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  1. This appeared peculiar to me so I took a look. It is the same house but the buyer from August 2013 has knocked down the side garage and built a new attached house of apparent identical size to original. No loss but probably a huge profit. Take a look at the agents picture of no.26 and you can see it is a semi whereas now they are a terrace of three. http://www.zoopla.co.uk/property-history/26-beverley-close/chessington/kt9-2rl/19685306
  2. let me get this straight. this guy has made enough money in his mid twenties to build a nice house because people watch him play video games? the world is ******ed.
  3. There is a huge amount of foot traffic passing this shop when the weather is decent. I think it could easily be profitable so my conclusion is Portas addressed the issues of this failing business incorrectly.
  4. This tickled me. Looks a bargain at 99 grand. Here is the same house where I live for 500 grand http://www.zoopla.co.uk/property-history/47-elm-gardens/welwyn-garden-city/al8-6rx/16621196
  5. You have certainly given me massive cause for concern. I had no idea land slippage was affecting property that far from the edge. I had thought something 250m odd inland would be OK. I was also not aware the old village of Shanklin was so overrun with druggies. I spent a month there a couple of years ago and never noticed anything that would have worried me. Now if you had said Ryde had a problem I wouldn't have been suprised.
  6. Haha. Just thinking outside the box. Major commitment and investment for 12 months to leave me with a lovely apartment in a great location, parents all safe and sorted, another flat providing a small income. Just the sort of thing I thought a lot of like minded people on this forum might consider.
  7. Yep good points there. I agree £800k is a huge investment in an area not influenced by the London mega bubble. Those figures I quoted are quite arbitrary. I have since found a 2bed flat in an old victorian house very nearby so clearing £250k for the 2 flats after costs is likely rather than the £350k I had imagined. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-41833532.html Lets suggest a figure of £250k for the hotel purchase price assuming stamp duty affects commercial property the way residential is hit. The budget of £50k for landscaping, fencing and new entrance is ridiculous. I could do most of that myself so maybe £10k tops. I have just completely refurbished a 3bed house top to bottom for £20k. I guess you would need to assume my wages at another £20k on that figure so lets say £30k a flat for cosmetic refurb and a further £100k budget for windows, roof, fire division, sound insulation, splitting water, gas, electrics etc for the building. Thats £250k instead of £350k My new figures again just arbitrary but hopefully someone can pull them apart who has experience of developing into flats; £250k purchase £40k purchase costs, architect plans, change of use etc. £10k landscaping, new entrance, fencing, security £250k conversion costs £50k contingency £600k gross -£250k sale of two flats after costs Total £350k outlay for owning three flats with rental income from one.
  8. Could you give us an update rockinrev on how things panned out?
  9. @crashmonitor - that is an impressive find. However I like the thought of living very close to the sea, the area I am very fond of and I think Isle of Wight has arguably best climate in the UK too. I have carried out half a dozen extensions/ refurbs on properties over the last 20 years and increasingly done more and more of the work myself. I guess I have one more project left in me and this particular one caught my eye.
  10. I have been searching through rightmove as usual in one of my favourite areas and stumbled across a property that has got me thinking outside the box. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/commercial-property-for-sale/property-41279237.html Its a detached 12 bedroom victorian hotel in a terrible state of disrepair at what appears to me to be a reasonable £300,000. The location is Shanklin on the Isle of Wight and the old village where this property is located is very attractive. The road is yards from a lovely park and close to the coastal path and onward to the sandy beach. I think the hotel was formally called Priory Manor Hotel. Now the property itself is rather large and grand for an average joe like myself but could it possibly be split into a maisonette through one entrance and perhaps 4 other apartments through the grand entrance. I am thinking the maisonette for myself, the ground floor flat for my elderly parents, a flat to rent/ summer let as an income and two flats to sell to help fund the conversion. Fag packet maths; £300k purchase £50k purchase costs, architect plans, change of use etc. £50k landscaping, new entrance, fencing, security £350k conversion costs £50k contingency -£350k sale of two flats Total £450k outlay for owning three flats with rental income from one. I am sure a developer could do this with ease but is this sort of thing possible for an average joe? There is obviously more to this property than meets the eye as google maps shows it has other buildings than the floorplan details. Also the required resiting of access to a different road indicates other development as well.
  11. Your taxable income is net of pension contributions so the actual threshold at which one would pay higher rate tax might be closer to £45k for many people
  12. I believe the penalty for failure to complete is loss of deposit although the 28 days I would assume starts from when you pay the deposit.
  13. Fire Authority budgets are being slashed. Fire Brigades are changing the way stations are crewed by halving the number of staff. This is done by natural wastage at present. This is an ongoing process which will last for many years. No recruitment occurs whilst this is happening. Many office based jobs are being cut as well. The Normal Pension age has changed to 60. In 10 years time the average age of the workforce will have dramatically risen because of no recruiting and no one leaving until they are 60. Where do you suggest all the 50+ staff work if not on a fire engine?
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