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  1. Yes, lets tread carefully with the puns. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/8156111.stm Sounds like the usual rather dodgy pre-pack , assets already sold on to another company in the same group it would appear.
  2. On the BBC ticker now-1,200 jobs at risk. No link yet.
  3. "Looks like I was wrong after all. I'd like to apologise to anyone who made a bad decision based upon my poor advice. HAMISH_MCTAVISH, Aberdeen, Scotland"
  4. I can understand the reaction but Moneyweek is a serious and respected publication. As indicated I'm surprised at the uber bearish tone but can't believe they would undermine their reputation by making predictions they know to be spurious, otherwise why would anyone continue to heed a word they say?
  5. Here's the text of an e-mail message received from Toby Bray of Moneyweek. Predicts a 50% fall within a year-all very dramatic I thought! Can they really justify being this bearish-only time will tell! The link to the full report is: http://www.fsponline-recommends.co.uk/page...p;l=170361& Britain’s best-selling financial magazine ‘breaks rank’ to give you this urgent warning... INVESTMENT WARNING: Get out of this “Suckers’ Rally†NOW! Read on to discover... Four ‘Wealth Assaults’ set to ravage your savings and investments between now and June 30, 2010 Four ‘last resort’ money protection moves you need to make immediately. And, Two ways to bank potential gains of between 545% and 936% from the final, most dangerous phase of the global financial crisis... What’s he done now..? Dear Country Solicitor, Last December Gordon Brown proudly told the House of Commons “we have saved the worldâ€. It was a slip of the tongue, of course. He meant “banksâ€. But his attempt to correct the mistake was drowned out by Tory laughter. And they were right to laugh... Gordon Brown’s £500bn rescue plan – and the similar one implemented in America - has not “saved the worldâ€. It hasn’t even saved the banks. It’s actually done the exact opposite: created a “suckers rally†that’s lured UK savers and investors into even greater danger. I write today to ensure YOU are not one of them. In the pages that follow, you’ll get advance warning of four ‘wealth assaults’ we believe will take Britons completely off-guard in the months to come. These include: The price of your house to HALVE between now and July 29, 2010. There are 5 rock-solid reasons why the property ‘mini-bounce’ is weeks – perhaps days – away from a dramatic reversal. ‘Fed Model’ alarm system warns: “Stock Sell-Off Imminent!â€The Fed Model accurately picked the 1987 and 2001 crashes. It issued a clear SELL signal on European equities in June and July 2007, well before the market finally cracked. It called the rebound at the start of the year... and now the warning siren is ringing again! The final ‘knock-out’ blow for UK banks. I’ll explain why UK banks are in even more trouble than they were 12 months ago... what this means for you... and the lurking menace of financial meltdown across the Channel. The Great Wealth Destroyer! The Government calls its money printing rescue efforts “quantitative easing.†As you’ll soon see, a better label is “defrauding the few people who were smart enough to saveâ€. The public will wake up in the final quarter of 2009... That’s the bad news. Here’s the good... Some of the country’s canniest market insiders are not panicking: they’re preparing. I’ll show you – in detail – four simple protection moves you can put in place now to shield your wealth from what’s about to happen. And it doesn’t end there. I’m also going to give you TWO ways you could make a great deal of money in the next two years, even as the economy goes from bad to worse. One is a ‘mania’ speculation that could return 545% within two years. The second, we’re calling the single most promising trade of the next five years. It’s going to catch investors completely unawares. And there is a 936% potential gain on the table for you if it pays off. Click here for all the crucial details. Regards, Toby Bray, Publisher, MoneyWeek and Money Morning PS: YOU MUST ACT QUICKLY - 2009 could still be the most disastrous or the most profitable year of your life. It all depends on the choices you make NOW. Click here for more details.
  6. Agreed. No matter what houses remain ludicrously overpriced. James Ferguson's recent Moneyweek article is worth a read for anyone who missed the recent thread relating to it: http://www.moneyweek.com/investments/prope...here-14923.aspx
  7. Well I suppose it just was not unexpected. Won't it be exciting when they do eventually shift! Oh well, lets hope the markets keep the upward pressure on savings rates going-I need more interest on the STR fund!
  8. Understatement of the month-absolutely terrifying I would say!
  9. "Buiter, formerly a member of the Bank of England"s monetary policy committee and chief economist at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, joked he had seen green shoots - "in my salad". " Very droll!
  10. Agreed re the spin. Sad news about the jobs, which just emphasises that the fundamentals are very weak indeed. Plenty more bearish news to come over the rest of the year I am sure.
  11. Good find. You can always rely on Ferguson for well grounded analysis, and after the bullish sentiment that has reappeared over recent weeks it makes for a reassuring read.
  12. Perhaps the neighbours could have a whip round to compensate you for the amount you would lose eventually by keeping the property on the market in the meantime at an unrealistically high asking price?
  13. Is it really the case that there has been no non-food inflation for a decade? I'm amazed! Edit-duplication
  14. It will be interesting to see what happens to those who are now buying on the back of ultra low rates once the market shifts them substantially upwards, as some commentators such as Liam Halligamn are expecting. Does anyone have a take on how long they can be held so low?
  15. Which they should be, although if the flipper is a Mrs H Blears perhaps not.
  16. Interesting thread as is the other one in Anecdotals started by Honest EA. In fact these threads are of far more interest and relevance than most of what appears in the main forum, so it's a shame if they are not seen by so many people by virtue of being here. Much the same at our place with the conveyancers busier but no where near the levels of the past few years. I await with interest developments now Spring is over, and, in the longer term, what happens when the full effects of the inevitable tax rises and public sector cut backs kick in.
  17. Millard appeared totally hysterical. It's always a bad sign when someone can't let whoever else is talking finish their sentence before interrupting. No wonder we are in such a mess when she has been able to pump out her insidious BTL mantra in her newspaper column, and still she's at it!
  18. Yep, just in time to aid a late spring bounce in US house prices.
  19. Don't worry, before we know it will be time for the Olympics. That will really cheer us all up!
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