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  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/stories-43088735/how-to-bag-your-first-home-for-550 Living in vans. Suspect there’s many people living in vans and sheds across the UK. I see the BBC trivialise the issue with the goofy music and editing. Shame he didn’t ask the previous owner whether it required a tv license. On that I think a politician needs to come up with a document- BBC roadmap to privatisation. It might take a decade but they need to start the ball rolljng!
  2. That’s funny. Because I am sad I was looking at the Advertising Standards Authority rulings page and saw the recent ruling linked below (Williams Gordon Ltd - website) “A website, www.williamsgordon.co.uk, for Williams Gordon, which offered financial advice to contractors, was seen on 27 July 2017.” . I thought boy HMRC must really be cracking down in this area? Or just went onto google maybe? I had a laugh reading it! https://www.asa.org.uk/rulings/williams-gordon-ltd-a17-394324.html
  3. The Royal Society for the encouragement of the Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) oh not them again. They have been very active recently!
  4. Hmm interesting to see the falling remortgage statistics alongside the falling buy to let quoted interest rate upthread. I wonder if lenders will see falling margins (maybe recoup through product fees? ). Hopefully I have interpreted this correctly. My question is with the falling buy to let interest rate further upthread why is the remortgage rate dropping ? Are landlords remortgaging with lenders outside of the U.K. finance reporting regime or are some struggling to remortgage in the new regulatory environment ? If some can’t remortgage is this a problem or are their margins too thin eg. The BTL is unviable.
  5. Yeah you’d think we would see stock starting to build up. I have glanced at the Rightmove jan18 release but they show average stock per agent. It’s not that meaningful. It really would be better to release totals but I guess that would be quite commercially sensitive. Anecdotal - I heard lots of stock was building up !
  6. Where I am if you are a casual user the bus is £5 for a 2mile journey that takes about 30-45mins (1hr if there is rush hour traffic). Oddly you could get a county pass for about £6. I suspect not many use the bus for longer journeys!
  7. Where I am the A and B roads are covered in potholes. I suspect the councils are waiting for the new financial year before they begin maintenance repairs. I guess in part it’s the additional load on the road from increased traffic. Saying that when I went to the US recently their roads (New York) had quite a number of potholes.
  8. Halifax also launched a current account switching reward scheme. Dovetails nicely with comments on low mortgage volumes.
  9. New Look numbers look dreadful . Heavy discounting , pretax loss. I’ll have a look later at detail . Obviously bigger things going on with financial markets today! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2018/02/06/new-look-losses-continue-retailer-attempts-turnaround/
  10. I think Debenhams Plc might be hitting new lows today. I’m not sure what the news is today hitting their stock price. Maybe in part the house of Fraser news?
  11. Thanks. I think I might go and read the detail on endowment mortgages to see how they turned out!
  12. Thanks. I am just reading it and working thorough the customer engagement research. I am shocked at how low the customer engagement is at roughly around 30-40% estimates. Also the average (median ) age of the customer sample is 63. Ok so when did IO ramp up - 2005 to 2007 ish (Edit report mentions 2010 peak) so these lot what were early 50’s maybe late 40’s when they got them ?
  13. http://www.stockmarketwire.com/article/5841776/Paragon-Banking-Group-chairman-standing-down.html “ Paragon Banking Group said chairman Bob Dench was standing down to take up a new position as chairman of The Co-operative Bank.Paragon said it had well developed succession plans and a search for his replacement, both internally and externally, was already underway. Dench would join The Co-operative Bank on 14 March and would remain as Paragon chairman until his successor was appointed.A further announcement will be made when appropriate.” How far the co-op has come.
  14. I read it as a disaster for a building society - they’ll likely have to cut prices to get business leaving more pressure on their net interest margin and low mortgage volumes. I don’t know how rapidly Nationwide is cost cutting eg. branch closures.
  15. I was thinking that the pension protection fund will end up picking up the dB mess?
  16. I don’t know anyone who works or worked for them but I have only heard the usual names and jokes - Crapita. I haven’t yet read the details of the share issue. There is talk of a systemic issue for outsourcing - probably margins and debt related. Carillion and Capita management both talked about short term and a business too complex to understand. I don’t like it. It smacks of big holes in the balance sheets?
  17. At the moment showing as -40% on the intraday share price ? Good grief that must be some profit warning! I’ll take a look later.
  18. Thinking about I t in an ex LA 1 bed flat share breakfast locations maybe limited. I’d probably eat breakfast at work! Though being a journalist maybe she writes her articles in the cafe?
  19. Also I wonder how many of the flats in the area are now ex council ? How many of the neighbours claim in work benefits ? “..South London, I say, in an ex-council flat I share with one flatmate; we each pay £765 a month in rent and heating. “What would a one-bedroom flat cost to buy there?” Approximately £350,000, I say. “
  20. I got to the bit where the journalist writes that a one bed flat in the area is £350k and Martin Lewis outlines the few options. Share a one bed flat?
  21. Sorry i’ll continue going off topic. I am actually shocked at how good (in my opinion) the products are at Aldi for the price. We did a trial shop moving from Sainsbury’s and the basket was half the price. I was pleasently surprised with the quality of the fruit and veg. I expected the quality to be like Spar or newsagent shop quality. Some of their store customs around packing, scanning and unpacking took some getting used to though.
  22. I’m not sure if it’s up the thread re Prezzo loan pricing. I know there were a few other UK restaurant chains discussed - Strada, Byron burger and maybe Jamies Italian that have hit recent difficulty. The article below is a little technical so I would need to dust off the manuals - still does seem to be a shitstorm of weak demand, collapsing margins and debt! “LONDON, Jan 25 (Reuters) - British restaurant chain Prezzo is in talks with its lenders after the price of its leveraged loans dropped in Europe’s secondary loan market, as the UK casual dining sector comes under pressure. Private equity firm TPG acquired Prezzo in 2014, backed with a £155m leveraged loan financing, comprising a £130m term loan and a £25m pound revolving credit facility led by Barclays and Jefferies.” https://uk.reuters.com/article/prezzo-leveraged-loans/lpc-prezzo-holds-talks-with-lenders-as-loans-drop-in-value-idUKL8N1PK6A9
  23. I thought the Aldi version tasted the same. My tastebuds are knackered though.edit: I didn’t like the taste of the original main brand either though tbh
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