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  1. I have 4.... the last 1 was a shock after a 7 year gap... I still haven't fully recovered.๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  2. A little late arrival prevented me from cashing in my chips & retiring @ 50 but the dream before 60 is still alive.๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  3. BTC punt was a cracker... I kick myself for not buying when it was $30 in 2011 but still not a believer so won't cry over spilled milk... I've been toying with the idea of moving but EA valuations are way out of kilter in my view but what I believed just a fortnight ago I'm now not so sure about. A few houses I went to view have since gone sale agreed... There's a bubbly feel about property but with IR's at such low levels it could well turn out to be an effective inflation hedge... I've been a buyer of the shiney stuff & am probably overweight in Ag but will continue to swap fia
  4. I get that but is Sterling likely to win the 'race to the bottom' ? ...& would housing be an effective inflation hedge ? I'm nearly entirely out of cash but might be willing to remortgage for a punt...
  5. How much is Sterling likely to devalue when the current financial supports & Brexit 'dividends' filter through ?.. Do we reckon housing will be a reasonabley good choice as an inflation hedge ?
  6. "Citigroupโ€™s global head of foreign exchange, claimed the bank would not be rushed into committing itself on crypto-related matters and was still โ€œnot decided whether it will offer clients cryptocurrency-related services.โ€ Appears to be a bit of a non-story...
  7. It only has a decade of history so hasn't really been tested...
  8. It just takes one day that it doesn't "flourish" & all those arguments are realised... Every negative has a positive & vice versa...
  9. As I've said on here before I'm not anti-BTC... I'm just not a believer... I made a poor choice in 2011 not to 'invest' @ $30 a 'coin' but we make some good & some bad decisions in life but there's no point in dwelling on previous poor decisions... " It has spent a decade slowly proving its worth as secure, decentralised and trusted." It just takes one breach of the dam to create a waterfall...
  10. You're assuming a lot there... What is poor ? All the "trite anti-bitcoin argumentS" of 2017 have every day in the future to be to be realised & proved right...
  11. & do you not think TPTB who are in control of the current monetary system & have controlled the gold market for over 50 years won't devise a method of controlling crypto currencies ? Block chain is a fantastic technological innovation. Is it not realistic to think that future innovations are likley & these future innovations might render current crypto currencies defunct ?... BTC is a bit like a house... it is only worth what someone else is prepared to pay for it... Will it be worth as much as it is today after technology has developed something better ?
  12. TAX... TPTB will just tax any profit derived from #BTC or other crypto's for that matter making it non-profitable & therefore herding all the 'clever' people who thought they had went 'off grid' preventing governments from stealing their money into their new digital currencies... I would hazard a guess that all the central banks are capable of acting in unison... If they have managed to manipulate & control the $10-$11 Trillion gold market a much smaller market, much easier legislated against will be wee buns to control...
  13. If it will never be viewed as a threat it will eventually go to zero... There is no intrinsic value in BTC & advancements in technology will eventually develop something that is more user friendly, less volatle & useable... All imho...
  14. I have no vested interest but found it interesting that the BoE took the time to fire a pre digital currency warning shot at BTC... No doubt preparatory lgislation is in the pipeline for when it is viewed as a serious threat to their proposed new digital currency & feel the need to eradicate it.
  15. Are you prepared to lose it all ? https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-05-06/boe-s-bailey-says-only-buy-crypto-if-ready-to-lose-your-money
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