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  1. More than one home but has much been set aside for care home costs?
  2. Intu share price down again today lost another 4.5% ish. Relentless.
  3. I’ve heard of these voids a few times from BTL landlords so I think it’s more common than people realise. I’m not sure how much insurance costs, and the terms and conditions?
  4. I’m seeing this a lot though not on that timescale. All talk of a great market but the reality seems to be not much moving at all because people cannot get ‘what it’s worth’ and EA’s closing branches, sacking staff and going out of business in the meantime.
  5. Auction- that’s crazy talk. They won’t get what it’s ‘worth’ then ! There’s a free entry option (i understand that’s part of the legal setup). Anyway that option makes it even less likely to sell enough tickets.
  6. Intu (edit - commercial real estate with significant U.K. shopping centre exposure) share price down again. Look at that trend ! Last time saw they were trading at a discount to net asset value. Might have a look at the gearing and see who the lenders are. Edit: I imagine lenders will be scouting these centres.
  7. They’ll struggle to sell all the tickets at £13.50 each. Wow.
  8. Yeah I was looking at their accounts yesterday. I didn’t like the look of their cashflow statement. Their balance sheet wasn’t great either. I couldn’t understand why they were expanding ?
  9. There it goes. I expect Mike Ashley will be picking up bits of the business? edit- interesting that there was what I make an opening move in the Intu Plc, Sports Direct, and Debenhams share price at open (not looked at the volumes).
  10. “Ofgem said its safeguard tariff, which protects five million households from overcharging, will rise by £47 per year in October to £1,136.“ eh? Where’s the safeguard? Or are other customers getting much higher percentage increases ?
  11. It looks like a sustained high price, low transaction market (low demand, and low supply). Not good at all for EA’s - their business models will be shot to pieces. I’m unsure whether it’s a problem on the stamp duty land tax take for the Treasury (the times and telegraph newspaper would say something must be done eg. Slash tax to get the market moving) . I guess worth watching say for example Foxtons share price when transactions look like returning.
  12. Just looking at this dataset collection. I’d Imagine it’s upthread but a useful summary. https://data.london.gov.uk/housingmarket/
  13. The MPC appear to have access to some other dataset / model that no one else has access to. Anyway I think they are following the Fed tbh - look through the data. US market debt curve is steeping but i’d imagine Trump will just replace the Fed chief if the rate rises keep coming. Trump’s already laying the ground for that. I have no idea who is next after Carney. http://www.yieldcurve.com/marketyieldcurve.htm
  14. Share price headed down again. Not all that far away from the 10p offer price. I personally feel they should have raised more - they need to be carrying lower debt because their assets are mostly intangible (eg. In my mind The brands ability to generate cashflows above no name EA).
  15. From the Nationwide report. ‘Fixed’ but no durations. I think next it will be help for those who cannot refinance to keep the plates spinning.
  16. Hot off the heels of the Bunnings/ Homebase debacle Travis Perkins seems to be setting up to dispose of Wickes. Saying that from my experience the stores are a total mess. No fun going to a half empty warehouse searching through warped wood for the one good piece. Now they are stripping costs out so the stores will go down further. Anyway I assume this will be affected by the low housing transaction volumes for the general diy. I guess for trades the model is trade counter type places for tools, and bits. Not sure where they go for wood. http://www.cityam.com/290019/diy-sos-travis-perkins-warns-wickes-profits-lower-consumers
  17. Wow theres a lot to analyse there - a real flash event there. It’s totally thrown me. I see offer was 80% discount on the 50p close. No idea whether that’s good or bad but as up post it looks like get in and out.
  18. Hmm I can’t see the House of Debenhams thing working. I Doubt they have the finance or appetite for that. I think what they are getting at is get Mike Ashley to show his cards whatever he is planning with the stakes he’s built.
  19. I dunno it’s difficult to spot the one off items as what I’m seeing from the numbers is operating loss and net cashflow of approx -£6mm. Ok they started with £18mn in the bank at start of year. Sales division looks to be a bloodbath but it’s unclear if this is because of one offs - surely it’s making people redundant, shuting branches ,etc ? I couldn’t find the headcount analysis. Edit- from memory I think they were adding branches going into the transaction downturn.
  20. I wonder if they have millions of fake / duplicate accounts? If they are starting to get tough on that will be interesting to see if there was any real growth?
  21. I never really ‘got’ Facebook. I have heard a lot of people buying and selling goods and services on it to circumvent eBay and Amazon market places. I’m unsure how it works - I presume because Facebook is even lighter touch it’s a free for all / Wild West with all sorts going on, and FB make money on the advertising side? That’s in addition to the massive data harvesting that seems to have been confirmed. Post Cambridge heard a lot of people refusing to post items on there. Though some don’t care.
  22. The new entrant BTL’s will be in a difficult place. I see exits as closed as having out bidded FTBs on the upside there are few buyers to offload to on the downside - the market will go relatively illiquid. Meanwhile the finance doors start to close. BTL with liabilities popping up all over the place. I wonder if many created a firewall to their principal residence?
  23. Hammerson Plc trying to reduce out of the department store position and a major strategy change on retail parks. It’s quite rapid how they expect to reduce exposures - i’ve not much confidence thE big department stores can keep going long enough for them (Hammerson) to get out. How’s Intu doing ? https://www.theguardian.com/business/2018/jul/24/bull-ring-owner-hammerson-sell-off-properties
  24. £100mn! I don’t think there is a prospectus yet but I imagine it will be very expensive.
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