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  1. 1 hour ago, longgone said:

    harsh dude. 

    hmm difficult one. which is worse shopping in aldi or working for them. 🤣


    Here’s another classic from back in the day.

    Your wrong, your a Cxnt with no skin in the game, your opinions carry no weight as you don't have the guts to take a financial position on you convisctions. I look forward to your Children cleaning by big detatched house for Satoshis

    So not only a misogynistic fantasist that thinks all women desire him in his Tesla junk wagon but a general ugly ass sub human lizard dreaming of being served by your children in his modern day crypto cotton plantation.

    Jesus the BTL scum wouldn’t even sink as low as this.

  2. 1 hour ago, Flat Bear said:

    Remind me not to put you forward as chancellor of the exchequer.

    "I've put all the public wealth on the 3.30 at Haydock and got it doubled up with a Federer win in the Australian open you can thank me all later"


    or even worse

    "I put the whole nations wealth on a crypto currency called Bitcoin (others are available) you can thank me later"

    Perhaps the children of El Salvador can just hodl their meals for 2-5 years while the next halving plays out?

    These people would be funny if they weren’t so dangerous.

  3. 1 hour ago, Dreamcasting said:

    Well spotted, and only posted on 5th January this year, yet the guy says it wasn't him.

    Wouldn't be surprised if what he says is completely made up anyway.

    Yeah this guy is Billy Liar.

    One minute he’s talking about getting turned down for Universal Credit and worrying about his wife leaving him if she finds out he has a few k in Bitcoin. The next he’s driving around his village with the whole population desperately jealous of his Tesla.

    What is more likely is there’s a poor woman in his local Aldi who wonders why there’s a creepy old man who keeps stalking her in his junk wagon.

  4. 6 hours ago, markyh said:

    Never said that on here, this is a little beta cuck who frequents different sites under different tags and has most likely recently been verbally bested by me to the amusement of others, as on here. 

    I have a interesting following of secret Antifans going back years who it just kills insdie that i am winning, always and their lives are sad and miserable, and their wives work at Aldi maybe? 🤣 

    Liar and a fraud.


  5. “Do a few days shopping for the family, flirt with a certain MiLF Aldi girl i think is hot, and get her to go out the back and get me Weetabix as the shelf was empty, which she was happy to do (she knows i have a Tesla now, and therefore "means" so is receptive as women are to high value men)”

    What a lovely guy you are.

    Your family would be so proud to see you posting this junk on a public website.

    Do you really honestly believe women think you are desirable because you drive a Tesla junk wagon? Or are you just a desperately sad and lonely misogynistic fantasist?

  6. 6 minutes ago, markyh said:

    People should be buying now, it's trading a huge discount to it's value. 230 posts in 16 years, yeah you are really active community member, but you are a 5 minute wonder on this thread chump. 

    Good luck staying poor. 

    Good luck staying poor?

    That just goes to show what a horrible mug you are.

    I’m doing very well thank you. Diversified in shares and funds that have very nice returns.

    Difference is I’m not on here offering advice to people who shouldn’t be listening to jokers like you so they don’t lose what they can’t afford. Your 1 follower will know what I mean right now.

    You are the mug that stopped mining because it cost a few hundred quid. If you were such a visionary you’d have been balls deep back then. That’s it though isn’t it. You aren’t a visionary, just a pyramid schemester.

  7. 5 minutes ago, markyh said:

    Not true, you are 5 minute wonder here jumping on the gloat wagon on a pullback, which just insn't in Crypto. Those that sold out, including myself , have been here since the threads inception in 2013 and had long term strategies to cash out "personal moons" when the time was right.  Only one cashed out 100% back in Q2. Others only cashed out a 1/3rd or less of their holdings as long term targets where reached.  My personal targets are amoungst these pages going back to 2013 and have never really changed, they just too patience, iron will and 3 bear markets to achieve. 

    We are still all majority invested, still believe BTC is going to at least $1m and other Crypto's are coming along for the ride, and will still be buying the dips and accumulating like the more like the smart money. 

    Everyone here for the last month and "new batch" of know it alls we see every downturn cowing the death of Bitcoin, you will be a 4th, and very few of the previous generation's have the stomach to show their faces again as the egg applied to it was so thick. 

    They have all watched with "disbelief" as we have rode the bear markets and the bull markets back up, unphased, and become very wealthy. 

    IF 2022 is the new 2018, then we will wait for the lows towards Q4 and start buying again, and through 2023, ready for the next Bitcoin halving in 2024, and the Q4 bull run into 2025, where $100k will fall.  

    I personally keep a little notebook on my desk, jot down names and dates, and wait patiently for the next new ATH and pull up their prophecies to quote and mock them in the future. 

    Have fun, we are not bothered, and wont be selling as we did the last of our buying late 2020 at $12k or less , and told others they should be buying now, only a clever few listened to the wise OG's. 

    There is no time to DCA , $400 or $69k , but you must be prepared to maybe at a loss for 2-3 years and stick around for at least 4-5 years.  

    A 5 minute wonder who’s been a member here since 2006?

    You cashed out while encouraging others to pile in which is unforgivable.

    You are a pyramid schemester.

  8. Be interesting to see if the bulls keep their “big boy pants” on if it keeps falling. They’ve already been selling up  to recognise large FIAT gainz while encouraging others to join the pyramid  at the sharp end.

    New entrants should have been asking themselves if these jokers truly believe it will get to $100k or more why are they selling up large % of their holdings at $50-$60k?

    A few got lucky getting in early on the pyramid. Everyone else is getting mugged off. It isn’t investing, it is gambling, or worse fraud.

  9. 26 minutes ago, markyh said:

    And yet, say in 2025, with Bitcoin running @ $1m , their view will be "You got lucky".  I have a good friend who earns a great six figure salary in banking in the city, not a trader, but is on the client services side of an investment bank. He told me at an early Xmas party in 2017 when BTC was around $15k to sell, all, seen it all before with the Dotcom bubble, it will burst and go to nothing. I told this friend about BTC in a pub session in 2013. He didn't want to know.  He was mildly curious if i still had it all when i last saw him in person on a lads night out in 2019. Told him i had bought more in the 2018 lows.

    His view was it was still going to zero, and had no skin in the game.  

    Now out of a circle of 6 close friends we are all doing well and have a little life race to be the first one to declare themselves a "cash" millionaire. He was a fair way ahead of us all, and must already have a net worth of £1m easy. 

    But it could be buy 2025, in our mid 50's, i win that race purely by the fact i was the only one to go into crypto, and go in early.  

    But sure as eggs, If that comes to pass, it will be "i got lucky" as i never earned a £ six figure annual wage. 

    Says the dude who up until a few months ago before the recent irrational upside was quieter than a church mouse.

    Amazing how they are posting 24/7 now they are a genius investor instead of a crypto loser.


    Corbyn as continuity Blair? :rolleyes:

    The housing issue is already politicised. It was Osborne's choice to underwrite an echo housing bubble with public money; he didn't have to. There's only way to repair the market wihtout causing an almighty recession and that's to commission a nationwide program of general needs social housing similar to the one adopted after WWII. It would immediately relieve the acute demand pressure in the private rental sector while at the same time putting the country back to work.

    You have a pre Blairite mindset to solving the issue.

    There’s no way back, no putting the Genie back in the bottle. Mass social housing is not a solution and there’s no appetite for that except with the trots who yearn for the good old days where entire generations of the population could be written off and kept herded on their estates.

    Markets and economics (or pandemics) may swing back to favour the buyer at some point despite political influence but to blindly believe a party will resolve this is just pure delusional wishful thinking.

  11. On 02/09/2020 at 11:09, MonsieurCopperCrutch said:

    As suspected, a middling manager who demands presenteeism and enjoys an echo-chamber of his own voice. Little wonder you are refuting others experiences of WFH and bullying your staff to return. 

    Not once did I refute others experience, in fact I made clear it worked for some but certainly not for others. You are the idiot throwing insults around.

    Our CEO just announced he’ll be back in the office 4 days a week as soon as possible. That’s a big statement from the top down that WFH is very temporary in our place.

    I’m guessing you are not a CEO of a multi million dollar successful company.

    Middling manager?

    Don’t know what part of the world you are from but around here they don’t pay 6 figure salaries to middling managers. I’ve seen your posts and you are a pathetic momentum sympathetic socialist loser. In fact I’ve never seen you post on anything that actually discusses house prices and the economy. It’s all political rubbish.


    Yes I’d love to be back in the office. That way I can weed out losers like you at interview stage when I’m in the room with you. I bet you love working at home so your manager can’t see how much time you spend trolling on this website.

  12. FFS get real people.

    In the first month or two when little was known about the virus it made sense to lockdown.

    Since then it has become clear the chances of anyone under the age of 60 without an underlying health issue is more likely to die in a road accident.

    Rather than fight over who was right or wrong in lockdown decisions we should be concentrating on getting out of the situation.

    Those who still need to shield go for it but ffs let everyone else get back to normal life (or as close as possible).

  13. 2 minutes ago, reddog said:

    Currently working from home, but live in a one bedroom flat.  I have to have the laptop setup on the dining table in the lounge, which is not ideal, as it feels like you are never far away from work.




    I hear you.

    Been set up on the kitchen table with wife and two kids constantly in and out making it hard to concentrate.

    Folks with a clear workspace seem ok but my staff with limited space are desperate to get back to the office.

  14. 15 minutes ago, Errol said:

    (1) I've seen numerous new employees fully trained using MS Teams. You just set up a training schedule and learning documents etc. Works absolutely fine and these employees are now fully integrated and working at 100% (from home - having never even seen the office or their colleagues in person).

    (2) Most modern businesses have been running from home with no loss of server access at all. Most people have very reliable broadband (mostly fibre - 50mb downstream, 10mb upstream). In my experience people have better internet at home than in the office!

    (3) Calls easily scheduled to a calendar - once or twice a week. If you need to call a team member you simply call on MS Teams. Works exactly like it did in the office. If they aren't there, you just drop them a note using the Teams chat function and call them 5 minutes later. Or you email them instead. Works exactly like it did in the office.

    This is why loads of businesses have reported the most productivity ever seen during lockdown.

    That might be your experience but certainly not the feedback or experience we’ve encountered trying to run a finance team for the last 5 months.

    In central London the main complaint from staff has been WiFi and server issues along with lack of work space or comfort.

    Appreciate it might work for some folks but certainly isn’t perfect for us.

    Productivity has reduced and there’s a perception that all the team are doing is the bare minimum to keep the business running rather than pushing for process improvement which happens in the office setting where people are more visible and interactive.

  15. I’m already back in by choice. Most of my team have indicated they aren’t ready yet. The only ones keen to get back are in pokey flats with no comfortable working space who are getting cabin fever.

    Lots of things can’t be done remotely IMO like training up new colleagues, hiring new staff etc. Also everyone agrees they aren’t as efficient due to slower WiFi, intermittent losses of server access, having to schedule calls instead of just shouting over to the next desk etc.

    It’s a real mix but I don’t see how it can go on long term fully WFH.

    I’ll be interested to see how keen the unions are when mass redundancy hits the train and tube drivers if capacity reduces longer term. TFL already facing a £5bn black hole apparently.

  16. 51 minutes ago, Sour Mash said:

    As I posted earlier, here's the Swedish death breakdown as of a week or two ago:


    The average lifespan in Sweden is 82.4 (80.6M/84.1F) ..


       .. so by the looks of things, the average age of Coronavirus fatalities there is greater than the average age of death generally.



    And I wonder how many in the below 60 range had underlying health issues.

    Stop this madness and get the nation back to work. Elderly and those with health issues could still shield if they want.

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