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  1. quick update: It was the battery which apparently is a 'new type' which requires a specific type of charger to recharge it. A mate who works in an autoparts shop drained & recharged it.... hey presto we had life...
  2. There's "so many dickheads" that think they're so clever & highlight parts of posts to make themselves seem cleverer than they really are but may ignore an operative word which gives information in a post a very different context. These types of individuals RESEMBLE total feck wits & require to be added to the "ignore list" as they really have nothing to offer the discussion.
  3. I disagree... I hold gold as a means to protect my purchasing power. I buy it when I think inflation is higher than the reported govt figures or I deem it worth exchanging my fiat currency which I don't currently need to purchase other things that I need or want. Au has a proven track record in protection of purchasing power. For me BTC does not have the necessary qualities to protect my purchasing power yet. As time progresses & if BTC becomes more stable & if it coninues to enjoy the belief, of users, that it is a store of value my opinion may change but for now it resembles a high tech ponzi scheme.
  4. Most gold investors invest in gold to protect their purchasing power not to make a fortune.
  5. Then why are we all not using BTC to get our groceries ?
  6. The Sinclair C5 was a small one-person battery electric velomobile, technically the first "electrically assisted pedal cycle".... The C5 wasn't the best nor was it widely adopted. Newer electric bikes & scooters have been developed & much more widely adopted. I'm not against BTC I just think something more useable & better will come along.
  7. I never mentioned "rarer"... Nor did I mention gold.... Rarer doesn't necessarily make things 'better'.... so no you haven't answered my question.
  8. "claiming" ?.... So what makes BTC a better choice ? Sooner or later Something 'better' will come along... you know the way the steam train was replaced by the diesel & electric train or the car replacing the horse & carriage...... I could go on but I'm sure you get the picture.
  9. What happens to BTC when technology advances, as it always does, and something more useable, tradeable & user friendly is developed ?
  10. I'll see if he's available...
  11. Thanks for all the replies guys. The car radio was on when I initially disconnected the oil sensor but I obviously never tried the ignition until I'd changed the oil & filters. Checking the wiring again would be problematic as the car is down off the ramps & it's too low to the ground to get underneath it... Just checked the battery & it's only reading 11.4 volts... so this could be my problem... I'll disconnect the battery for an hour before buying a new one just in case as the battery never gave any problems before...
  12. Thanks for the reply....I just replaced the existing oil sensor but I get your point which more or less confirms my suspicions that the ecu needs rebooted... I used to love cars but now they're more frustrating than uploading a video game to a Commadore 64....
  13. I changed the oil in my 2013 Civic. I loosened the oil sensor instead of the sump bung (stop sniggering at the back). After I drained & changed the oil & filters & replaced evrything including the oil sensor & the car won't start... I've returned the computer on the dash to default but the car still won't start... Battery has full charge but is 'clicking' when I turn the ignition... Does the ecu need reset ?... Anyone any ideas or suggestions of where to ask online as all garages ar closed due to Covid lockdown.... Mods please leave in main Forum for 24-36 hours before moving to "Off Topic Forum"...Much appreciated.
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