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  1. Well I work indirectly for a major studio and there's no indication of any worries at the moment. Yes, funding and cashflow has suddenly been given a new level of precedence and I hear that at least one of the big players has imposed a hiring freeze but the greenlight for new movies is still being given and it's all business as usual. There will no doubt be some budget trimming over the next couple of years but that is going to be a global problem that we are all going to have to deal with across all industries.
  2. Just noted on Bloomberg that Paulson has stated that the US stimulus has changed tack from bailing out banks/companies etc. to actually buying equity stakes. This could explain the massive surge after the DOW 8000 was breached tonight. With the absolute dearth of bad news on the horizon of profit warnings, unemployment figures and recession stats I cannot see how the stock market can go anywhere except downwards in the next few weeks. Still, if I knew what is really going to happen I'd be too busy on IG earning a fortune to be on here posting that I knew for sure where the market was heading.
  3. Why are you so desperate to see big price drops? You posted last year that you didn't want to see a big bust. Aren't you worried about your London property seeing a similar fall in price?
  4. What kind of crazy crack smoking double talk is that??? Prices have been falling over there for 2-3 years and are STILL falling. How can that be seen as the beginnings of a recovery. The man was quite obviously an idiot who was trying to desperately fool people into thinking that the situation was bottoming out and the good days were just around the corner. Both him and the Make Yourself A Property Millionaire were lying through their teeth. Crooks.
  5. Can you believe that the idiot EA from Winkworths was trying to tell people that things were looking up in USA and that there were signs of recovery in the housing market there and that would have a knock on effect over here. Well Mr Winkworths......if you are reading HA HA HA HA HA. You are screwed.
  6. So they'll be flooding the market with homes just as unemployment will be reaching it's highest point in years and sentiment will be at it's lowest. They are Dead Property Investors Walking.
  7. Probably because their employer adds double their contributions. A benefit they would lose out on altogether if they didn't bother.
  8. I'm so angry about this situation. I just watched some fat ugly, useless, waste of space on Bloomberg outside the labour conference almost crying because people were being nasty about Gordon Brown. Why has nobody questioned this fool on live tv about what he was doing over the last 10 years as chancellor when these companies were creating a doomsday debt crisis under his very nose. The man is worse than a fool. He blames everything on global problems then brings yet another UK disaster onto the UK PLC balance sheet. WE ARE PAYING FOR THIS IDIOT'S DISASTERS THROUGH OUR TAXES.
  9. On Bloomberg today.... http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=206...&refer=home One thing I've learned since lurking on this site since 2005 is that everyone was almost spot on where the housing market was headed but for any other kind of financial advice you might as well ask Mystic Meg than some of the blaggers on here.
  10. Ha ha ha. You can come back out again. Seems that this is actually good news
  11. Yes. Footsie plunging as we speak. Dow looks like opening sub 11000. Take cover.
  12. It's always a slow news day in Dunfermline. I grew up there. Having been informed by someone only a few months ago how the crash "won't have an effect up there" this story comes as absolutely no surprise to me.
  13. It will be another 12 months before you see widespread big discounts in London. Sure some of the ex-LA places and similar dumps are dropping fast already but eveyone else is holding on to the dream that normal service will resume by the end of the year and this is just a blip. By the end of the year we will have realisation and a whole bunch more distressed sellers. Patience. There are absolutely no fundamentals left to support the market except desperate optimism. In 12 months time even that will be dead and gone. Rent, be happy, live your life and be patient.
  14. Well judging by your old posts you are a fool. Couldn't happen to a nicer person.
  15. The big resets in the USA kicked this whole thing off a long time ago. Now we have already had the credit crunch, NR and plunging public sentiment all to deal with just as our major waves of resets are about to kick in. I think we'll see the UK market sink even quicker and deeper than the USA. Reposessions will be the major story this time next year.
  16. "At the same time, one in five people plan to improve their home in the hope of boosting its value or increasing its saleability" I wonder how many will use borrowed money in the hope of increasing their property value in a falling market? Not only will they owe more money, they may find their property has actually fallen in value rather than increased and become distressed sellers.
  17. http://news.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,30400-1320094,00.html They may be in for a big surprise!!!
  18. Don't know about the rest of the country but rents are definitely rising around here, London NW3. I've seen 1 beds go up by at least 15% over the last 2 years to approx. £350 p/w. Our landlord has just raised our rent by 6% but he was quite honest about the fact his fixed rate had just ended and even with the increase it will only just cover his new increased mortgage payments. Now around here, in prime properties, the landlords can just about get away with it but I imagine there are many thousands of them elsewhere who have just entered a world of financial pain that they have no way of escaping. The local EA's are desperately trying to ramp up the lettings market now that their sales cash cow has died. I will take great delight in watching them all go bust over the next couple of years.
  19. Down as low as 135p today. Doesn't look good for them.
  20. Well firstly one of them is on both the rentals and for sale sections. The second one is on rentals as "available for 3-4 months" so IMO either they are waiting to see what the market does before putting it back on or their buyer needs some time to sell their own place first and they are so broke they need to rent it out. Find A Property volumes are growing at quite a rate around here. There's still a head in the sand attitude but give it a few more months and the market will have turned completely.
  21. 2 identical 1 bed flats to the one that I am renting went on the market at the end of last year, both went Sold STC but both have recently disappeared from the agents website and appeared on the rentals section of FindAProperty. It's a nice block in NW3 (not newbuild) and the flats were on at ridiculous asking prices approx £380k but a year ago they would have been snapped up and now nobody wants to know. A step in the right direction. Funniest thing is another agent has just put on a 3rd identical property at £400k!!! Nutters.
  22. How can a 34 year old have "been working half their life"??? If something annoys you so much then at least think your argument out sensibly. Most people who would be earning the kind of money you are bandying around would have to have gone through higher education so wouldn't begin earning until they were 23 or 24 years old. Are you suggesting our working lives are only 20 years long? People have debts to pay off when they leave college and don't realistically begin earning decent cash until they hit 30.
  23. Do you live on bread and water and create your own entertainment at home with an old electric light bulb and make shadow puppets? If you think the average 34 year old is able to have saved up 50-100k then you live on a different planet than the rest of us Mr Numberwang.
  24. Maybe because they represent almost everything that is wrong with the property bubble. Their greed has helped undermine the social fabric of this country. Young people cannot afford to buy their own homes because of morally corrupt idiots like them. Their shameful ramping of the market (prices will double every 7 years???) has encouraged countless others to take on the BTL dream without a seconds thought and drive prices even higher. Screw them, I will take great satisfaction in seeing their "empire" tumble.
  25. So if you agree that property in Glasgow will go down by 40% what about your BTL in London, or did you sell that already, or is that "different"?
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