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  1. http://today.reuters.co.uk/news/articleinv...-C5-Economics-2 "Record price rises in London continued to bolster the national average. The cost of a home in the capital leapt 23.6 percent from a year ago as the prospect of record City bonuses lifted prices faster than at any time in the survey's four-year history." "Rightmove forecasts average national asking prices will rise by 6 percent in 2007, less than half the current rate."
  2. I bet there is a container ship out in the sea about to dock full of Wii. How many Wii puns out there ? "refilling the Wii supply, Wii supply dries up, Wii are mad as hell, Nintendo 'pulling out all the stops' to meet demand for Wii, Nintendo's Wii hits Japan"
  3. Anyone know why Ipod, Xbox360 , etc costs the same in every single store ?
  4. Maybe everyone got on a plane to spend dollars ? BTW Is a price drop on HDTV's / flatscreen tv's on the horizon ? (don't wanna be the guy that bought a dvd player for £800 or a lcd computer monitor for £1000 before they dropped )
  5. Yep got my work secret santa present from there. Makes a change to a tin of biscuits. I was so snowed under at work I forgot to opt out! Anyway I have just checked the price of a book that I found in a high street store. It's 50% cheaper online! Who buys all that extra junk in the stores ? How long would you say HMV has left ?
  6. Yep hype up a console and don't ship or make enough units and then thousands of units being sold on for double their value just so some ex Farepack customer can get their hands on an ephemeral games console. It's the games that matter so expect lots of games for the under 5's. Anyone remember the Ninetendo Super light gun, super scope, and the PS2 guitar? Stupid razor and blades business model! Ash.
  7. I think it's to do with people swinging that Wii controller around and smashing up their stuff. Golden days for the tv manufacturers . http://www.wiiplus.net/fullNews.php?newsId=95
  8. http://business.guardian.co.uk/story/0,,1965256,00.html Here comes stagflation ? I suppose a HPC brings long term inflation back on track justifying those poor new year wage deals on the horizon.
  9. The Woolworths profit warning and HSBC comments today were helpful. Keep borrowing and hope that 4% new pay deal comes along...... Oh wait its a CPI wage rise.... I'm expecting some heavy discounting by the retailers. They can't lower rates now after banging on about inflation !
  10. http://www.citynews.ca/news/news_5853.aspx US will soon own the moon. Can't aford to pay my moon tax.
  11. Hyper-inflation and the London Olympics .... I hope they have bought the gold for the medals! How much will the tickets be ?
  12. Does anyone have faith in RPI and CPI? RPI linked investments...
  13. Do UK shops accept Euro's ? edit: think I might join the single European currency!
  14. http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/news/article....mp;in_page_id=2 "The growing wealth in the UK is due largely to a strong property market and an increasing entrepreneurial culture which encourages individuals from all walks of life to take risks as they strive for business success, according to Barclays Wealth Insight. " No mention of money supply. Millions and millions of immigrant workers working.....
  15. Hi, I'm a bit worried that the pound hits a dollar high then becomes overvalued and then collapses. Does anyone think this is likely ? Would this cause interest rates to sky rocket? Ash.
  16. Liquidating houses.... That will be the banks selling repossed properties at knock down rates. The banks raising their lending multiples just means that the FTB's take the market risk and any money that they lose will probably be the parents' deposit contribution (pension). FTB's are more likely to take the risk on because many have only seen house price rises and carry their parents' retirement along with them. As my friend in the pub last month said " Don't be stupid house prices don't go down". Interest only mortgages with asset price deflation sounds very scary to me. As the FSA said a couple of weeks ago - banks and building societies should be stress testing their loan books. Cold winter will drive up fuel costs leading to higher core inflation. Better hope the dollar doesn't collapse! Ash.
  17. ...so they go and buy Africa's resources with dollars. Africa then buys...... Or maybe they will give the dollars away ? Ash.
  18. What about putting diplomatic pressure on China and it's currency? How do you get rid of 1 trillion $ of assests ? Ash.
  19. Hi, I think Iraq will descend into civil war in either 2007 and 2008. I'm not sure what the effect will be on the World as it depends on the US response. UK inflation is rampant and rises have been held back - just like my backdated pay rise!
  20. Hi, In the next few years... 2007/8 - Iraq descends into civil war What will be the effects on the UK housing market ?
  21. Time for shopping trips to the New York They are pushing the dollar coins again.... Is anyone expecting the dollar to rally (Monday) in the more normal market conditions ?
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