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  1. I saw that news piece too. The fibreglass company's order books seemed to be full of a lot of orders from the little car maker though. There was a piece in the paper the other day saying how a lot of heritage sites are crumbling to dust for lack of skilled artisans to actually carry out the needed work. Apparently, a lot of work done on these buildings in the 70's was substandard (to save money), so there aren't enough folks with the skills needed to fix them now. They were saying apprentices are needed and, to be fair some schemes are taking off to get youngsters involved. I was half tempted to jack in my job and sign up for one of them! I wouldn't mind repairing stainglass windows or carving gargoyles for a living!
  2. I've had debt in the past (mortgage, loan and a credit card). Thankfully made enough from the sale of my house 5 years ago to clear all...learning a valuable lesson along the way. I should just point out I didn't sell up to pay off debt. I sold for personal reasons at the time. But being able to get debt-free made me look at my thinking towards debt and I came away thinking that credit cards (especially) are evil. I would be OK with a mortgage, but not one of the astronomical size needed to buy in this current bubble, and am happy sitting with cash in the bank for when prices become more realistic. I know so many youngsters at work that have debts that they will never be able to pay off. And getting on the property ladder is impossible for them when they start to do their sums and realise the chain they have forged for their own necks through spending on credit.
  3. http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.html?t=530084 and someone in my office has just bought a £240,000 house for him, wife and two littlies. He says he's had to stretch himself to the max to be able to afford this new-build. God help them.
  4. Funnily enough, a psychic medium I've worked with over the years decided to sell up and move to the country...and open a shop selling horse tack! I thought at the time that she was choosing a very bad time to get into horses. Even more surprised that her 'guides' didn't warn her what was happening to the economy!
  5. We've some 'luxury apartments' that have recently been finished on the Loughborough Road towards the outskirts of West Bridgeford. Some fool must have bought a few cus they've got a sign outside offering a low rent (just over £600pcm from what I can recall) with a free months rental thrown in! I work out in Ruddington and the only stuff I can see selling are the larger, detached properties out that way.
  6. Thanks for the links but I'm not sure it's either of those. If you approach the area from the Standard Hill entrence, her flat is on the ground floor looking out onto the solicitor's offices (since moved out of after they were burgeled) and the small parking area overlooking the castle. It used to be a nice area but the flats bought a lot of skateboarders, drinkers and drug users into the area cus of the nice, hidden alleyways and cars to break into.
  7. She had only just started working with the EA when I saw her (we were looking at the photo spread and description). I looked for it online at the price she mentioned but couldn't find it so assume she lowered the price...and if I had a spare year or two I'd trawl through the Apartments For Sale in Nottingham listings on Rightmove and find you your link. I've just spoken to her again. No luck with selling it. She hasn't even had anyone to look at the place. And her partner signed on the dotted line two years ago for a (off plan) 3-bed place out at Derby's Pride Park which has just been completed and he is having no luck renting it out. They are now trying to decide whether to try to rent out the apartment they are in in Nottingham and move to the place in Derby in the hopes of getting some rental coming in.
  8. My friend in London finalised the sale of his flat (he kept the freehold), and now has a stash of cash and was looking what best to put it into. He's realised that this is a very bad time to get into more property and started looking at saving accounts. He was telling me he'd found one (I think he said it was Abbey National) offering 10% interest. He thought this was great until I mentioned that the bank never gives money away. That's when the penny dropped....if they are offering to tie him in to that interest rate they must be expecting rates to go even higher. He just doesn't believe that there will be another crash as bad as the early 90's...but that got him thinking. And he now thinks he did the right thing selling his biggest asset whilst he could get so much for it.
  9. Yes, I've seen the first of these 'miracles' in my street. I had a nosey at the letter posted in the window advising folks to get their belongings out before the locks were changed. The house is now up for sale through Haarts.
  10. From MSE: http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.html?t=498427 interesting that the bank wont let them swap to a Buy-to-Let mortgage so they can rent the place out. I cant imagine how many people must be caught up in traps like this.
  11. As a resident of Nottm since 1989 I'd have to concurr with this. We started seeing change here about ten years ago when our beloved council decided giving permission to every Tom, Dick or Harry that wanted to convert our bigger buildings into bars would be good for our economy. Then we started seeing the emergence of the 'loft living' idea. Money seemed to flow into that with well off parents 'investing' in a flat for their offspring going to our universities. Then we started seeing restaurants opening charging prices I'd only seen in London. Unless you are prepared to live on endless credit a lot of the Nottingham eateries became out of local folks price range. And then word got around that London folk had decided Nottingham was handy for the commute and our house prices rocketed too. I felt sorry for the young professionals I saw being lured into the more salubrious areas buying up the Victorian terraces which are now dropping in price. One I've had my eye on has gone from asking price of £124,950 to 'offers over £120,000. Today it was relisted as asking price £119,950.
  12. I remember when you could get a slap-up feast from the local chippie if you and your mates could scrounge together nine pence. I knew we had inflation problems ahead when my Body Shop deodorant went up to £5. Five quid for a smelly stick???!!!
  13. A colleague I've not seen for a while has just come into the office and has been showing folk the sales bumpf for one of her flats. It's the one in the 'better' area up next to the castle. It's a 2-bed (main with ensuite), two floor affair but with no balcony. Asking price is £250,000 so I can only wish her luck.
  14. Thanks for the link. A very interesting read. I was making my way though the area of Nottingham they mention to the uni's conference centre last week and the streets around looked like a warzone - abandoned furniture, litter etc. Really scruffy. What I don't understand is that some years ago Nottingham authorities acknowledged the detrimental affect student enclaves had on those private owners left in the streets and started building accomodation aimed at students in the city centre. I'm assuming they're not building it fast enough!
  15. My company is holding it's annual Comms Conference this week and I've just got back from it. Lot's of talk about how well the company has done/is doing...then we got to the financial graphs. Amidst all the backslapping I noted three things: - our major clients (worldwide) made it a difficult year for our more mature product range after they started tightening their lending criterias - our main growth for the year has been in our products helping clients to identify fraud (be it I.D. fraud or tracking funds being lent) - our share price fluctuated big time at one point, and this was put down to jitters in the Stock Exchange over the American economy.
  16. Point taken, although I'm long enough in the tooth to hope that most people (men or woman), aren't as you describe them above. I do get annoyed when women not procreating gets laid at the door of feminism. I haven't made any of my life choices because of some feminist doctrine. Maybe that is because I didn't attend university, so I missed out on meeting all these nasty feminazis ready to convince me that all men are useless (and correct me on my punctation). There are no Mr. Rights and Miss. Rights. One thing I have realised, over the years however is that we now have the young men and women that a society that fragments families, encourages consumer monkeyism with loose credit etc. deserves. And it's been building up for at least ten years to the mess we now have. You cant lay all these woes at the door of feminism. As I would be unfair to lay any of my issues with partners at the door of some Men's Rights movement. People are people. And, sadly, most of them seem to be sheep being led to financial slaughter. But I don't think today's problems can be blamed on feminism alone.
  17. Oh, for God's sake! I didn't choose to not have kids cus I had a university degree to chase. And I didn't choose to not have kids cus of some feminist doctrine. I chose it because I was bought up, from a working class background where both parents worked full time that instilled in me a work ethic. And I haven't found a partner willing to commit to the secure environment I would feel happy raising a child in - namely marriage. I found the sort that told me it was OK cus they had £300 in their savings to pay for a private abortion! Take a look at all the young men (20's & 30's) out there who think they can play the field and spend their money on the next consumer goody. Any woman with a ounce of self-respect isn't going to go into motherhood with the prospect of losing her job to sit on benefits as a single mother because their partner 'isn't ready for parenthood'.
  18. I'm with you there. From the looks of it they've just watched a few of the property porn shows, bought a cheap house and thrown the magnolia paint around (plenty of photos of the trendy leather sofas and rugs with big dots on, but none of the bathroom). It's close to where I live now, so of interest. It's a pity that propertysnake site didn't come into being 6 months earlier. I've seen a couple of places on there that have dropped in price more then once!
  19. A property I've been watching here in Carlton has dropped their price by £5,000 today. It's a second house/doer-upper so I will keep watching and see what effect the next IR rise has.
  20. I imagine the rent increases are coming from numpty BTLers trying to cover their ever increasing costs. Maybe they will have to have a few void months before they realise they have to actually compete with all the other landlords around them.
  21. Hopefully folk are trying to sell beforehand cus they realise the HIPs pack will show the buyer just how much magnolia wallpaper/carpets with beige and brown circles/stick furniture/bathroom converted to two bedrooms etc. they are actually buying. Doesn't look so good when the fundimentals like a leaking roof and 15 year old boiler get highlighted.
  22. I'd seriously look at giving up and going back to New Zealand.
  23. In my area (Nottingham West): This one's been on the market for ages now and is in the crappier end of Netherfield (near the ring road - ideal for the scrotes that just burgled your house!): http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-129...=1&tr_t=buy Another in Netherfield. This looks like someone's been watching these doer upper progs and hopes to make tons of dosh after spashing the magnolia paint around: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-147...=3&tr_t=buy On the road coming out of Gedling village which would explain the price considering it only has 2 bedrooms: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-143...=4&tr_t=buy This one is clinging to the Mapperley postcode by it's fingernails and is in the locale of the Wells Road...a very bad, inner city area: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-151...=4&tr_t=buy Sneinton, where you can get robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-131...=4&tr_t=buy Nicely overpriced considering it's not actually in the village of Gedling itself: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-672...=2&tr_t=buy A nice area but where do you hang your clothes?: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-728...=3&tr_t=buy All out of my price range too! :angry:
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