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  1. Conventional 'wisdom' as espoused by some on this thread has said quite a few things can't happen and they subsequently have. What an unholy mess-tragic for those involved and affected on top of everything else.
  2. I don't agree-if we refuse to feed them how can they vote? ~mehehe~ A wise adage: Be good to your kids, they get to pick your care home
  3. Which is why it's called the 'Liquidity Trap'. It is not a new phenomenon and it really won't be any different this time, shame it's taken them so long to realise this fact. Game on deflation..............
  4. I think that would pretty much be it-but you have to pay a 'luxury' premium just to get a reasonable standard of food quality in most cases!
  5. Nah, they get picked when they are still bright green usually then left to sweat in the plastic packaging dougggy mentioned. I have to say I don't buy that many as I grow a lot of my own, however I can understand why ppl would prefer the vine ripened ones if possible. Our local (decidedly unsnobby) greengrocers sell them for not a great deal more than the 'normal' ones so I am not sure why all the fuss to be perfectly honest. When you compare that sort of extra luxury to what your average Mum n Dad Chav spends on beer and tabs I can only assume that those having a go about this are just jealous that they have no such discerning taste or class to speak of.....
  6. Tchh such a phillistine! Everyone knows perfectly well they mean a vine ripened tomato-distinctive difference in flavour I think you will find.
  7. So true. Putting it into context, these are the things this couple saw as luxuries (paid for from their OWN income) that they have now had to forego. Tell me how many 'lifestyle' benefit claimants you all think have cut down on things such as 8 cans of wifebeater per night and 40 Benny Hedgehogs a day, not to mention all the other 'treats' they feel entitled to like a bag of weed or coke a day all paid for by the rest of society?
  8. Ooh that sounds like one of those Viz money saving tips, altho I personally prefer the one about how to fill an old cigar tube with angry wasps to make an inexpensive vibrator.
  9. Shit sorry about that ppl-my phone went berserk. Mods? Nurse? Anybody? Help!
  10. Some may recall i did say a couple of years back that in due course this old chestnut would be trotted out. The book is now open on when either a politician coins this term in the coming months (or alternatively the torygraph just pinches it first directly from this site ). If you are not excited or impressed by the 6bill so far, i am sure what is to follow will have you positively kacking yourselves with euphoria...
  11. "Miss, Miss, b-b-but what about the golllld?". I just knew someone would pipe up with this so I will try to explain things in very simple terms because I think it is the best way to show the wood from the trees. If you think it's a canary in the mine you had better be sure which mine it's whistling from because at this time it sure as fark is not the hyperinflation one. I will let you attempt to work out for yourself which other one it could be getting uptight and outta sight about.... ...as a little clue, you need to be shitting yourself a damn sight more than if we were going into a hyperinflation scenario!!!
  12. Some of my point entirely. Now, taking that a step further factor in the recent drops in sterling and look at those prices in say Euros-the drop is there, it's real and it's huge and its only just getting started. In fact a lot of prices are dropping now in GBP even on the back of sterling as weak as a kitten-it's getting harder by the day to hide behind the illusion of continued positive growth.
  13. Please feel free to name these 'respected economists' and I will try really hard not to laugh too much Oh dear god, no disrespect but where did you get this bowlarks from? the REAL problem See that chart? I suggest you study it a while and it's predecessors. Then when you have fully taken on board the general idea try to exercise your brain a little thinking on this-all that QE and 'increased money supply' you talk of has done what? Kept M4 BARELY in postive territory is what and I assure you that was luck more than judgement and a whole lot of jawboning in the interim. To achieve anything remotely approaching REAL inflation and I don't mean all this pissy bullshite about relative currency fluctuations-inflation that is not!!!-we are talking a great many 'powers of' the amount that has been pumped in up until now. So many 'powers of' in fact that the currency in question would survive the process for maybe a few nanoseconds if you were lucky. I said on this forum a few years ago when the same shower of witless wonders were trying to pitch the case for hyperinflation that risk is going to get repriced in a very big way at some point before this is done and dusted and the effects will be profound and last for maybe a generation or more. As you are now seeing in glorious technicolor in the PIIGS bond markets as just one of the many examples this has shown up in the last 3 years, inflation is not the only trigger for rate rises-ohh, you didn't believe me? OOOPS . The result? If its not as plain as the nose on your face by now, all I can say is shoulda gone to Specsavers mate. A little hint: it's not inflation and it's not even stagflation and it begins with a dirty great D.
  14. Correctomundo. The point is that asset values are collapsing and will continue to do so until there is no and I do mean NO asset class on the planet that will not feel some repurcussive effect of this. The temporary drop in sterling merely serves to create the 'smoke and mirrors' effect which will only mask what is really happening for a short time. The QE efforts have served only to slow the collapse they have not reversed it in the wildest dreams of the central bankers and politicos. Be under no illusion-in this scenario it is a question of who loses the least not who makes any real gains so you had better be REALLY worried if you bet everything on black thinking you need to protect yourself against inflation. Touch cloth time for this particular group of people is VERY close at hand...
  15. Neither of the above. What you say is all well and good until you hit the point of being in a liquidity trap. Only this one is a MONSTER on a scale several orders of magnitude above anything seen before. Essentially we have in all probability reached the tipping point at which capital is still being destroyed and disappearing up it's own behind at a frightening rate of knots even in a low/negative interest rate environment. The FED is firing blanks, the printing press is now likely to blow up in their faces in spectacular fashion. The bond market is simply responding in recognition of that fact. Do not say I did not warn of 'hyperdeflationary collapse'-hope you all enjoy the ride because this is where it starts to get REALLY interesting...
  16. Oh you are a rotter, Im cut to the quick over that scathing attack, really I am. I do have a Brazilian though-is that close enough?
  17. Would it stop you snivelling into your thickshake if I did? Thought not. Your own 'contribution' to this thread is hardly brimming with erudite commentary so do yourself a massive favour and trot right along back to sunbingo.com if you can't hack it.
  18. Judging by your posts dude, clearly not. Tell me, as Id be really interested to know-just who IS your dealer? The above statement is nothing if not an irrelevant string of nonsensical dribble-if you think it's making you look remotely clever, think again... Whereas you clearly had no education whatsoever-why the long face anyway? Did you get turned down for that second star on your Maccy D name badge again?
  19. Ironic and funny in a 'way over your head' kind of way cloudcuckoo. Nah you're more like a whining little bitch who spends far too much time on a forum bemoaning how shit and unfair the world is while being way too dumb to ever do anything about it. If you took the time to learn what even half of that 'gobbledook' means you might not be such a bitter, pointless little sadsack, n'est pas?!
  20. Exactly-Onlyme is just being a Richard Head either for the hell of it or because he really is that dim, I haven't quite decided yet.
  21. Correct. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/analysis-and-features/streets-ahead-does-john-lewis-offer-a-revolutionary-way-forward-for-big-business-1774510.html While your run-of-the-mill stockbroker and FTSE investor has touched cloth on average 25 times in the last 2 years and many traditional private sector UK plcs and Ltd cos are fast disappearing up their own rectums, some of these 'alternative' set-ups are very much in their hayday and doing very nicely thank you very much. The 'upandcomings' are also showing very promising potential for future growth and success in spite of the economic climate being otherwise pretty grim.
  22. Err no-try taking the citrus peel from your cranium; it seems to be impairing your brain function. It is not steered by anyone except the businesses and investors themselves who are in many respects influenced to a far lesser degree by government than those involved in traditional set-ups-or did you seriously think that the Hooray Henry crowd hold no political sway whatsoever . A lot are entirely self-funding, the rest attract funding and investment from a huge range of interested parties including ~gasp~ the private investment sector. Private equity is soo last decade.
  23. That's what I love about this forum-the ability of some posters to freely admit they have not the first idea what the topic of conversation is about and in the next breathe proclaim it to be horseshit So here, please allow me to inform your 'retarded opinion' cloudcuckoo: It could not BE further away from gubmint speak if it tried. It's a rather large shift in modus operandum for a lot of real world, real turnover, real profitability businesses with real boards of directors, real articles of association and real customers. The ethos is very much to take away the high level 'social engineering, interfering nanny state' input from 'gubmint' and places a great deal of emphasis on real people (that's you and me) getting to choose and identify where real opportunities for work and leisure can be created at a local level and do something about it. If it's that or some clown in the town hall deciding we would all really like hanging baskets on every lampost for 10 square miles as opposed to that same funding going to a local entrepreneur who can actually use it to create 50 reasonably well paid jobs I know which I think is the better option.
  24. The definition is actually fairly broad ranging, it's a term which encompasses pretty much any business entity which is involved in an activity which can be classified as either A) Regeneration (everything from refurbing a disused building for the local WI knitting circle to construction of entire business parks on brownfield sites) or Of Social benefit ie something that improves quality of life (these tend to be smaller projects such as setting up a new playscheme or support group for a target audience).
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