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  1. Sounds like good fun. Better than paying a shedload to live beside some 'aspirational' 'lifestyle' tossers.
  2. I find their fate in some mystical "market" that is supposed to fix everything to be so charming. Bless them.
  3. Why does this site attract so many bitter twisted ******s? Surely they should have capitalised on their amazing skill sets and become so successful that they no longer have to worry about house prices.
  4. Are you sure that wasn't a pub in Eccles?
  5. Just those last four words qualify you as a success.
  6. That should be "Who is going to change it?" "Whom" is in the dative case.
  7. Exactly. I actually suspect "tuberider" is a troll. Is 'tube' slang for 'penis'?
  8. Ehm, sorry but you are the boss; not your 14 year old child. You make the household decisions. Perhaps if your child was better supervised he would not be having "run-ins" with gangs.
  9. I don't indulge in property speculation, you creep. Ours was inherited and most is rented to long term tenants who are covered by Germany's very tenant friendly laws. The farm in Ireland is a working business giving employment to a half-dozen people. You are the immoral sponger, leeching indirectly off the State. Thank God we are rid of you and that you are unable to procreate.
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