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  1. Strongest Mar/Apr for the last few years despite all other indicators stating otherwise. These crooks will do anything to avoid a year on year negative figure.
  2. Yes but still 50% higher than at the end of bubble 1 in 2008. At this rate it will be another decade just to get back to ‘ridiculously overpriced’ from ‘insanely overpriced’. Let’s hope the BTL capitulation snowballs soon. I’m already seeing a couple of auction entries on Zoopla for the first time I can remember in N2.
  3. It’s a miracle. Up 0.2 in the month and 0.7 year on year. The VI’s can rest easy for another month...
  4. The Economic Calendar i used showed it as today. It's tomorrow 7am. Gives them another day to fiddle with the seasonal adjustments!!!
  5. Latest Nationwide results out tomorrow. A modest fall or even no movement will see Annual % Change go negative for the fist time in a very long time. March has been negative for the last 2 years so no doubt a stonking big rise on the cards then?
  6. Yep 0.3% m-o-m just enough to maintain their 2% y-o-y. Halifax on Friday.
  7. Due out tomorrow morning. -0.5% last month. Same again and the y-o-y number will be down to around 1% Here's hoping!!!
  8. The amount of business earnings required has to cover both variable costs and a large amount of fixed costs. Once the revenue stream drops off even a small proportion a business can swing to a loss very quickly depending on their fixed cost base.
  9. This makes the 3.6% in monthly rises (Jul-Nov 2017) look even more suspicious. No chance of a yoy negative until Aug 2018 judging by those numbers unless the next few months show some serious downward movement. Still, good news is always welcome.
  10. Point is that you are possibly drama queens overstating brexit as the end of the world. It’s not that difficult to figure out. Yes, there are many difficulties and what people originally voted for may not be what they actually get but some of the comments on here are way over the top. You’d think we were going to end up like a third world country the way some folks are commenting and we should all start hoarding canned goods and shotguns right now as it will be that much of a disaster. Jesus Christ all that is happening is we are leaving an economic model and beginning a new relationship with the outside world.
  11. Yes, there will be plagues of locusts, it will rain frogs and Brexit will take the first born of every single British citizen (especially those who voted to leave the promised land).
  12. Well I guess you’ve got it all sorted out haven’t you. Go and have a lie down petal. If you can’t offer an intelligent counter argument then you are an irrelevance.
  13. Great comeback. Seriously I voted brexit partially to get rid of those taking from the economy rather than contributing. A large and sudden departure of those who can’t afford to support themselves without the help of UK tax payers could be just what the housing market needs in terms of increasing supply and reducing prices. If benefits are protected then it’s a negotiation failure IMO.
  14. So can the 3 million already here still claim their tax credits and child benefit after all this?
  15. Ha ha, first time i've ever seen this. https://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/45467748?search_identifier=8fe03664f010fdf8a0dd6b7d87ac36d6#OQfWc20lf2bm9Lqq.97
  16. As expected. Jan to Jun was down-1.8% with the index heading for YoY negative imminently. Jul to Sep up 3% to save the day. It's a miracle!!!
  17. +0.5% After being flat or falling for 6-7 months they suddenly realised it was on course to go YoY negative very soon and it magically went up nearly 2% in the last two reports. They still need it to keep moving up for the next couple of reports to avoid YoY negative in Dec17.
  18. Had a feeling they'd do this. Anything other than a massive rise this month and next then the index was going to go heavily into yoy negative Nov/Dec. Cant be having that can we?
  19. For goodness sake. A lot of people have been on this site for over 10 years as they were priced out for whatever reason. They probably know more than most people will ever know about the state of the market. IMO I don't believe they need to be led to water in terms of vested interests from either side of the argument.
  20. Well the thread title is regarding the latest Halifax data so I figured it made sense to refer to those?
  21. Well if you look at the data over the last 12 months it peaked at £222k in Dec16 and is now at £219k so that's not strictly true. Unless there are significant upward mom movements over the few months then the annual rate will turn negative in Oct/Nov17.
  22. 3.7% of mom rises in Oct-Dec 2016. Looks like the annual rate will definitely go negative by Oct/Nov 2017 when they drop out. Only a few months to wait now.
  23. Foxtons mentioned in the alternative press...??? "Muir was later found hanging upside down from a lamppost with a ‘Death to Profiteers’ sign hung around his neck." http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/business/estate-agents-sure-everyone-will-be-nice-to-them-on-their-way-down-20170728133017
  24. Anyone who hadn't completed by this morning will be in a very bad place. Chains all across London and the SE will likely collapse over the next week as buyers get cold feet or demand deductions. Bring it on.
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