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  1. Re low BMI and health: I hope they've done a clever statistical adjustment to allow for the fact that being ill tends to make one lose weight. Otherwise you could find a statistician claiming that being underweight makes you prone to die, simply because terminally ill people become underweight.
  2. The benefit I'm talking about (as a GP until recently) was incapacity benefit. Alcohol or drug misuse entitled one to a sick note which entitled one to incapacity benefit. I didn't mean that an addict got more benefit than another 'sick' person. I meant that an addict got a benefit (incapacity) which someone in otherwise the same position who abstained from drugs and alcohol would not. (Edit: and this implies also that somebody who cleaned up would lose a benefit; hardly an incentive to change) However I've not worked as a GP for over a year now; I believe the name of the benefit has changed in the meantime.
  3. Agreed. When I signed sick notes as a GP I always found it incomprehensible that somebody who had got addicted to, say, alcohol, was entitled to more benefits than someone who had refrained from getting addicted.
  4. I heard this argument a few years back and it's thought-provoking at least: 'Locals choose to sell their houses to weekending city residents. If they do so, they can't then complain that the village is becoming a ghost town. You don't want a ghost town? Only sell your houses to people who work locally.'
  5. But I've often wondered, surely that's not actually enforceable, unless you make the mistake of putting something in writing to the neighbours? Suppose I sell my house to Mrs X and don't tell her about the noisy neighbours. Mrs X to noisy neighbours: 'You're noisy' Mrs X to me: 'You said you had no problems with the neighbours' Me to Mrs X: 'I never did' Neighbours to Mrs X: 'Yes he did he always came round and shouted at us' Mrs X to me: 'They say you DID have a dispute with them' Me to Mrs X: 'If you can prove it, I'll happily pay damages'
  6. Though I agree with your broad point, this is an odd way of putting it. At least 75% of 'media ramping' is reporting of EA quotes [edit: and articles based around EA press releases]. If the EAs want to stop media ramping, all they need to do is stop providing bullish quotes!
  7. So this is the results of a self-selecting sample (those internet users choose to download the Alexa Toolbar) whose size is not revealed. It's almost an insult to the intelligence that Alexa considers these results worthy of 'analysis'.
  8. By far the simplest and easiest 'fraud' to remove would be to insist that a tax return be provided to show income for a mortgage application. And it doesn't increase state power: it simply makes information already known to the state available to the company with whom you want to do business.
  9. Much as I'd like to see benefit fraud reduced, this proposal fills me with unease. If you need a warning of the dangers of increasing the power of the state into personal matters, look at child protection: A slow erosion of civil liberties over a decade, such that now adults are frequently banned from photographing children at school sports days; amateur theatre musicians like me must pay for a criminal background check which is allowed to include 'unconfirmed allegations', formerly known as 'gossip'. First they came for the benefit cheats...
  10. It's odd isn't it. In Sept 07 (I think it was) you could smell the fear. Everyone foresaw disaster. Now with the economic fundamentals worse in almost every aspect, the crisis is considered to be over.
  11. Wow. Can't remember such a busy thread since the 07/8 price falls.
  12. It's great that they used the phrase 'suckers rally' but it seems at odds with their pretty unimpressive prediction that prices will fall a mere 4% in 2 years then recover!
  13. And I know of redundancies in Primary Care Trusts... although my 2 friends who are being made redundant have protected salaries for 5 years, so I don't see any actual money being saved.
  14. Interesting. I joined in late 2006 after some lurking; that all went over my head.
  15. I've been here quite a while now.... dstars was pretty bloody remarkable. Not seen him for ages though, does he ever come here now? realistbear of course is a part of the scenery. Prone to inaccurately spun thread titles but tireless and tenacious in his pursuit of housing-related news. i also used to like propertyguru, though he was a rude f*cker.
  16. I don't agree. I think the requirement for loan companies to state the APR is one of the best pieces of legislation of the last few decades. It allows comparison of deals. Otherwise it's not easy to choose between these two: Loan A: "A typical loan of £200 for a month would require a full repayment of £220." Loan B: ""A typical loan of £750 for three months would require a full repayment of £950." Okay; if you are proposing to legislate a further standardisation: that all short term loan ads state the total payable on, say, £100 for a month, then fine. But don't remove the APR requirement unless it can be replaced by something better.
  17. Possible. Alternatively, you could start from the assumption that people are already paying all the money available to them for any given house, and that builders have made all available efficiency savings. In which case, prices could not go up. Therefore a house would cost 15k more to build, but its sale price would stay the same. The value of building land would therefore fall by 15k per plot. Which might be a good thing.
  18. I want to live in a society where prudence (saving, forgoing conspicuous comsumption) is rewarded and profligacy is penalised. On a more specific and selfish note, I want to buy a nice house for cash with my savings.
  19. But as I said above, it isn't only Wales. The same thing is happening at East Lancashire PCT. Who knows where else?
  20. @p.p.: perfututum. Fututum = f*cked (passive past participle of futuere) 'Per-' as a prefix denotes 'throughout' as in permeate. So perfututum = f*cked right through; f*cked real good; f*cked six ways till Wednesday; etc
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