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  1. I have just discovered today in a published proposal by the council they are planning to build approximately 8000 new "dwellings" [as they call it] between 2002 - 2011....so far I have witnessed many development project, what I don't see is the infrastructure growing with it, a bit worrying about the potential crime, congestions etc.
  2. I think it is more like job drain than brain drain in the IT industry, big new technology park in hyderabad, krakow, beijing is just a few of the examples where the future of IT is heading, it is easy to say that they are poor in this and that but with money comes drive, with drive comes improvements (and of course crime plus others), if you can employ 3 engineers with the same money you can employ one here and have no penalities when you fire them, you don't need to be a mathematical genius to decide which yields a better ROI. Companies that are asking for multitude of skills are SME that can
  3. Actually that did cross my mind, but I am hoping to get one of those agency that does a monthly gauranteed payment for a higher % cut of the rent money. That way, they will be more motivated to find tenants...or so I hope.
  4. Hi, Thank you very much for taking your time out in replying, guess being new I am not 100% sure what would be my best course of action. That was my initial thought, but my main worry is where are the tenants coming from? This town seems to have gone into overdrive with development, and the strange thing is, the companies that used to be here are closing down their offices, and these offices are being converted to flats. Recently, a landmark company that has been in this town for years has annouced the closing of its factory, and one of the proposals for the building is to convert it into
  5. Hi All, As my title puts it, that is the dilemma I have at the moment. I have lived in my current house for approximately 2 years and a bit, and it was always a starter home for me. The house is in an ex-council estate in the southeast (some of the houses are still owned by the HA), not in the best area I have to admit but I have had many mail drops with buyers buying in numbers for renting. And there are many new flats and houses within a 2 miles radius, and a new residential development within 2 minutes walk. I am quite keen to move on and to a better area now that my circumstance has ch
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