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  1. The finest suit in the land won't help if there are no jobs.
  2. And so the delusion of perpetual economic growth bites another chorus of idiots on the backside
  3. Indeed. A programmer may write code that makes the software company her works for many millions of pounds, but his remuneration will be a tiny fraction of this value. The reason for this is that the company provides the infrastructure to allow that to happen. Bankstas have a ridiculously inflated sense of the worth of their actions.
  4. I have an idea for social harmony. Why don't the Jews, Blacks, Gays and all other minorities unite and start Banksta bashing.
  5. Rachman knows this, but clearly thinks that such maverick behaviour should be rewarded.
  6. Making several billion one year by acting irresponsibly and then as a consequence losing 10x that amount a few years down the line SHOULD NOT BE REWARDED. The short-termism of the City bonus culture is a large contributory factor to the mess we are currently in.
  7. Farewell civil liberties. What next? Bailiffs given the right to sexually assault any women on the premises tey enter if she's a 'bit of alright'.
  8. Power drill used on one of the temples of the head, but in a Bailiffs case likely only to produce sawdust
  9. Meanwhile most in the private sector rwill be under a de facto 0% cap.
  10. Short selling should never have been allowed, far too much scope for abuse.
  11. Hopefully the ones that close will be the marginally viable temples of exploitation.
  12. Why is it always assumed that to criticise capitalism is to advocate communism?
  13. Looks like small business owners are going to be approaching the state with their begging bowl too. Isn't capitalism wonderful!
  14. Right, but you implied there was no profit as you said they could not afford to pay themselves.
  15. Thought as much. This had to be a very personal case for you to get so wound up about it. 23 years, 50 years, makes no difference. If the business is not providing an income to the owners then it is a failure. It exists only because the owners are prepared to give their time to it for next to nothing. In essence they have become slaves of their own enterprise.
  16. A business that is unable to provide the owners with income is surely one that is failed or at least failing; you disagree?
  17. Your anecdote demonstrates nothing other than the fact that the individuals in question have a failed business.
  18. Yep and like I said company would retain all the saving simply by dropping the wages of staff to leave them no better off.
  19. Scrapping employer NI contributions would not improve pay, the extra money would simply be retained by the company.
  20. Nursing, midwifery, firefighting, ambulance driving to name a few
  21. Scarcity argument falls apart when we look at the city. Explain to me what is scarce about the ability to be entirely reckless with other people's money? And then how about the corollary, why do jobs in which there is a shortage of people willing or able to do often get so poorly paid? According to your theory the scarcity of supply would push the rates of pay up to encourage demand to be met.
  22. But not everyone can run a business, and it should be apparent to you why this is so. Businesses need employees so they can cream profit from the efforts of those workers.
  23. I split my time between the UK, Germany and most recently Japan. When I am in the UK I shop in Waitrose and Aldi. Waitrose for the luxury stuff and Aldi for the staple foods and some of the interesting foreign stuff they get in. As for not being able to make people wealthy by decree that is precisely what having an economy based on fiat money is about. A fiat is a decree, and in economic terms it defines the value attached to the funny money the state produces.
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