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  1. Hes borrowed money against his stock Believe it or not my partner appears accidentally in Death Wish II. He was over in the States doing some ghost hunting with a chap who lived in the Bronx and they literally took a stroll round a corner and onto film. There's a scene early on where some scroates are picking on someone in the street, all the extras are running around screaming and two blokes (one in a very loud shirt) just stroll down the street as if nothing is happening. Edited for grammer.
  2. When she pulls £11k a year she'll be qualified. My partner just went for a job at Leicester Uni...£11k per year. I told him he wouldn't get it cus they'd be looking for some undergraduate that was prepared to off-set the bad pay for access to research facilities.
  3. I can't figure out how to put the explantion in at the bottom of my edited post. That's the only reason I don't.
  4. Thanks for the tip. Co-op's range of bottled ales is pretty damned good!
  5. I had some friends over from Leicester on Saturday and took them down to the Olde Tripp to Jerusalem (supposedly oldest pub in the country etc. etc.). It was 7 deep at the bar and a waiting time of three quarters of an hour for food. It sits below Nottingham Castle and is always packed with foreign tourists....when they see how crap our 'castle' is they go looking for some real history and get pointed to the pub methinks. Greene King took over the local brewery last year and snapped up two of the oldest pubs in Nottingham. The other is on the city square and closed until the end of June for a 1.5million refit. Nottingham seems to run these days oN the money spent on weekends by folk who don't live here. Starting to see smaller eateries closing due to repossession after failure to pay the rent. We parked up on North Sherwood St. yesterday and every single pub up there was up for sale. I saw two that were actually closed, and one that is still trading.
  6. Here in Nottingham that is seen as a good wage by the young office workers. They just can't afford to actually leave home and get on with their lives on it.
  7. It's in the Hudson Valley. But regardless of where it is I can't imagine you can get many houses 6-bedroom in the UK in the region of £250,000.
  8. Well, if any of us needed proof that houses in the UK are well overpriced here's the evidence. A friend in the US has just bought this place for under $500k. 6 bedrooms and a huge cellar (used to be the kitchen) that he's turning into a studio (he's a musician).
  9. I've noticed the few houses coming onto the market this last week seem to be at the daft prices again (£137k for a 3-bed semi n a bad area for instance). If it's a ploy I think they've gambled wrong cus all it's doing is stopping me even phoning for a viewing! Mind you, the house I was looking at has been taken off the market (vendor has decided to scale the mountain of creditor's letter behind his door and move back in), and another house in the row has come up....£20k more then the other was asking! I will just continue to watch and wait......maybe making a booking to view in December when the vendor has realised the market is dead after all.
  10. Where do these people keep their brains???!!! http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.html?t=967681
  11. What happens in the case where the house is a mid-terrace? If it is left until the roof caves in wouldn't the owner be liable for damages to the properties on either side?
  12. This is why I walked away from the property I was set to buy earlier this year. I'm not interested in replacing roofs, fixing damp courses and dry rot etc. Even a property developer friend said they wouldn't have been interested even if they could get the place for pennies with the way things are going with house prices.
  13. This is the truth and heart of the matter. I earn just over £18,000 a year basic yet was told I could get a £130k mortgage easily. Now I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer but I realised the figures didn't stack up unless interest rates stayed low. And I knew that wasn't a given. It seems to me that financial advisors have just got used to helping the banks to dole out these huge wads of cash and I doubt any of them warned their clients that interest rates could go up. And so many of them fell for it. The biggest mortgage debt I've ever had was £33,000 and that seemed like enough of a worry in the early 90's.
  14. £80,000 for a £120,000 property. In the last 6 weeks we'd seen it drop by £5k every fortnight so thought it worth a try. Vendor wants his last price drop (£99,950) and we even had his EA calling us trying to help us get the money through her contacts. We told her it wasn't a case of not being able to get the mortgage. We don't think the house is worth what he wants for it. It's been a fortnight since that conversation and we are waiting for it to start dropping again. We suspect that the vendor MEWed himself into oblivion as the house has been decorated very expensively, but in a way that most buyers would want to rip out. I think the vendor believes someone else should pay for their built-in Smeg oven.
  15. My partner went from earning £8ph as a carpenter in the mid-90s to approx. £11,000 per year now. You'd think there would be some benefit he could claim to top up his pay to a 'working' wage but there isn't. I hear the govt class £16,000 to be a minimum working wage in the high taxation/high bills system they've let slide into place. The only thing my partner can claim for is reduced council tax (cus I don't live with him).
  16. I use a combination of bus and the (free) work's shuttle so the poll doesn't apply. I have no idea at what level Trent Cars and the NCT bus service would not be able to get me there. And the journey is approx. 14 miles so no chance of biking it there.
  17. It's actually frightened me realising how much people AND businesses are reliant on credit. We had a vendor's EA call us this weekend to try and help us out getting a bigger mortgage to afford her seller's house. We pointed out we have no problem (as yet) getting a bigger mortgage but prefer to stay within 3x salary ratio and her seller will just have to lower his price more if he wants to sell to us. It seems almost if folk think if they behave bullishly the credit crunch will miraculously disappear. Don't they realise they've been using monopoly money to support their livestyles for years and now its payback time?
  18. I looked at a place last weekend. It's been on the market for at least a year but I'd ignored it cus it was out of my price-range (3x salary). Then, about a month ago the price started dropping (£115,000, £109,950, £104,950, £99,950...). It seemed to be dropping in price by £5k every two weeks. Went in, took a look. We had to put crampons on to scale over the pile of uncollected mail piled up in the hallway. It was a good place that just needed a little work (windows at the back weren't doubleglazed) so I put in an offer. Then I upped my offer. And upped it again....until the EA finally told me the vendor wanted the current asking price. It seems he had 'sold' it several months earlier but that sale fell through cus the buyer couldn't sell their place and thinks it's worth £115,000. I've now backed off and will continue to watch it with interest.
  19. I have a mate who has several BTLs. When he started talking about buying yet another I started talking to him about the economy, housing bubble etc. He told me I made sense....until I told him I read this forum. "Oh! Those nutters!" he exclaimed. He now has one flat he cant rent out for love or money (no one in Nottingham wants to pay £600 a month and those that could afford it are fearing for their jobs), and tenants from hell in another flat who yell at each other all the time and are annoying the rest of the folks in the block who are owner occupiers. He always maintained that the better class of folk could afford his rents, and that he would never have to rent to chavs just to pay the mortgage. I tried. I really tried. What can you say? Anyone with half a brain can come to a forum like this and weed out the loonier posts from the ones containing good sense and take something worthwhile from it. It's a forum I recommend to everyone. And its peeps like my mate who will suffer for not having the sense to heed the advise.
  20. The EA dealing with the the dosshole I pulled out of buying changed their 'SSTC' sign to a 'Sold' knowing full well that the deal was off. The sign sat in front of the house for a couple of weeks then disappeared.
  21. The thing is that most folks already have somewhere to live - even if its back with mum and dad. And if a recession starts to bite folks will (where they can) move back to the family to support each other. Take for instance my folks. They're recently retired and have paid off their mortgage. If things get tough I'll go back to them and help them with what money I have coming in. I could rent my friends flat. It's been empty for a while but he wants £600pcm for it (not including other bills) and he can't give me a discount cus of the size of the mortgage he has to service. Which would you choose?
  22. This only holds true until one of the sellers in the street loses their bottle and drops their price to sell. I've seen a Victorian mews of 10 houses where 3 were asking £109,950....then one of them dropped theirs to £104,950. If I then come along and get an offer of £95k accepted for that house the whole lot drop in value dramatically. I'm now decided to offer at least £10k off any asking price should I find a place I'm interested in buying as I seem to be one of that rare breed: a FTB with a mortgage offer in place and a large deposit!
  23. It's a lovely place, but unfortunately the only place listed on Rightmove in that area that is more expensive is a huge place (two seperate buildings on a plot of land with a mountain in the back garden!) Great walks on your doorstep if that is what you're into.
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