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  1. He means the fact that indices showed achieved sale prices had fallen over that period, yet you raised your asking price.
  2. Then you will know what you need to do next if you really intend to sell. Cut the price. Cut it aggressively. Cut it every week until it sells. I seriously seriously doubt that you are going to get 95% of the July 07 "value", even if we assume you could have sold in 07 for 235k. Indices are down 20% from peak, which would suggest you could achieve 80% (£190k or so). Either cut aggressively or you are just wasting your own time and potential buyers' time.
  3. BBC: Banks Warned Over Tax Avoidance After giving them billions of our money with no strings attached, and then deciding that the financial regulation system works perfectly well as it is, Gordon has at last got tough on the bankers.... ... by requesting they sign up to a voluntary code not to use tax avoidance schemes. - Obviously it would be bad form to impose such an onerous burden on the banks without them also having their say in shaping the code. It would make me sick if weren't so utterly predictable.
  4. So Seema foresees 15-18m of further price falls if this is not a spring bounce but a sustained recovery (IE if things continue to recover at the current rate)! God knows what she foresees would happen if our current upwards trend turns out to be a blip Pretty bearish!
  5. I'm 34. I see our party political system, with its dubious left/right division as completely irrelevant. All the parties stand for the status quo as regards the biggest issue facing the country: the future of the monetary system and the financial sector. The only differences between them are minor differences of emphasis. I would happily support the money reform party, but since they garner less electoral support than various parties I would consider "joke" parties - Monster raving loonies etc, it makes the whole electoral system irrelevant to me. So right/left? Who cares?
  6. You know Hamish, I'm beginning to quite enjoy your posts - and not in a condescending way. I'm as bearish as anyone but I too get bemused by the degree of confirmation bias on this site. It is true. We bears have more often than not spoken up for Bootle as one of the few economists worth listening to. I do find it disappointing that he is predicting something that could be a barrier to my plans. Time will tell whether he is right but there is no consistency in my fellow bears suddenly claming that his predictions are worthless.
  7. I like this plan. Except personally I wouldn't ask for the extra 10% off; I'd be happier feeling that neither side was doing the other a favour, that it was simply a transaction at proven market value.
  8. My mother and her sister faced a situation recently where they each inherited half a property and my aunt wanted to buy my mother out - but at what value? My advice was to put the house up for auction, and the aunt would naturally have the option of topping any bid from the floor. That seemed the obvious way of finding out a "true" price. However my aunt thought was wasn't necessary and simply paid very generously for my mum's half. Oh well, you can lead a horse to water... I'm not complaining!
  9. Presumably in the sense that if transactions fell to zero, Rubinsohn could cheerfully announce that it had stabilised - there would now be no further falls in transaction volumes!
  10. Raises an interesting question as to what we mean by "value". Presumably the utility value, or social value, of a daycare centre is not much different to that of living accomodation. Both potentially highly socially beneficial. But since consumers are prepared to go into debt to bid up the price of one, but not the other, one has a higher monetary value. Compare with another example: to convert a block of slavebox flats to a psychiatric hospital might well add value in a broad, social sense. It would most certainly lose value in a monetary sense.
  11. Looking at the peak, Halifax recorded it in Aug 07, NW Oct 07, LR Nov 07 Which is most consistent with a delay of 2 months between LR and the other two. The bulls are right to remind us that this is a lagging indicator. The above figures would suggest it only lags by 2 months though, so I think we can reasonably look at this alongside the NW and Halifax March data.
  12. Interestingly skewed options. What about option c: That we may still be in the early stages of the crash? Edit: Nice bear food apart from that small quibble.
  13. I agree with your assessment except for one chicken-and-egg issue: You think that high house prices caused a credit boom That doesn't sound logical to me: You cannot have high house prices without a credit boom, so the boom is a precondition. IE the credit boom allowed high house prices, not vice versa
  14. I thought it was quite funny too. Not worth a laugh exactly but a wry smile. I'm very hard to please when it comes to jokes. The BBC need for "balance" is often problematic, particularly in science stories. In science, more than any other human endeavour, the clearly defined questions and techniques mean that we can be sure that one side is right and one is wrong. Sometimes it is unclear which is which, but sometimes the weight of evidence is overwhelming - is balance appropriate in these situations? EG Should you "balance" a piece about earth's geography with a comment from the flat-earth society? The MMR issue was the classic one where the weight of scientific evidence was enough for an overwhelming consensus among scientists that there was no evidence of risk, but "balance" led the media to seek out the few dissenting voices, whose evidence was judged negligible by the scientific community as a whole. Thankfully the whole issue has died down now with the tacit acceptance amongst most of the public that the scientific majority was right all along.
  15. Er... you could just put in a false ceiling. What's that? a few hundred quid? So prices won't have to fall that much. These figures do seem fairly silly to me though. As far as I can tell from the article, they have included the cost of energy efficiency measures such as insulation and smart meters, but it is far from clear that they have included the savings which are the whole point of such measures, or what assumptions they have used to do so.
  16. Sounds offputting to me. The vendor must have given some explanation - what did he/she say?
  17. Asking prices, sadly. Nothing to do with actual sale prices. So this news is anecdotally interesting, no more than that.
  18. <pedantry> Scorching the earth doesn't actually affect wells. Because they're below the surface. </pedantry>
  19. TMT, you usually talk sense (and have a great avatar) but that is one rather weird comment. I am unaware of any research that supports the idea that stress is a risk factor for brain tumours. This link gives what seems to me a good summary: CancerHelp.org.uk brain tumour information Dr Selling Up
  20. Just have to take a moment to point out that this is bullsh1t... or maybe in this case bearsh1t. Asking prices have reportedly dropped in June. That says nothing at all about what happened to "house prices", IE achieved sale prices. I'm as bearish as the next man, but you can't ignore the fact that if this report had referred to an asking price rise as a "house price rise", we'd be all over it like stink on stilton. [Edit: got carried away with my own eloquence. What I meant is that if this report had referred to an asking price rise as a "house price rise", we'd be rushing to explain why asking prices are irrelevant]
  21. Couldn't agree more. As a part time locum GP / musical theatre writer I have two careers that I love. I'm only 34 now and things may look different in 30 years but I can hardly imagine wanting to retire from either of them. I realise that I've been almost uniquely fortunate in the options life has made available to me, but there should be more debate in this country about how to make a satisfying life available to more people.
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