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  1. Never ask about current bids... view & if you like it put in a written offer, via email, 20% below asking price with the caveat of "subject to survey"..... if you're really interested & don't get a reply follow it up a week or two later.... always create a paper trail...we can all play games..... buying a house is no different than any other transaction imo.
  2. Honest question: Does anyone use Bitcoin for purchases ? & how often & what do you use it to buy ?
  3. https://sputniknews.com/world/201811071069596712-uk-refuses-return-of-venezuelan-gold/
  4. Thoughts ? https://www.ccn.com/mastercard-wants-to-patent-a-fractional-reserve-cryptocurrency-bank/
  5. I see the govts covert policies of euthanasia are reaping 'benefits'...... Life expectancy will likely reduce further now that we're expected to work longer....
  6. This would suggest that 50% of those under 56 own a second property..... Is this just another HPC "blame and bash" the older generation?
  7. I relocated to NI which had a significant crash/correction after a total bubble in '07.... Prices are creeping back up but I reckon there'll be another credit crunch added to Brexit & increasing IR's should slow things down again but govt will print to 'maintain' UK prices... House prices in England are still overpriced imo but I don't believe it will stop people from buying..... Home ownership is part of the psyche now & the majority of people will still stretch to 'get on the ladder' or move 'up a rung'.
  8. As I said I was an ardent HPC'er but changed my position when it was necessary to do so.... I could argue I'm discussing issues with a group of individuals engaged in 'group think' and are so entrenched in their long standing beliefs that they refuse to accept they would be better off changing their position. I could go to the 'singing pig' and state that having a BTL portfolio is folly unfortunately the sad reality is that it was a shrewd decision at the time based on the existing economic trend. As an addendum... I "researched it for years" & came to the conclusion there was little liklihood of any significant change in the current policies that have encouraged HPI..... & furthermore there isn't much liklihood for change on the horizon.
  9. No I did't.... I'm well fed, clothed and have a roof over my head and have, in my opinion, adequate plans for retirement. My kids atre also well fed & have a secure home. I prevent no one from accessing or obtaining what I enjoy.
  10. FYI I'm not a "boomer" I've stiil many years work ahead of me.... I make plans for my future according to current trends and change direction when necessary. I don't view my house as "PWOPADEE" I look at it as a HOME... Something we all need... I'm not preventing anyone else obtaining somewhere to live. I've made my choices they might just be better choices than other individuals.... but I've also made choices that weren't as good as other people.... ,You live & learn.
  11. What makes you think I'm a troll....I rented thenbought then relocated..... rented due to the state of the 'market' then bought at what I thought was a reasonable entry point and the overall cost of a mortgage as opposed to renting... I was an ardent HPC'er but I can't see govt policy changing & HPC'ers are a significant minority... Everyone makes choices they believe will benefit them....laming others for poor choices smacks of sour grapes. I'm not saying you've made bad choices I simply said the contempt for the older generation on this site is often breathtaking.
  12. What forgone opportunity costs? I believe I've planned accordingly & live a comfortable life.... unless you feel not having a Ferrari is a forgone opportunity..
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