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  1. Yikes that’s a lot . Any assets - presumably not many freeholds if they are trying to cut rents and it’s private equity ? How much in intangible assets - the Prezzo brand.
  2. There now seem to water supply problems cropping up. Well in London and parts of Kent. The BBC writes ‘many parts of the UK’. London and South East = UK?
  3. Number 5 was Hammerson Plc. I removed it though as I’ve still not completely collected my thoughts on them.
  4. In no particular order a mix of those in my focus :- 1.Carpetright plc 2.Debenhams Plc 3.House of Fraser 4.New Look 5. 6.Poundworld 7.Mothercare plc 8.Furniture retailers (Steinhoff ones) *Although the DFS share price history is useful background to sector difficulties
  5. Oh I missed this. The company has a dreadful forecasting history. I’m not sure how they fix their problems as a rights issue will be a difficult sell. Reading the statement the banks look to be lining up their position. Doesn’t bode well.
  6. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/transport/frustrated-southeastern-passengers-resort-to-walking-down-rail-tracks-halting-all-trains-amid-snow-a3780496.html I think walking down the rails only works if everyone does it then it becomes rational ? Still in my recent experience on trains only 50% of the toilets work (sometimes none are working) and instead of an eight train carriage it’s a four carriage so they are busy.
  7. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-03-02/mike-ashley-gives-weary-debenhams-shareholders-a-glimpse-of-hope Edit; I messed up the quoting !
  8. The Sittingbourne Maplin was like that. I went in on a weekday recently and there were 3 staff and 1 customer (me). I felt a bit for the lads in there.
  9. I am trying remote working to the company network - so far it has taken 20mins to copy a folder with a few small files (after a 15min login) and occasionally jumps to black screen and crashes. It worked perfectly last night. Edit: Time to phone IT support lol Edit: around 6 inches of snow here (Kent)
  10. Just reading about Hammerson’s likely FTSE 100 demotion. What I find interesting is the accounts / reports all say everything is fine (Intu recently reported) (net asset values holding up) but at a lot of centres I visit (no idea if they area Hammerson) they have loads of empty units often rebranded as community hub or help points or whatever and increasingly lots of leisure development eg restaurants (Jamie’s Italian), cinemas, hotels. Down at Lakeside they are building a massive leisure area . I can only think they have the time to work out how to counter what’s coming. I’m not familiar with this sector eg. Strategies to hold up the asset values.
  11. Yes I can imagine. I was watching the frost move off my car in the north facing shadow a good 4hrs less than the cars in full Sun. Wholesale energy prices appear to be moving. Whether this translates into home bill rises will be interesting. Household budgets do not need this further squeeze. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-43182523
  12. It’s reported that the Toys R US situation will resolve next week with a large VAT bill due next week. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2018/feb/23/toys-r-us-faces-bankruptcy-putting-3200-jobs-at-risk
  13. It’s that time of year again where the annual tax statements go out for some. How your tax was spent in 2016-7 https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/how-public-spending-was-calculated-in-your-tax-summary/how-public-spending-was-calculated-in-your-tax-summary The summary I have shows welfare excluding state pensions is around 24% of my tax. State pension is another 13%. This matches the table at the link. I’m trying to dig down to what all this welfare spend is. There is some guidance around welfare category presentation being ‘tweaked’ but the figure seems huge! https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/629960/PESA_2017_Chapter_5_Tables.xlsx
  14. A beautiful winter’s day today down South. When is the day after tomorrow style weather expected - next week?
  15. House of Fraser have sent out £5-20 gift vouchers by email. They have also made some senior management changes aswell as reportedly lining up an investment bank to advise on their upcoming debt refinancing for 2019.
  16. House of Fraser have sent out £5-20 variant gift cards by email. Lots of action including shuffling management and appointing an investment bank to help advise on significant debt refinancing due in 2019.
  17. I’m not 100% sure on the source but an ok read. Views on direction of BTL mortgage lending becoming specialist area for advisory . http://www.mortgagesolutions.co.uk/your-community/2018/02/21/buy-let-changes-highlight-end-general-mortgage-advice-marketwatch/
  18. Where’s Nick Knowles when you need him ? edit: from memory the team did do up a street
  19. Surely their genie thingy is in there? As upthread if the trend is towards pch type finance presumably breakdown is sorted with owner or manufacturer? (Maybe the AA did deals there) https://www.theaa.com/breakdown-cover/connected-car
  20. The London market looks as healthy as ever! If you talk to people from London they know they give you the nod - it’s going down! The press is pretty silent on it. Still London price rises were pretty crazy and I do not know anyone who bought there within the last few years. It could be breathtaking on the way down!
  21. There’s so many options. If one is in an unfamiliar town you could try Tripadvisor but it’s garbage so just rock up in to the Prezzo/pizza express/ask/Jamie’s Italian to get an average meal and service. To be fair I’ve never had a decent meal at Pizza Express - £40 for 2x pizzas! Or one could go to Weatherspoons or a chain pub. I’m not sure if the £75mn debt for 37 restaurants is reasonable as don’t know their turnover. I can only think their costs (labour and food costs) rocketed and also had to cut prices to get customers in so margins imploded.
  22. I do remember once Sir Trevor McDonald was asked what his involvement was with the news (preparation and view) by I think a child when the floor was open to audience questions . He said along the lines of he just read the news out (eg. Scriptwriters). Refreshing but Still though it’s a shame he didn’t mention his background because I would have thought he started as a journalist. Should add I do have great respect for him.
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