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  1. So what part of the QT, interest rate increases and central bank commentary have you missed the last few weeks? Cheap money has disappeared. The age of high inflation and high borrowing costs is here. If you haven’t figured that out then good luck to you.
  2. He did, while also crowing how he was a crypto millionaire and everyone else were stupid no coiners who should enjoy staying poor. Also some very insidious posts about how people will be cleaning his crypto mansion while he looks on and how women “wanted him” because he drove a Tesla and was clearly a man of means. Creepy stuff.
  3. Your Teslas have lost value and will continue to do so. You lost big time on Hex. You could have cashed out but you didn’t and you are so salty now it is sad. Keep trying to convince yourself. Chump.
  4. $17k now. Margin calls and collapse of exchanges likely next week.
  5. BBC saying they were planning to pay off a $800m foreign debt with the proceeds of $1b Bitcoin City volcano bonds. Not any more. Rather than take a serious approach to figuring out debt issues they’ve become a laughing stock in international debt markets.
  6. Millions of kids about to starve in El Salvador because of loonies throwing around “off to the moon” nonsense. Real effects on real people. Shame on the pyramid scammers.
  7. He’s been called out a few times for lying. So if I get this right he turned £140k inheritance into a £300k cash out then turned a £1m paper fortune into what must be about £50k now. Investment genius. Also borrowed £100k from a bank to buy 2 Teslas thinking HEX was going to pay it all off forevermore.
  8. You should just stop now, it’s seriously embarrassing. Everyone knows you wasted a possible fortune by holding out greedily for more. There’s more than enough of your nasty posts on this thread to make people happy to see you fail. You messed up and you know it and that’s why you’ve been so quiet around here recently instead of crowing about your mad gainz every two minutes. Even Copper Nuts warned you about HEX but you didn’t listen.
  9. Looks like The Halvening is going to half again. Is this a new paradigm???
  10. You’ll get no common sense answer around here my friend. Copper Nuts and his mate are doing so well for themselves and earning more than a successful CA that they feel they need to spend xxx hours on a website dedicated to house prices convincing anyone who will listen that they are crypto investment geniuses. You have to ask yourself that if you had really managed to beat The Man and become economically sorted and were truly happy would you really spend all your time on here crowing about it or would you actually be out there just enjoying your wealth with your family and friends???
  11. GBP:USD down to 1.2 today. If the BOE don’t do 0.5% then surely that can only get worse considering the FED position. Makes imported inflation even worse no? Mortgage rates might well double by year end if this all plays out. HPC will then be locked and loaded for 2023/2024.
  12. Well… Specifically two prolific posters (you know who they are) constantly crowing about mad gainz, not just here but on other threads. Insulting anyone and everyone who disagreed and posting every 2 minutes about stupid, salty “no coiners” who should “enjoy staying poor”. No class. Its no wonder there’s some push back on here when the market turns. Your mate is especially quiet recently. I suppose it’s to be expected when they’ve just lost an unrealised fortune on HEX and BTC. Just as well they didn’t borrow actual money to buy 2 depreciating assets on the basis they’d be earning a guaranteed monthly income on HEX. Oh wait a minute!!! Ponzi schemes that rely on new entrants. What could possibly go wrong. Just feel sorry for the guys who followed the “going to the moon” nonsense spouted and who have lost out.
  13. Here’s another classic from back in the day. Your wrong, your a Cxnt with no skin in the game, your opinions carry no weight as you don't have the guts to take a financial position on you convisctions. I look forward to your Children cleaning by big detatched house for Satoshis So not only a misogynistic fantasist that thinks all women desire him in his Tesla junk wagon but a general ugly ass sub human lizard dreaming of being served by your children in his modern day crypto cotton plantation. Jesus the BTL scum wouldn’t even sink as low as this.
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