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  1. Daily Mash nails it: http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/business/government-to-become-northern-rock-201203124997/
  2. OK, so I know it's got a view over the Thames, but still! http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-17940909.html?thumbnailId=0
  3. One I see a lot in central London is 'views toward the City' = views OF the City are blocked by the other nasty new build next door.
  4. He doesn't seem worried about being able to remortgage. He seems financially fairly secure, if a little more exposed to the property market than I'd feel comfortable with. But he is self-employed so presumably the mortgage was self-cert and therefore sub-prime by default (excuse pun)?
  5. Apols if this has already been discussed on here (especailly to grumpy old man), but I'd not heard about this going on until a friend told me about it last night. This friend has a mortgage with Morgan Stanley and got a call from them recently asking if he was happy to go onto their SVR or if he planned to take his business elsewhere. Knowing what was coming, because the same had happened to a friend with a Morgan Stanley mortgage, he told them he was really happy to stay with them. This week he got a call from them saying they'd like to offer him a one-off payment (7% of the mortgage, I th
  6. It's written by Sharlene Guff - no surprise there. She has always been a rampant ramper of property. Stopped reading anything bylined by her a few years ago when she was telling everyone to get into hotel rooms in Poland or some such nonsense.
  7. I think we should get a campaign going - we should all send her a hat to eat.
  8. Agree with other poster that better to be short and to the point. But if you do stick with your original, please correct the above - 'our' should be 'are'.
  9. Sorry, GOM, but what history? What have I ever said to offend you? Are you taking a grievance with another poster out on me? Or have you become so obsessed with HPC that you no longer have any friends in the real world to bully? Lighten up for gawd's sake. Being a nasty, supercilious old git ain't gonna make you cope with the coming Depression any better than the rest of us, even with your nice pot of gold/euros/whatever. I'm not just thinking about this stuff now - like you, I've learned a huge amount since joining the site. And while it's prevented me from making the disastrous choice to
  10. What are people's thoughts on buying euros now? All this talk of the UK being imminently downgraded etc is making us very nervous. Yes, know we should have acted on our instincts months ago, but hey ho. Any other currencies?
  11. It's not the circulation that's key to a magazine's success - it's the advertising. If potential advertisers are folding or just tightening their belts then the mag will also fold, regardless of whether it has readers out there. I used to write a food column for a free magazine that was distributed to businesses and fancy flats in my area (it was produced by a massive publisher of lots of local magazines around the country). It folded months ago - which was no surprise to me, given that its sole reason for being was to advertise property and ramp up the desirability of the area.
  12. C'mon guys, now's time to get out on the streets and protest, surely? Let's stop whining and start rioting!
  13. Anecdotally, three sets of friends who bought big places in the past few years are all now talking about taking in lodgers.
  14. Well I no longer feel like the poorest one among my mortgage-owning friends who were constantly badgering us to buy. So yes, I feel relatively richer - if not actually so. I'm definitely more content as a result.
  15. I'd like to say goodbye to oxymoronic euphemisms, such as "downvaluation" and "negative profit". See my blog: http://www.daccreative.co.uk/goodcopybadcopy/
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