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  1. I think the telegraph comments section is one of the highly-moderated ones where they sometimes remove posts that say more or less the same as another post.
  2. Someone mentioned Tamiflu above. Although the government recommends that Tamiflu should be given to all patients, I don't think there is much evidence that it significantly improves outcomes. I could be wrong, and I have offered it to 5 patients this week (all accepted), but if I come down with Swine flu myself I doubt that I will bother with it... If any virologists reading this have any evidence otherwise then let me know! Dr Selling Up
  3. I am uneasy that this is to be available without parents' knowledge. I think a parent should be able to veto it if they object. However I am not very bothered about children having access to plastic payment methods in general - as long as they don't have access to credit. And I am guessing that legally they cannot have access to credit. Anyone know what the law says?
  4. For clarity: I only mean that I assume this from reading the article. The drama group haven't said anything about it.
  5. That really is a remarkably specific requirement! My requirement is correspondingly vague: I'd like a house in which I could play a drumkit either in London or within reasonable commute. (My drumkit is pretty loud and I don't like imposing myself too much on neighbours so I think in practice that means a detached house.)
  6. Understood. Yes, put like that I agree totally.
  7. Is that really greed? Say I want to buy a plasma screen TV. I judge that next year it will be cheaper, and I decide to wait. Does that make me greedy?
  8. You may be right. I have never objected to the greed of today's BTL-ers. It was the same self-interest guiding their choices as has been guiding mine. What I have objected to is their short-sighted poor judgement, which has led them to bid up an unsustainable bubble. And the fact that the government could have controlled it, yet chose not to, thus sowing the seeds of the financial collapse. But it is the poor judgement of today's BTLs that angers me, not their morals.
  9. I like this poll! I chose the third option. However I should point out that many of us have spent countless hours of our lives attempting to warn other people away from becoming victims of the bubble - both on a 1-1 basis with friends and family, and publically on newspaper comment pages etc. This demonstrates that in fact we have been trying to minimize the fallout of the bust, even if we profess to have no sympathy with those injured. I think our lack of sympathy for the faceless mass of "victims" stems partly from frustration.
  10. Sounds highly likely that I'm going to be asked to pay £64 to prove my "safety" in to order to be allowed to continue as musical director for the children's drama group I rehearse with twice weekly. Will let you know what happens!
  11. Interesting post. Personally I feel that these points are all bound up in issues about our monetary system - the probles you allude to can be seen as inherent in a system where almost every individual and corporation is in debt and scrabbling to take from somebody else the money to pay their debts... Opting out of the debt / money system can't be allowed without reforming the system.
  12. Couldn't agree more. As well as the point you make, there is also an issue of fairness. If the capital requirements are abolished only for the nationalised banks, who can then lend on easier terms, surely that will cause the non-nationalised banks to lose business, driving them further into the excrement?
  13. Exactly. Only 50% of the fund managers can beat the index because the index essentially comprises the aggregate activity of all the fund managers (who carry out the vast majority of share trades). So track the index to get the benefit of the fund managers' decisions without paying their fee.
  14. Seems to me there is no consensus on life expectancy. The health lobby are promoting their message of worsening life expectancy unless we pour money into health promotion. I'm a GP but not convinced this information is unbiased. The pensions lobby are promoting their message of increasing life expectancy requiring us to pour money into financial services. It's fairly clear this information is likely to be biased. The ones I would trust are actuarial calculations of pension companies - the ones they use for internal planning NOT the statements they put out for public consumption. Any insiders here know what these are predicting?
  15. Is it just me or.... Is the idea of an individual's care being funded out of their estate on their death actually a rather good one?
  16. Good blog. Though I found it odd that he's indignant at the fact that he signed on in mid-May but didn't get his benefits backdated to the start of May. If I signed on halfway through May I would expect my benefits to start halfway through May.
  17. I'm no lawyer. I'm sure one could argue that... but if the revenue found out about the arrangement and considered your valuation of the carpets to be unrealistic I suspect you would potentially face investigation for tax fraud. Any lawyers here?
  18. Up to you but personally I wouldn't go near any "brown envelope" arrangement. As huw points out, it creates real problems of trust between the parties, since by definition, you cannot include that part of the transaction in any legally binding contract.
  19. How strange to have forgotten the high suicide rate. I must be Dr Cheerful these days because that seems near-incomprensible to me.
  20. Surely this is nothing new though? Medicine has always been an attractive 2nd career. Personally I would agree that GP is the best job in the UK at present for its combination of: Autonomy Flexible hours Good pay Great pension (We somehow manage to be the only self-employed workers in the country who are eligible to join a state pension scheme - may not last of course) Interesting challenges Job security... although GP's often claim to be entrepreneurs and are technically running small businesses, there is no actual financial risk involved: when was the last time a PCT allowed a practice to go bankrupt? Not in my lifetime, I'm pretty sure. How long it can continue thus I don't know.
  21. Somewhat loaded question methinks. What if the 60+ year old is the more eager candidate? (Plus she won't be asking for maternity leave)
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