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  1. It's a very 'fortuitous' camouflage for floundering western economies... Get ready for more price rises...
  2. Most gold sits in vaults. Speculative Purchasing power preservative.
  3. I think we'll see 'the West' dial down the rhetoric after a few weeks... This is another manufactured crisis imo... Gotta keep the proles paranoid & on their toes.
  4. Aye... That's why every central bank is buying BTC.🙄 https://www.reuters.com/article/sponsored/why-central-banks-buy-gold
  5. BTC is a speculative 'asset' that has zero tangibility & relies on an increased influx of 'greater fools' in order to maintain the illusion. That said it wouldn't prevent me from speculating in the future when the price becomes more realistic... but I wouldn't speculate much...
  6. I bought 9 years ago but unfortunately need to move so started looking in the mid Ulster area at the start of 2021... An article, I think it was published by the BelTel in the spring, stating that mid Ulster was currently the most desirable area to buy in the north... Cue immediate EA sales flannel & significant price increases. Mid Ulster Council have just released the highest percentage rates increase for 2022. Prices aren't as extortionate as Belfast but there's a definite whiff similar to 2005/6 imo... Maybe a few IR rises will put a damper on things... if not things could become as hysterical as late '06 early '07... I've stopped looking for the time being.
  7. Hi Warpig, I found this interesting from about 17:00 - 24:30...
  8. Broke a tooth on 1 about 2 months ago & can't get a dental appointment because of covid.... if it's not brexit it's covid fgs...
  9. Strange I pay 12.5% into my pension. I work 37.5 hrs per week.... Then you need to add on the extra 2-3 hrs I work 'for free' every week. I work in a hospital with full bed occupancy every day. Beds are re-occupied within 24 hrs... I know this because I often work as patient flow co-ordinator. There is ALWAYS pressure on beds, it's as simple as that. You base your assertions on your interactions with one nurse. What area ? Has she specialised ? How long has she been qualified ? Basic maths is all that is required to ensure accurate dosage of medication. There are individuals in many professions that only require GCE/GCSE level maths... Does a journalist need higher level maths ? If nurses can't demonstrate an adequate level of mathematical comprehension when revalidating they will be refused entry on the register.
  10. Your "friend" pays a considerable percentage of her monthly wage for her pension, for which the conditions have changed significantly since 2015. Exactly how many hours does she work per month ? As your quoted weekly hours worked doesn't tally. I'm definitely not "fat".... & neither is my better half. The hospital I work in is constantly busy 24/7 due mostly to Tory ward & bed closures. Yor arrogance betrays your 'I'm much better than you' pompous attitude. By your measure we should go back to nursing just how it was during the Crimean war. Try & explain how nursing doesn't require a degree since you are so wise & knowledgable about my profession. Then tell us all exactly how 'lucrative' it is so that I can obtain one of these fantastically well paid jobs. You are a pompous wab . You should try taking your head out of your a$$ for 5 minutes & check out exactly what nurse training entails.
  11. Well I didn't say public sector got furloughed, did I ? In truth I should have removed the first 4 words as well. POnly private sector workers qualified for the 6 months extra holidays. "These are private sector - public sector dont get furlough, they just dont turn up and get paid anyhow. " Believe me pal, I didn't get any "sick pay" over thye last 18 months... I was too busy working on the front line. If your unhappy with your job conditions negotiate some changes try not to criticise those with better job conditions than you it just shows that those in the private sector are much less able to negotiate better terms & conditions. You sound like a Tory Brexiteer... Are you enjoying the unfolding brexit reality ?
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