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  1. The only people desperate enough to call a radio phone in have already taken an extremist view. The silent majority, as with Brexit and GE, couldn’t give a ****. Get over it.
  2. Funny how it is the same ‘outraged mob’ on here screaming out for his head that were outraged at Brexit and the general election result. The guy drove in his own car directly to another family residence where he could rely on help for his 4 year old kid. At no time was there a risk in spreading the virus. None of that matters though because you’ve decided that you have to burn the witch. The local Labour MP insinuating he could now be responsible for an increase in local cases is the most disgusting twisting of facts I’ve seen for a long time. Politically driven nonsense. The Tory MPs jumping on the hate wagon have all wanted rid of him for political reasons and have seen an opportunity. Shameful behaviour all round IMO. Sick of the whole thing.
  3. Absolutely agree. Boris and Cummings just ran the campaign that saw Labours worst result in generations. To give in to the leftie media that still refuse to accept the new reality would be a sign of weakness. Legally the guy has done nothing wrong and the last 48 hours has been a witch hunt. Just saw Starmer on TV saying “if I was PM I’d sack him”. Almost fell off the sofa laughing. Enjoy the next 4 1/2 years in irrelevance Starmer. You’ll never even get close to PM in your communist, anti Semitic party.
  4. And here you’ll find a link to your so called expert. Hardly the impartial scientist... https://order-order.com/2020/04/14/top-scientist-attacking-government-passionate-corbynista/
  5. Dream on Corbynista/Tin Foil Hatters. You lot need to make yourselves a cocktail, put on some Netflix and chill out. Nutters of the world united!!!
  6. Oh look. The far left, anti-brexit loonies have overtaken yet another thread. This website is dead now in terms of its original function. Sad times.
  7. You really are a proper nutter. I remember when this website was an amazing source full of independent, intelligent, economical thinkers. Learned a lot back in the mid 2000’s and through the financial crisis in 2008. It’s a real shame how far standards have dropped in the last decade.
  8. So basically you are calling every single person in the world who, before they developed symptoms, passed on the virus an idiot? Must be great to be as wise as you.
  9. I think some of the, frankly disturbing, comments on here about a fellow human being who is currently very ill say a lot more about the mental well being of the individual posters themselves. Compassion and empathy for our friends and foes should be automatic at times like these.
  10. Death rate for regular flu 0.1% Death rate for Covid current estimates seem to be 2-3% This is a new virus with zero immunity across the entire planet and if it is allowed to spread freely there will be millions of deaths. I imagine there aren’t many sceptical experts from any respectable sources.
  11. I’m ok. Completely wiped out but ok. No sign of breathing difficulties since the first day where I had a tight chest and pains. Four days of fever and a hacking cough is not fun though. A work colleague had a confirmed case so I can only assume that’s where it came from.
  12. You understand nothing. I’ve just spent the last 4 days fighting off what some people are referring to as the “mild symptoms”. 10 times worse than any flu I’ve ever had and I can easily see how even just that could be enough to kill off OAP’s, never mind the full blown lung ****** that is doing the worst damage.
  13. Ashamed of themselves? As opposed to their true socialist comrades who were elected on the mandate of delivering Brexit but who now want a 2nd referendum? Despite the fact that in many cases their electorate voted overwhelmingly to leave.
  14. Strongest Mar/Apr for the last few years despite all other indicators stating otherwise. These crooks will do anything to avoid a year on year negative figure.
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