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  1. I will expect 3.9%. the thing I don't get is why nobody takes into account the effect of tax. If the (net) prices I pay are going up by 3.9% then I'll need 6.5% (before tax) just to keep up. Have I missed something?
  2. You're right of course but what's the point in bitching about it. It's always been like this (as many others have posted). Many years ago a colleague told me (when I was whining about not earning enough and how unfair it was) to shut the fack up and to go get another job if I didn't like it (I think the words were "you're boring me"). He was right, I did and now things are much better. If anyone wants the money the city geeks get, then either put up or shut up. harsh but fair I think
  3. I am quite un-tory, and you may have a point on the tories creating or starting this problem BUT Gordo has made things much worse (for HPI and many other things) on his watch. On a personal level, I think he is a loathsome, mealy mouthed, lying scumbag who would sell his mother to get ahead. He incorporates all the worst qualities of Tony Blair (this is coming from someone who voted labour and who liked and respected TB) but who lacks the charisma. Just my opinions of course
  4. gutted for you but funny all the same. They can't even be efficient when hey're crapping on you
  5. Buy or don't buy depending on whether you can afford to or not and whether you get good value for money on the property (or conversely your savings if you decide to stick). But IMHO, don't listen to anyone who says someone is better, has better social standing or merely judges people based on whether they have their own place or not. Because (and I'm sure I don't need to tell you) people like this are tits.
  6. Sorry to be a git but behind me there's a developer building a tiny 2 bedder and he wants.... wait for it... £300k I think he knows I think he's a C**T but then he can afford to be.
  7. of course they're complete scumbags but at the end of the day they are only a symptom of a larger problem - being that the buying fools are happy (or motivated) to pay more than they should. They should grow some nuts and say that a place is too pricey and walk away - its the only language that merchants (including EAs) understand.
  8. Aaahh, its the same old horseshit that we use at work whenever we're taking a risk or feeling defensive about a decision. You throw in a few meaningless catchphrases to justify why you've suddenly changed behaviour and that now you can justify saying that black is white e.g. "we've performed a thorough risk assessment" = we've documented an arguement as to why its OK to take a risk now that we wouldn't before "I think its more complicated than that" = you've just said something very true that goes against my arguement so here's a load of unsubstantiated waffle to justify what I think "we've fully tested/modelled the idea" = we've done some fag packet calculations an don't want to do any more that might require delays or significant effort to achieve "the decision is based on sound engineering principles" = I'f you disagree with me then I'll question your understanding of a principle which only partially applies here but which I know inside out "we've fully validated the decision" = we've done the validation work that is easiest to do The lenders' "sophisticated" approach is now to simply gather more data to justify taking a decision that they would have done anyway. After all, if the data didn't support the position, then they wouldn't be able to lend any more money. And we couldn't have that could we?
  9. What will this site be called once the HPC has gone through its cycle and property has bottomed out or started to rise? Any ideas?
  10. I'll be playing with my kids rather than watching Liz or anyone else take up 10 minutes of Christmas with a speech. I mean really - who cares what they think or say?
  11. Sorry to sound thick but I didn't know this. Can you explain this a bit more for the un-economised e.g. promissary notes? Thanks
  12. I'm with you all on what to$$ers they are. Having said that, it's given me the biggest laugh of the day by a mile! It's also the most amusing thing I've seen coming out of the Daily Hate since year dot. It is beyond belief that someone with a 9.5x mortgage can claim sympathy. As for the for tart in Guildford who is able to feel so sorry for herself - she should either sell up or take a look at the neighbours - they're probably in exactly the same boat.
  13. Maybe I'm alone in this view (I'm happy to be corrected) but critisising the question of "what's a degree worth?" seems to be a little naive to me. In my experience in this life it is all about you and your own and making sure they get what you want them to have out of life (in my experience this commonly boils down to either the best choice of opportunities or getting to buy the best stuff or both). So to query equating a degree with the potential to earn more or increase your options is missing the point. Its not about whether you should be looking for more money (boo hiss) or wanting to learn more about philosophy or other arts, the bottom line is that generally speaking (in my experience), having a better job/capacity to earn, gets you a better chance of having the choice (money or arts). If you want to lessen your chances of having access to the best choices, then don't bother to get the entry level requirements (being qualifications, attitude or whatever) and see where that gets you.
  14. This isn't news - terrorism has worked for a long time for lots of different people e.g. Ireland, Northern Ireland, Israel, USA etc etc. First they get the media coverage, then they get recognised, then bargained with informally, then formally, then political status etc etc. If their lucky they get their own state at the end of it. It sucks but its true
  15. Wow LJ, do you want some salt and vinegar for that massive chip on your shoulder? I agree that many degrees aren't worth as much as they might once have (supply and demand again), but the reality in industries that I know is that these days, because of their relative availability, they are regarded as an "entry level" qualification. If you're 35 (like me) and don't have one (like me) then you can get a good job earning a high(ish) salary if you have the background and experience to show you can walk the walk. BUT if you're 27 and want to get somewhere, you need a reason not to have a degree with a desmond or better. Maybe its different in your line, but in electronics, manufacturing, health care etc. you need to show one way or another that you know what you're doing. Eze
  16. what a load of cods. So there are 1m, 2m, 65m richer than me, who cares? I couldn't give a toss. Typical C4 cack, playing to people's insecurities as usual. They might as well tell us that they're better looking, happier etc etc. Next there'll be a weblink to tell you what your neighbours are doing behind closed doors. Come to think of it, that might be worth knowing. Eze
  17. You need a bread maker. It makes the house smell great, the sandwiches are fantastic and the kids happily eat the crusts because they taste so goddamn goooooood. I wouldn't touch that tasteless tesco white tooth-sticky chav gut-rot.
  18. Get your friends to make offers 8-15% less than yours. I did this when buying our house and it worked a treat. its only the same trick that EAs will do but in reverse.
  19. Hi All I'm a long time lurker lving on the surrey/hampshire borders. I've been a bear for the past 5 years and obviously wrong that whole time. I STR 4 years ago expecting things to turn (this was also to move location away from a Surrey town on a downward spiral and out to a village to insulate the kids from scummers and hoodies). Prices didn't fall and we bought 12 months later. I've been watching property price movements in my area (Guildford previously and now west of Farnham). Prices appear to have been growing but only just for the past 3 years. I agree with most of the bearish arguments and principles but the facts just don't seem to match the theory . Maybe we'll see prices change direction in the next year or two, in the mean time I look forward to contributing. Ezekiel
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