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  1. Well, I'm off this weekend to see a house that has been reduced from £124,950 to £99,000. Still too expensive in my view but I might just offer them £75,000 and see if they bite.
  2. I found the same here in Nottingham. We went out to meet up with a friend for drinkies last Friday fulling expecting all the eatieries to be overflowing. I noticed plenty of empty seats in both Wagamama and TGI...and those two are in the multi-screen cinema complex in the middle of town. We went down to London for some Chrimble shopping staying Monday/Tuesday. As we were close to the British Museum we went in to check it out. I was, again expecting large queues to get into their main exhibit....you could walk straight in! Later on we found ourselves sitting cheek to jowl with some city types in The Salisbury pub. They were exchanging pressies. One opened his, a Mont Blanc wallet then said how nice it was if only he had some money to put in it. My folks had to forego their annual turkey from a very good butcher down in Netherfield (close to where they live) when they found out it would cost them £45!! My local butcher, Archers in Queens Road, Leicester were doing something I've never seen before, turkey breast roll at about six quid. Change is in the air.
  3. There's definately a change going on. I went to Melton Mowbray mid-week and couldn't believe the amount of small businesses that had closed since I last went there. Melton is famous for it's weekly market which brings folk in from all around. You have the huge cattle/fur & feather market just out of town, and traders with stalls all the way up the main drag. I went on a day when the markets weren't open and the place was like a ghost town
  4. I got caught behind a couple who credit card had been refused at Morrisons the other day. As they scrabbled around and the wife went out to the ATM to find some cash (they were literally dredging pennies out of coat pockets) it struck me that this is about the third time in as many weeks I've got caught up in a queue at the checkout because of this. And I got caught behind someone trying to pay for their purchases in an antiquarian bookshop in London last week too! Has anyone else seen this happening more?
  5. I'm 99.9% sure GMAC are a subprime lender. Don't quote me on that though.
  6. I guess even the most prestigious three-storey set of townhouses, and immaculate Victorian terrace can be turned into a slum in a recession. I would imagine that the Victorian houses would be better built though. We have some of these townhouses near my folk's place and you cant swing a cat in most of the rooms. They are fast looking grubby too.
  7. Yes, I assume she thinks because a £18 bottle is classed as a special present to someone on my wages I would be impressed by her spending nearly a whole one hundred quid on the stuff. She's one of those sorts of people that keeps more in stock then she could ever drink herself, and displays the especially expensive bottles on the windowsills in the kitchen for years afterwards. God, I sound jealous in flat print but I'm not. I hope they get a buyer...but it would have to be someone who in blinded by the scenery and doesn't notice the niggles that come with a 25 year old house (door locks that don't work, ensuite with a so little water pressure you cant get a decent shower and no extractor fans in either bathroom). LOL!
  8. Our hens are now producing 5 eggs between them a day. Just got to keep a closer eye on the veg patch and we've taken to buying our meat from Leicester's excellent Meat & Fish Market.
  9. Unfortunately she spent most of the time boasting about how much she can afford to spend on fine wines and even told me she had once bought a friend a case of wine costing £80, then thought to hell with it and bought herself one too...this after telling me she hadn't got me a Christmas pressie. It's not that I mind not getting one (despite having rushed around the day before spending £18 on a bottle of wine for her, and buying a couple of other things - that's the kind of person I am). Her reaction was just a little crass. Listening to some one going on about how they can afford this, and their house is worth X amount, and oh what fun it is to be able to shop in Fortum & Mason whilst the tax payer covers the cost of their jolly firstclass rail jaunts to London three times a week blah, blah, blah.... adds up to a boring weekend. For both their sakes I hope they get a sale from the folks who are showing interest, but seeing as they are asking tens of thousands more then a property nearby that is an exquisite conversion of a pumping station with 15thC oak paneling I think she will end up chasing the market down.
  10. Spent this weekend in Derbyshire with a friend who is trying to sell a 3-bed detached property in a village. The house was built in the 70's and, although the views are stunning (built on a hill), it overlooks and is overlooked by other properties, and there is evidence that a previous owner sold the greater portion of the the land and put two more houses on it...so very small garden. My friend is having to sell as things didn't work out with a move in with their now ex partner, and my friend seemed to think the place worth £500,000, and that she would have no problem raising a mortgage for a new place as she's a high earner (about £50K I'd estimate), and 'there is equity in the house'. Its been on the market for a few months now, and they don't look like being willing to lower the price. Unfortunately, it is overlooked by a much larger, Victorian pile with a huge garden....which is what I'd be looking for if I had £500,00 to spend. Maybe country property will hold its value better? Who knows. I kept quiet on the subject of housing and enjoyed the fine wine she had laid in and only hope she doesn't have cause to regret selling the lovely Victorian 3-storey house she let go of to buy the big place!
  11. I just tried to buy a couple of books off Abebooks, using PayPal. One of the sellers has come back to me saying my payment has been rejected. I've checked my account...plenty of dosh in there to make the payment with but PayPal tells them otherwise. Thank God I've still got a chequebook!
  12. Unfortunately, a colleague's daughter has just become a EA. She's boasting that the gal is the office darling at the moment having 'sold' 5 houses. I asked if they were a certain type of house (large, detached etc.), and if the sales had completed. She didn't seem to think that last bit was important....
  13. My sister has had it confirmed that her job at Siemans is to be outsourced to India next April. From what I can tell, Siemans in Nottingham are outsourcing anything they can. She's been advised to go for a more senior role and has asked for transfer to New Zealand. From my experiences of the slovenly, arrogant 'customer service' you get from Trainline.com these days a lot of the new employees over in that country think they are being taken for a ride too.
  14. People with fluff between their ears. Or folks desperate enough to spend and think about (hopefull) paying later.
  15. On my way home from work I caught a company called Mortgage Point advertising a way for folks to get some xrta money for Christmas. They are offering to advance homeowners the difference between their current mortgage and the value of their home. They will then arrange a remortgage and all you have to do is pay the dosh back when the new mortgage is in place. The APR was a whopping 54%!!!!!!! All your equity swallowed up in one go!
  16. No worries GOM. I wish my friend was the economics bod!
  17. A colleague at work is in this position. He thought he could dig himself out of the mire by selling his house. With no takers he's dropped the price and dropped the price... now the main creditor (for a £25,000 loan secured on the house) wants £197 to send their own valuer around and has threatened to stop any sale going through if their debt wont be covered. My colleague has been advised by his solicitor to petition for bankruptcy pronto.
  18. page 28 http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/article492527.ece
  19. Unfortunately being right doesn't help us when we see friends careering headlong into this mess. We can give them our opinion when they bring up the housing market etc. But just have to sit back and watch. A case in point, a long-term BLTer friend of mine sold his 4-bed London flat recently and made a very handsome profit (he had bought it many years ago with a £70,000 mortgage and sold it for approx £400,000). Despite being warned about the way the economy is heading by a friend of mine who teaches economics at a leading university he has gone ahead and arranged to buy a flat-roofed ex-council flat for £190,000. Because it's in London he thinks its a safe bet. We asked him what he would do if there is a recession and he has to rent to HA tenents or cant get tenants. He just cant see that happening because 'its London'. He's already admitted he got greedy and made some mistakes in his other recent purchases (paying at the top of the bubble then finding he cant get rid of the property shortly after). Thankfully the freeholder of this flat-roof place has told him he needs to vet any potential tenents (the majority of the flats are owner occupied). This might just put him off the deal. When will this madness end?
  20. We have three hens - two bought privately, and little Fifi who cost £4.50 at the Melton Mowbray market livestock auction. She's producing two eggs a day....we have yet to see any eggs from the others. You'll be surprised how many food scraps you can feed to them too! Our bin has never been so empty and they're great at airiating the garden!
  21. This was one of the things that concerned me when me and my family had the villa in Florida. It seemed like every fews weeks we were being notified that our mortgage had been taken over by a bank we'd never heard of. We were glad to sell up and get out of it to be honest.
  22. There is a lot of unsecured debt out there. Every office, shop, factory etc is full of bright young things taking out loans for BMW Minis whilst whacking stuff onto one of their many credit cards as they live the high life every weekend. And the crediters aren't going to agree to IVAs in every case as this mess unfolds. I'd say those youngsters in steady work will be the ones they start chasing for repayment. Unemployed debters will be seen as part of the collateral. I just cannot believe the great and good allowed things to get this lax....or that the lenders ever thought they'd get all of this money back.
  23. That's a clever idea! And the saving can offset the rising cost of wine!!! :angry: I went into Tescos yesterday for the first time in months to buy a bottle of wine. I prefer New Zealnd wines, but will settle for Australian or Californian. I couldn't find a bottle under a fiver. Average prices were £7....so I stocked up on Fursty Ferret ale instead.
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