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  1. It is 25% of buyers. House prices have continued to increase despite numerous interest rate rises. RB is right about something, the rises aren't having any effect.
  2. Yes. Why on earth will people refuse if they can afford it? People are desperate for property. That's the reality. The price of property in the past is irrelevant. What matters is that prices are affordable now.
  3. If you save for a few years even an average property is still affordable, let alone a FTB property.
  4. The prices of the Crown Heights apartments 2 years ago were not a reflection of general property prices in Basingstoke at the time. Would anyone care to disagree? So if an overpriced property in one part of the country significantly falls in value, this means a general house price crash is occurring does it? The answer is no because the price was probably unrealistically high to begin with.
  5. Have you ever looked at the graphs? Have you noticed that house price rises did in fact slow down, but have sped back up for the past couple of years? This shows the momentum argument is false.
  6. If there is a massive increase in unemployment, if interest rates rise significantly, then yes, maybe house prices will fall. We're nowhere near that point yet, in my opinion.
  7. What I mean is, if the original asking price was a million pounds no bear would be seriously saying "Wow! Look at this price drop! The crash has begun!" would they? My opinion is that 329k was a ridiculous amount to begin with and 250k is more realistic.
  8. I didn't think the original post referred to household income. In any case, how do you explain increasing prices if the property is unaffordable?
  9. Yes, these prices are here to stay and will probably get higher. The reason is people can afford it, as your observations show.
  10. I think 250k is about a realistic price for the area to begin with, so I don't think the drop really counts. Having said that, anyone who bought any of these places at 329k were complete mugs.
  11. This is affordable to: - a couple using a combined salary and a normal deposit. - a single person with a good salary and a significant deposit. If property was unaffordable, prices would be falling. Property is not unaffordable which is why prices are actually rising.
  12. Erm..didn't the guy go over a wall and trespass to pick the berries? Media spin anyone?
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