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  1. This is fantasy land logic. Get real. The merest whiff that the major UK banks were going to be let "go bust" and you can kiss the entire UK economy goodbye. Remember the Lehman effect??? Is it really so hard for you to understand the macro economic disaster that this would create? Honestly, I'd come to expect better from the posters on this site than extremist, poorly thought out anti-banker rhetoric.
  2. Yawn!!! So you let the banks go bust and tomorrow you can't access your money, your employer can't run their business, shops can't process transactions and the economy grinds to a complete halt. Of course none of this would have a knock on effect on GDP, inflation and the ratings agencies and international markets would just go on buying our bonds at the low risk percentages that we sell them for right now. Get a grip. The country needs to nurse the banks back to health to assist the economy back to growth. Yes, new regulations need to be implemented to stop the greed culture repeating itself (though the cause of the financial crisis was not entirely down to the naughty bankers - politicians, economists, the media and Joe public all played their part).
  3. A friend of mine just sold in N16 for £190k over what he bought it for 2 years ago but spent over £100k doing the place up from a 70's dump. So my question is.... does LR simply take the previous sold price vs the new sold price? If so then this isn't representative of the actual transaction.
  4. Sorry if this has been discussed earlier but I can't find a thread discussing this: <http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-18811234> "The Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) said the number of new loans granted to home buyers jumped by 33% from April to 48,300."
  5. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1645089/ Not a free youtube video but....The Inside Job is the best documentary I have seen regarding the financial crisis. Good interviews with Roubini, Lagarde, Rajan etc.
  6. And I was baffled by the fact that in 2004/2005 (when I found this site) that house prices seemed to be massively overpriced yet they went up and up and up until Oct 2007. Looks to me like the herd mentality will always be positive and this stock market led resurgence should not be discounted just yet. Yes, it will run out of steam at some point but in the meantime there is serious money to be made if you are brave enough. The doomsayers on this site would already have lost me £6k if I had listened to their nonsense. Ask VICMAC and GOM. They've gone very quiet with their FTSE at 1000 by year end negative posts.
  7. And yet an other insightful post from the resident "property expert". Seeing as I hold some Lloyds shares, and they've finally only just made it into profit, I hope it's a double whammy of positive spin to boost the share price. More likely it's an attempt to bury as much bad news as possible in one morning and hope the shares don't drop too much.
  8. Halifax figures to be released tomorrow 6am. Brought forward to coincide with the Lloyds 1st Half results. I wonder why? Source: Yahoo - Halifax July09 Results
  9. Working Title Films, the biggest UK producer, has just had it's budget slashed by Universal and is laying people off this week (including me) This will have a knock on effect on the whole UK film industry. Interesting times we live in.
  10. I negotiated a £20 per week reduction in my rent last week. London NW3. Very nice building in exceptionally nice area. Rents coming down all over London. Don't see why Edinburgh will be any different.
  11. They are included in the RPI figure which is -1.1% I personally added to deflation yesterday by negotiating a 6% reduction in my rent. Could probably have asked for more but didn't want to push my luck as it's a nice place.
  12. What an insightful post. You are another pathetic loser waiting for armageddon to hit. What is your reason for being on this website now?
  13. So what is your investment position? What is your insight? I've made a nice profit by buying banking shares at rock bottom prices and not buying a depreciating asset. Come on idiot, what's your position?
  14. WOW are you going to have a fireworks party to celebrate? When are all you people going to get it into your heads that a drop in the general value of equities is not good for the general economy? (No I don't have a major position so no VI). There is almost no relation to house prices now and equities (now that nearly everyone in the city has lost their job so can't use their bonuses to buy houses) so why the constant hyping of drops on the FTSE??? I think there are a lot of bitter people on here that weren't around at the beginning with different reasons for hanging out than commenting on the insane housing market.
  15. What have you learnt in 3 years ? I started visiting this website in 2005 and joined in 2006 because I knew that the housing market was insane. From there some of the early posters taught me about sub prime, the coming credit crisis and the impending doom for the financial markets as a whole. Since then I've watched it all unfold, rented instead of mortgaging myself and my family's future and educated myself about general economics and how capital markets worked. I've also almost worked my way to becoming a CIMA qualified accountant. As well as that I've earned a few quid buying banking shares on the FTSE while they were at a massive historical low. Before you ask, I don't have a massive interest in the equities market so I have no VI in a market a rise or a drop. What I do find annoying is your constant doom mongering about the equities market. This site came about because of both the social and financial insanity of continually rising house prices which led to the conclusion that a massive pyramid scheme was being had on the general public and we were all victims. What you don't seem to get is that there is still a massive amount of money floating around and the equities market is still the best place to make above market profit. Markets go up and markets go down, that is what shares do!!! Your attempts at scaring people into believing armageddon is around the corner are pathetic. Back up your arguments with figures and I'll give you a little more credibility but until then you are on the HPC loony list as far as I am concerned.
  16. It's went up 20% in the last 3 months for goodness sake. If it goes down another 10% this week it's hardly a crash is it???
  17. So you've worked in a bunch of low to mid level jobs in several locations and that makes you think you have a special insight into the global economy? Enforces the reasoning behind me dismissing your relentless doom laden drivel posts quite some time ago. You and vicmac (The FTSE will be under 1000 mark my words....) are hilarious.
  18. WOW a whole 2.8% down today. We must be in for a 30's style depression. Buy guns and tinned food. It's chaos. You people need to get a life when it comes to commenting on the stock market. We are in a recession so yes there will be days when equities go down. Funnily enough there will also be days when equities go up by an equal amount. Get a grip.
  19. QUOTE (Bonzowaite @ May 18 2009, 08:10 AM) FTSE going down like a lead ballon as we write! Wow, down 25 points. Do you think they will have to suspend trading? ARF!!!
  20. So with DOW Futures down a whole 6 points and FTSE down 36 then we will have sub 1000 tomorrow? Your post makes no sense. Are you another nutter stockpiling beans and guns at home, praying for armageddon?
  21. Don't know where you get those figures from? IG showing DOW Futures down 6 and FTSE down 36 at the moment. The guy that started this thread is a looney who posts the same nonsense every day. The overall intelligence and well thought out posts on this site seem to be diminishing only to be replaced with know nothing lunatics making wild suggestions and posting them as fact.
  22. Though to be fair you should point out that you bought in 2006 and are probably in/facing negative equity so you do have a slight VI in getting the market moving again. Anyone who buys now without a MASSIVE reduction from peak 2007 prices is insane.
  23. Exactly. Some of the bitter idiots on this site seem to think that their own pathetic taxes pay for everything. It's very convenient for them to forget that other people actually contribute to the society we live in and have differing ideas and needs than themselves.
  24. So it's largely unecessary for people to leave work to have children?
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