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  1. The difference is TPTB will use such instances to their advantage in order to reduce the risk BTC poses to their control of the world's monetary system.... just my opinion.
  2. Ah yes I've been getting those as well... My life has been much more pleasant...
  3. What you want & what you get may be 2 entirely different things... I would wager most long term Ag holders will have gradually made their way to the exit before it peaks...
  4. He's been on mine since the start of the week... Life's too short to engage with someone so hard of thinking...
  5. Oh OK .... Brexit is going to go without a hitch...🙄
  6. Irrespective of any numbers there WILL be a lockdown after Christmas to camouflage the incoming Brexitshambles sh1tst0rm...
  7. I think the majority of people have always tended to borrow to the max especially FTB'ers... I know we did.... In saying that we didn't the other times...
  8. Good luck getting any physical if it drops to $18....
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