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  1. If it’s not individuals it’ll be effectively general taxation because the Treasury / DCLG will step in to support a council. Presumably one can offset pension provisions. I have no idea of the cost of care provisions (eg. Basic end and specialist). What are we talking about at the basic end - staff 24/7 in a 1:5 ratio or something, meals, heating ? I imagine could get expensive very quickly for specialist care. For now maybe if capable just find someone to care / visit in your own home ?
  2. Share price under 10p now ( 9.65p currently) . Seems to have take a beating today.
  3. The share price is testing new lows today. I’m not sure when the strategy options are due (some soft options have already been ‘tested’ and shot down). For me after the awful John Lewis numbers the question is how rapidly are margins deteriorating ?
  4. You’d think they would paper over the cracks. I couldn’t find the accounts on Companies House.
  5. Sports Direct have a large shareholding in Debenhams Plc. I forget how much. Not sure what the plan is. Presumably following the House of Fraser plan - wait long enough. Wait a little longer and sadly I think John Lewis will be there as well.
  6. “....,In the arch next to his is a hairdresser, on the other side a letting agent. The site has a damp problem, trains rumble overhead every 10 minutes - and if they stop his mobile signal cuts out entirely.” Sounds delightful.
  7. How many profit warnings have they given in the calendar year ? Odd to release a statement like that. Basically running out of road - not sure how long the advisors have got to report back ?
  8. Not seeing much where I am. However, what’s coming back from the recruiters has jumped in salary and level. Really eye opening and surprising. Maybe time to move! What’s going on ? Is it people retiring ?
  9. It blows back to some of the commercial real estate companies. See Intu Plc. They are in denial but they have to be. Those sophisticated in the background already taken all the lifeboats and quietly left. Not sure about the likes of pension funds - maybe they’ll double down.
  10. Brings me on to some research on plastic carrier bag volumes. There are a few anomalies in the data but the idea is to look at relative drops for plastic bags sold. Suspect the likes of Debenhams and house of Fraser will have made great strides in reducing plastic bag waste. I couldn’t find Amazon. https://data.gov.uk/dataset/682843a8-168c-4056-b6fe-741161a39f60/single-use-plastic-carrier-bags-charge-data-for-england
  11. seems like the plan will be to struggle on while I guess the boe/ regulators work on a solution. Closedown ? There’s a lot of press that banks path is to a pure IT company.
  12. Lol it’s like forward guidance. Keep extending a year until he arrives at the whatever the original standard governor term was. Edit: or maybe he could leave and return as a consultant
  13. Where I am unleaded is back to 130p a litre. From my household budget perspective there’s lots of inflation now - council tax, food, energy, train fares, restaurant prices and even more in the pipeline. IMO a big squeeze on incomes.
  14. It appears Wonga has gone into administration.
  15. So if they go into administration what happens the outstanding compensation claims ? Would the claimants just join the other creditors ? It follows that those with loans continue to pay as these ‘assets’ would get sold? I feel a government special purpose vehicle in the pipeline!
  16. Ha name a tax (eg. council , income ) or collection / other (eg. business rates, national insurance) that isn’t in a mess and in need of structural reform! Stamp duty land tax they can tinker with for win win.
  17. On the brink of administration according to this article. https://news.sky.com/story/amp/wonga-on-brink-of-collapse-after-customer-compensation-claims-deluge-11482720
  18. Lol I see they pulled the plug on the executive package. These things used to shock me but seems to be par for the course! “Countrywide, the UK's largest estate agency group, has cancelled plans for a new bonus package for its bosses following an outcry from investors. The package could have paid out a total of £20m to three executives, depending on the firm's share price performance over the next three years.“ https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-45244586
  19. https://www.ifs.org.uk/people/profile/531?year_published[start]=&year_published[end]=&page=2 Jonathon Cribb’s bio is there. Education- Cambridge twice then to the IFS (assumption is he is ‘young’ . No idea if he is in the ‘haves’ ? His other work looks more interesting to read (in his listed specialisms) but I don’t like the BBC article. But to be fair this is probably what the BBC team requested ! “About this piece This analysis piece was commissioned by the BBC from an expert working for an outside organisation.”
  20. I think the statistics downplay the squeeze on people’s incomes. This squeeze is causing massive structural change in retail that will inevitably feed through into commercial property (banks and pension funds?). This squeeze hasn’t bubbled out elsewhere eg. In banks, and car financing. I think it’s coming.
  21. The notes I read in the BBC article seemed to be more ‘luxury goods / brands’ if such a thing exists today. Where’s the bag burning Burberry when you need them ?
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