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  1. I can't believe you'd leave out West Dulwich I haven't seen any 500k'ers in ED, as that's encroaching onto the poorer condition/smaller houses' price range - depending on where in ED. ED prices hotted up post 2007, but has calmed down over the last 18 months or so - in my own personal research.
  2. I bought on Clive Road recently. I had been renting on Martell Road for 2 years and Herne Hill prior to that. I'd been researching for about 18 months. Thoroughly depressing as a prospective buyer - very limited pool of quality housing. Any quality housing goes within days, and in my experience; in a single day! Irritatingly, I had to enter a sealed bid, after months of frustration and offers being turned down and 'feeling' the market. There is still far too much money, chasing far too little quality housing.
  3. I have a problem with my recent landlords (a couple), and I really hope you can help. The sticky threads have been illuminating - thanks. My situation: My tenancy expired at the end of July, and I promptly moved out. My landlord has tried pulling a fast one with my deposit, coming up with bogus claims re damage to furniture - e.g. stains on the sofa which were there when I moved in, and missing bits of furniture (a rug!?) which were never even present in the flat! They are using this as an excuse to take 400 pounds from my 900 pound deposit - returning only 500 today - this when they did
  4. Some great posts - and it's good to see sound opinions, allied to financial positioning - albeit of course, acknowledging the part that luck plays. So my story... Me- I'm 29, on 60k a year in a middle office role in the city, and have saved a little over 90k. I had a tough time growing up, and was homeless for periods of it, which probably goes some way to explain my mini obsession with the price of housing. I managed to put myself through an economics degree from LSE, where most things I 'learnt' made no sense since all the economic models were based on bull assumptions. I was amazed so
  5. Nice drop - ropey area however. I've spotted quite a few recently - especially stretching down towards Forest Hill and Upper Sydenham. My place in West Dulwich was put up for sale by my landlord in August - but only attracted 3 viewers in 3 months - buyers are very light on the ground. I'm keeping my eye on SE21/22/23/24/26
  6. Bloody fantastic programme - got to the core of the financial heart attack and suffused it with the social play on aspirations and motivations - the trickling, roll-over greed that has been discussed so deftly by the likes of Juvenal and others. Then the guilt that seeps from it, suppressed by tapping the veins and shooting up. Quick. Consume something before you have to stop and think about what you've done. There. No - not quite better? Oh that's ok, buy something for someone else. That's 'selflessness' isn't it? Oh good, guilt appeased. Double points. Now for the next one. I hope guilt isn'
  7. I delight in: Being able to afford a home for myself and my family Not being made to feel like a leper for not over-extending myself Yes, I delight in being right. I don't delight in: Families being turfed out of their homes. People losing their jobs.
  8. No, no, schadenfreude at its most gorgeous.
  9. No doubt the Uk's deterioriating economic state is pulling sterling down, however i was just focussing on the 5 minutes either side of the announcement to see the market's reaction to it. Sterling will likely fall whatever the boe does or doesn't do.
  10. Not so. Before the figures were released, the concensus was for a 2.6% rise - giving scope for rate cuts. There was downward pressure priced into sterling. Figures are then released showing lesser scope for those rate cuts therefore sterling should've rose. It didn't.
  11. RPI 4.2% Interestingly sterling barely even flinched - market doesn't believe BOE is done cutting rates.
  12. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=206...&refer=home
  13. This is good data. Input inflation 20.4%, output inflation 6.2% The producers are absorbing 14% of the rises which goes to show how lacking in confidence they are, that demand will taper off markedly. Still, there is only so long before they decided their balance sheets must be restored (like the banks) and prices rise. When they do start to rise it is quite likely we see a shaking out on the other side i.e. input 6% output 20% Inflation is very much embedded in the medium term.
  14. Aristotle had the right idea when he said only those that were unwilling, should be in power. By having a baying system where egos compete and the fundamentals principals of democracy are violated, is it any wonder so few people vote? On the principles of Aristotle, my government would include: Vince Cable for prem (didn't want to run for leader) Warren Buffet for chancellor Jeremy Clarkson running the home office (don't let him touch any part of environmental policy though) Gordon Ramsey to cut public spending waste and personally conduct the investigation into MP's expense claims Steph
  15. Confirmed. Was in Harrods today and Saturday, as well as Harvey Nics... very quiet for a normal saturday, let alone one so clsoe to xmas. It's like summer when everyone's on holiday and the tube is quieter. Strange.
  16. 26 year old single male. Londoner born and bred and have predicted a crash since 2000 where prices in my part of town doubled in 2 years. Was homeless in 1999. Made redundant from a front office trading position in credit derivatives (trading CLNs via repackaged SIVs) last month. Start a new job with a top tier IB next month. 50k in the bank. No debt. Will buy when the time is right and continue to chuckle at my unemployed PhD friend who bought an house on IO, doesn't cover the rental yield, right at the top of the market. Crazy fool. I get P'd off by people who've made easy money for noth
  17. http://business.guardian.co.uk/useconomy/s...2173475,00.html Share price barely budges however - mayhem appears to already have been priced into the stock price. Goldman sitting pretty. Article... "Bear Stearns caught in sub-prime trap The Wall Street investment bank Bear Stearns has suffered a 62% collapse in quarterly profits after being caught in the cross-hairs of America's crisis over sub-prime mortgage defaults. Bear Stearns' earnings for the three months to August dropped from $438m (£218m) to $171m - including an 88% plunge in profits from fixed-income securities to $118m. The N
  18. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/comment/c...icle2490136.ece Favourite stupid quote: "It is not uncommon today for people to be allowed to borrow five or six times their earnings, not because the banks are profligate but because property is now so expensive." I don't know whether to laugh or cry.
  19. Average losses of 364 quid a day in the south west last month ... niiiiiiiiceeee 2.6% represents an annualised rate of 31.20% woooohoooo!
  20. You missed the word 'average' but agree - the man is pure class - I sputtered about laughing and watch the programme for him. I think it was him who said 'on 9/12' in response to a 'something a presidential candidate is least likely to say' Class!
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