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  1. Actually, I agree with you here. I have a younger brother in IT. He said the "good times" finished in 1999. After that the official training dried up and he was literally expected to fund his own, which I know isn't cheap. And, as you rightly say, unless you keep your qualifications up to date they are worthless. Doesn't the MCSE qualification only last for so long before you have to requalify in one of the newer subjects? He works all the hours under the sun and wishes he hadn't bothered.
  2. What Estate Agents, Governments, BTLers, newspapers, etc etc are quoted all the time on this forum. Don't you think most people have the intelligence to make their own judgements about the market and sift the wheat from the chaff, or do you only believe those posts on here which fit in with your own way of thinking?
  3. mmm? Bit like calling people Trolls who try to offer an alternative way of looking at things. Ring any bells?
  4. No, that is the IT dept when you send them away on an expensive course.
  5. It is always best to put the frighteners on the workforce before the annual round of wage rise demands in my book. Works wonders round the negotiating table.
  6. That's called investing with hindsight and you will find lots of investors who claim to have made money using bits of old graphs, but they wouldn't admit to their bad investment decisions after the event. Investing using foresight is much more difficult and you don't find many people who can accurately do that. The winners always crow and the losers always bleat, so both sides chose the bits of the moral ground that suits them. Wiser people weigh up both sides of the argument and try to invest accordingly. It's easy to "invest" using pretend money, but once you have to plough your own hard
  7. Funnily enough I did see a large vehicle with blue flashing lights racing past my place this morning. I thought it was a Fire Engine, but it could have been a Removals Van on an emergency call.
  8. That's why I joined. I thought it was part of the Admission's criteria.
  9. Oh dear, doesn't sound too good. On the other hand they might just be sharpening their horns ready for the comeback.
  10. Probably the best way, as long as people are honest and don't add their own personal spin. Using your own eyes and ears should give a much better picture of the local market.
  11. More than on here? I'll have to have a look on that site then.
  12. They probably don't get paid lunch breaks in China.
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