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  1. Are there many drops coming out of London? I’m hearing talk that it’s a total bloodbath in London - the numbers I heard were closer to 10% off to get viewers!  (Though there were such strong rises in prior years guess i shouldn’t be shocked at 10% falls in a year)

  2. 8 hours ago, juvenal said:

    “The draw was made by a random number selector computer at Sterling Lottery Management, which is approved and audited by both the Gambling Commission and PwC.

    It selected 100 tickets and local MP Christopher Chope drew the winner from that number.”

    Oh here we go.Roll eyes.

  3. 4 hours ago, Timbuk3 said:

    4 more HoF stores closing as the landlord won't accept a rent cut. 


    I think that the real estate investors are lining up to lose alot of money in retail estates - the likes of Intu are squeaking.

    Intu might be the next failure, or the next Black swan.

    Is there a way to short retail property ??


    One is Intu Lakeside. Debenhams is at the other end so a little surprised that’s closing.

  4. 1 minute ago, Errol said:

    To compare with 'normal' shopping, you'd have to consider petrol costs, parking costs, time wasted costs etc  etc.

    Sadly every time I travel I end up in a traffic jam. 10 minute journeys take 30 mins. 60 min journeys- well unless I have to I pass. Occasionally I’m pleasantly surprised. I can’t imagine what the traffic is like in London!

  5. Anecdotal Kent - I’m hearing lots of tales of no viewers at x price, and sellers having to discount asking price by x price just to get viewers in. A few sales going through. Ok asking prices were up in the sky but buyers and sellers seem to be quite far apart. 

    Tallies up with a lot of reporting even from the likes of Nationwide. I think we have to be looking at double digit % drops looming.

  6. 5 guys for me is the worst value place I have ever eaten. I have a receipt to hand (I actually meant to complain due to the crap service and dire food). It’s £4 + vat for chips , £5.25 for milkshake in there and all counter collection service. I thought Prezzo was dear!

    Saying all that it was quiet there until the school kids popped in. Smacks of fad to me tbh. On another fad I hear the desert restaurants are starting to struggle.

  7. An early glimpse of part a budget item

    “Homes on the High Street”

    The chancellor's £650m injection, to be introduced over the next four years and called the Future High Streets Fund, will allow towns and cities to "redevelop under-used retail space into homes and offices, providing help to restore High Street properties and put historic buildings back into use".”


    Aside from the above changing use (I’m already seeing a lot of this already) Looking at the business rate measure in the article will shape the high street (cynically more of the same cash, labour businesses). I suppose they are entrepreneurial but I think it’ll just polarise so for some high streets will ultimately become no go areas.

  8. The share price went under 9p a share today. quite a large change in share ownership judging by the investor filing. 

    Still quiet on the turnaround strategy. Surely they need to be implementing into Christmas trading ?




  9. 9 hours ago, zugzwang said:

    If a rise in the oil price were to coincide with a further fall in the value of the pound against the dollar, the effect on prices at the pumps would be severe, with drivers likely facing record-high prices of above 142p per litre for petrol and 148p per litre for diesel.”



  10. 27 minutes ago, Houdini said:

    It's not quite a new shopping centre, it's a redevelopment.

    Interestingly the new Debenhams cornerstone tenant store is 113,000 sq ft see https://intu.co.uk/watford/news/the-intu-watford-revelopment-and-extension (which too me seems large for this day and age)..

    From the BBC article. Aswell as the bar, etc. It reads like they have a lot more space than required!

    “This new store has around 25% fewer products in women's fashion, but they are better displayed”


  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-45634363

    ”Debenhams attempts to 'bring joy back' to High Street”

    Lots on a new store format (would probably need to visit the store to see whether it’s hot air) then in the article

    ”The company won't reveal the price tag of this new store, saying only that a capital contribution from its landlord, Intu, has paid for most of the cost. Debenhams will be the anchor tenant in the shopping group's new 400,000 sq foot development.”

    See Intu Plc share price 


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