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  1. Hi Folks . Just wondering is it possible to see the history of sales of a property
  2. I feel that the average house price has increased in the report because, out of what few sales there have been during this period, probably more have been from a higher price bracket. As this latest information does not seem to be a true reflection of the market. Any thoughts?
  3. Hi, do you think that with all the new vacant and unsold property that will hit the market, Would this be a possible oppertunity for stormont to buy a lot of new social housing. Meeting the genuine need for people
  4. Hi, my understanding to this situation is that the revenue treats up to the first five as income and there fore if you sell during this time the profit from the house will be added to that years normal earnings and taxed as income, If you keep it 5 or more years it is then classed as capital gains and this is indexed down up to max of10 years which including your normal capital gain allowance will significantly reduce what was initially a 40% bill.
  5. Hi , There was a gent who i think was called john Semple had been given the task of assessing the problems and coming up with the remedy on behalf of the government, he has seemingly finished this report and this will be given to the new NI assembly ministers. He was quizzed with the word crash but never at any time used this word. He did say that hpi could not be sustained and that the market would level out and plateau. One of the recommendations he released was that empty properties could have a higher tax placed upon them.He was also recommending the planning authority to relax the ban on green field sites around towns.He even mensioned some scheme that could help people with finacial difficulty maybe able to offset some of the morgage, like a co ownership. The other gent had indicated that the market could go down 50%. What effects do you think these recommendations will have? Cheers
  6. Donal you said £750 for rent, They would be lucky to get 550/600 pcm.
  7. Hi i live in Portrush Which has seen 3 bed semi detached houses increase from 68k to 195k in less than 4 years, there are now appartments being sold for 450k, http://www.propertynews.com/brochure.php?r...mp;p=ASGASG0846 The old buildings in the town have all been bought up as late, A hotel has just been demolished this week and 35 apartments are being erected and according to one the the workers 25units have already been booked. Now, portrush has no real industry it is only a seaside town which is very quite in the winter, but has beautiful beaches and golf courses. HPI is boosting along. Cheers
  8. Hi, I think people in NI are feeling wealthy due to the enormous HPI over the past 3 years and the effects of this new policy will not take effect untill april. Most people seem to think that house prices will continue to rise as Northern ireland has not experienced Negitive Equity as long as i can remember, But unfortunately there does not seem to be much caution in relation to debt. It is unbelieveable that the average house price is approximately £180k.
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