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  1. The bumps all look to be midday, perhaps the evening crew should see this.
  2. Am I being thick - it won't be the average person in that 10% has 853k - the top 1% will be super-super-super rich dragging the rest of the 10% down.
  3. http://www.citywire.co.uk/personal/-/news/money-property-and-tax/content.aspx?ID=377455&Page=1
  4. Jesus look at this chart! People can't hold out forever and these transaction levels have got to rise sooner or later! I wish it would hurry I want to buy in Lincoln. (open link and scroll to the bottom chart) http://www.home.co.uk/guides/house_prices_report.htm?location=lincoln&startmonth=08&startyear=2000&endmonth=08&endyear=2009
  5. Roughly translated to "oh my god I'm living on House Price Crash. I know I'll annouce I'm leaving then surely I won't be stupid enough to go back on there. Bye Everyone!" See you after tea-ish?
  6. That's absolutely disgusting. That'll be a another ten thousand votes for you know who.
  7. racist.....racist...racist...dribble...racist.....racist......racist...hate English people....racist...racist...racist...where's my guardian and sandles...racist...racist...racist...
  8. I've been reading Singing pig for ages and I just come came across your Avatar and it just cracked me up. I wonder if she has seen it?
  9. The humour on here is sometimes in a league of its own. All good stuff.
  10. I think you've gone off on a little tangent here. The guy is not retarded. Just because he got a bit emotional on the video does not mean hes some kind of halfwit. He wants to work and he even said hes worked in Tesco for a couple of years. I do agree however that we have well and truly fcked our country with over-legislation, most of it from the EUSSR. Edit: fck ups
  11. He cares about the bloke more than you? Perhaps the BNP ain't so bad after all.
  12. One question - have the banks revealed publicly the full extent of the losses and write downs on toxic debts/assets/securities/gimmicks/cons/frauds? Computer says no.
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