive, i think it will be John Lewis. comparing service there to dumps like House of Fraser....there is no comparison. Mind you i suspect a lot of people go to JL to look at stuff and get info and then try to go and get it cheaper elsewhere. Their staff are knowledgeable and actually polite without being annoying.
  7. Not to mention honesty and trustworthiness. You let plumbers into your home to fix things. If you know nothing about plumbing you have to trust that they are telling the truth, not ripping you off and doing work that will function and not lead your boiler to blow up!
  8. Fanny is the polite word for bum in america My mother (American) once really embarrassed me in front of my (English) husband as she came down to breakfast in the morning complaining of a "sore fanny" Cue Sniggers and sideways glances at elderly Father.
  9. Hey they changed the front page on the link!!!! Some nonsense about Brown Nose is on there now. Perhaps the evil House Price Protection Brigade got to the Standard and made them remove it? Good thing someone posted the original in the thread...... Am i Paranoid?
  10. So 80K if you did say 4x multiple income that's 320K mortgage. That won't even get you a one bed in many "nice" areas of london. and i don't mean mayfair. that doesn't begin to pay for nanny's, private school etc. if 80K plus a working spouse plus some help from somewhere (parents) for house deposit plus help from somewhere (parents) with childcare, then it is feasible for London, but not that many people on 80k are living "the good life" in London without the above. to my mind it just goes to show how mad the cost of living (ie house prices) are in London when 80K doesn't really cut it.
  11. Wakey Wakey Hands off Snakey! Sorry, need of silliness this morning is great
  12. totally anecdotal but... a bunch of americans i met recently were bemoaning housing situation. Family had put property on market in california and reportedly not had a single bite. Nice part of so cal as well. Been on for 2 months...hmmmmm
  13. I'm 41 and have never owned a flat. Went to study as a mature student and therefore left with v high loans. of course the other thing hinted at in one of the posts is that past generations sometimes got money from the death of relatives, but nowadays everyone lives to 80 or 90 so you could wait a very long time to inherit if your family doesn't help out with house deposit. 30-40 somethings are caught between looking after old people and kids -- or as is my case, can't afford to have kids.
  14. Gordon Brown: He is Not the Messiah, He is a very Naughty Boy! Sorry, just me free associating here about Monty Python and their supreme ability to comment on the stupidity of people who follow "belief" rather than think for themselves.
  15. I've had the same problem with my landlord. the money leaves my account the first day of the month and the bloody banks take their time in getting it to his bank account. Nothing new.
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