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  1. Says the dude who up until a few months ago before the recent irrational upside was quieter than a church mouse. Amazing how they are posting 24/7 now they are a genius investor instead of a crypto loser.
  2. You have a pre Blairite mindset to solving the issue. There’s no way back, no putting the Genie back in the bottle. Mass social housing is not a solution and there’s no appetite for that except with the trots who yearn for the good old days where entire generations of the population could be written off and kept herded on their estates. Markets and economics (or pandemics) may swing back to favour the buyer at some point despite political influence but to blindly believe a party will resolve this is just pure delusional wishful thinking.
  3. Yeah cause Blair and Brown built so much. Would Corbyn/Starmer be any different? Blair was the poster boy for BTL and private renting. If you haven’t figured out that politicising the housing issue isn’t the answer then you are lost.
  4. And this has exactly what to do with House Prices and the Economy??? Isn’t there a Politics forum that the trots can overtake???
  5. Not once did I refute others experience, in fact I made clear it worked for some but certainly not for others. You are the idiot throwing insults around. Our CEO just announced he’ll be back in the office 4 days a week as soon as possible. That’s a big statement from the top down that WFH is very temporary in our place. I’m guessing you are not a CEO of a multi million dollar successful company. Middling manager? Don’t know what part of the world you are from but around here they don’t pay 6 figure salaries to middling managers. I’ve seen your posts and you are a pathetic momentum sympathetic socialist loser. In fact I’ve never seen you post on anything that actually discusses house prices and the economy. It’s all political rubbish. Presenteeism? Yes I’d love to be back in the office. That way I can weed out losers like you at interview stage when I’m in the room with you. I bet you love working at home so your manager can’t see how much time you spend trolling on this website.
  6. Sounds like you are an arrogant [email protected] Your opinion is exactly just that. An opinion. Not an undeniable fact that applies to all other people in all situations. I’ll put you back on ignore now.
  7. FFS get real people. In the first month or two when little was known about the virus it made sense to lockdown. Since then it has become clear the chances of anyone under the age of 60 without an underlying health issue is more likely to die in a road accident. Rather than fight over who was right or wrong in lockdown decisions we should be concentrating on getting out of the situation. Those who still need to shield go for it but ffs let everyone else get back to normal life (or as close as possible).
  8. I hear you. Been set up on the kitchen table with wife and two kids constantly in and out making it hard to concentrate. Folks with a clear workspace seem ok but my staff with limited space are desperate to get back to the office.
  9. That might be your experience but certainly not the feedback or experience we’ve encountered trying to run a finance team for the last 5 months. In central London the main complaint from staff has been WiFi and server issues along with lack of work space or comfort. Appreciate it might work for some folks but certainly isn’t perfect for us. Productivity has reduced and there’s a perception that all the team are doing is the bare minimum to keep the business running rather than pushing for process improvement which happens in the office setting where people are more visible and interactive.
  10. I’m already back in by choice. Most of my team have indicated they aren’t ready yet. The only ones keen to get back are in pokey flats with no comfortable working space who are getting cabin fever. Lots of things can’t be done remotely IMO like training up new colleagues, hiring new staff etc. Also everyone agrees they aren’t as efficient due to slower WiFi, intermittent losses of server access, having to schedule calls instead of just shouting over to the next desk etc. It’s a real mix but I don’t see how it can go on long term fully WFH. I’ll be interested to see how keen the unions are when mass redundancy hits the train and tube drivers if capacity reduces longer term. TFL already facing a £5bn black hole apparently.
  11. Nationwide I expect to be up monthly at least 1% reflecting the stamp duty giveaway. Fully expect large falls from Nov/Dec onwards when the Great Recession finally kicks in. Mass unemployment and Brexit aren’t particularly great levers for house price growth.
  12. Amazing. And I wonder how many in the below 60 range had underlying health issues. Stop this madness and get the nation back to work. Elderly and those with health issues could still shield if they want.
  13. True but... Anyone who has been through a year end audit with a large company knows that the balance sheet holds many hiding places and items that really should be written down can be disguised if needs be. Unless it is significantly material the auditors can only dig so far. If a massive write off is booked it’s because the mgmt either want it or can’t hide it. Unsure what is happening with Lloyds but it’s my guess they are kitchen sinking since the government have f*cked them over on the dividends anyway. Share price should recover in 6-12 months time. Less if there’s a vaccine soon.
  14. Resident momentum loonies scratching around for something on a slow news week? Obviously got tired of laying in the road outside of Cummings’ house.
  15. It’s at 28p because the mgmt just kitchen sinked 2020 and booked £5bn in bad loans to the P&L. Those would normally have been spread over several years but it is Covid year so might as well clear the decks. Oh, and the government told them they can’t pay a dividend this year relating to last years profits. UK investors don’t like not getting returns.
  16. Agreed. Why not say over 60’s and those with underlying health issues continue to shield (if they choose) and everyone else back to normal. Concentrate testing and protection on those that need it and open the country back up for those who don’t. If you aren’t in the danger group you are probably more likely to die in a road crash or a home accident. The science is much clearer now and with every passing day it seems more extreme to be locked down.
  17. Definitely hope that prices take a tumble over the next couple of years but I’m not reading too much into these bank write downs just now. They’ll be doing much the same as every big company (including mine) this year and getting rid of stuff on their balance sheet they really should have written off already. In the words of one of my bosses “If it’s going to be a bad year then let’s make it a terrible year“.
  18. Nonsense. Slovakia and Czech Republic barely had any cases. Countries with major transport hubs (London, Paris, NY, Madrid etc.) meant a disproportionate infection rate into those communities. There are several countries in Europe who locked down successfully and quickly with no first wave. Problem they now face is with restrictions easing they have zero immunity.
  19. This thread has absolutely nothing to say about Boris Johnson or Dominic Cummings so is clearly irrelevant to House Prices And The Economy? Seriously...hoping for another 1% monthly drop as a minimum. Can’t be too far off year on year negative soon before the new Great Recession has even started. Prices should be toast in 6 months time once all the redundancies flow through the system.
  20. The banks have been stress tested by a 30% hpc since the GFC. They’ll be fine but the idiots who have over stretched their selves this last 10 years will be in big trouble. F**k them.
  21. Why? What’s that got to do with him breaking the lockdown rules (or not). You just want some blood even if it has to be his parents for a supposed planning issue. Your leftie witch hunt is getting sadder and more desperate every day.
  22. https://order-order.com/2020/05/28/watch-jeremy-corbyn-met-with-son-weeks-ago/ So are you going to start a thread to get JC jailed as well then or is he not culpable because he’s not a Tory?
  23. The only people desperate enough to call a radio phone in have already taken an extremist view. The silent majority, as with Brexit and GE, couldn’t give a ****. Get over it.
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